Just Love II

Reviewed by: juphelia

February 04, 2013

Rating: three

I did not particularly enjoy the first Just Love, but I thought of watching the sequel just for continuation sake. Turns out the sequel is better, although a tad draggy. I would think 20 episodes is good enough instead of the 25 episodes.

In this sequel, Jessica shows some true love to her husband Sunny Chan. She is still the dominant, stubborn career minded, no-nonsense judge, but at least in the sequel, we can see her gentle and caring side, where she really tries to accommodate to make her husband and in-laws happy instead of only doing things her way.

Sunny Chan again is the ever supportive and loving husband, who helps his wife both in her work and at home. She is really blessed to have him as her husband. The cases are again those petty cases that does not require a death penalty or major trials. Jessica always prided herself as being a capable judge, but when she was so bogged down by Sunny's illness and running the family at the same time, she dozed off during a trial and got into trouble with the prosecuting officer.

This time around, Sunny's outspoken sister Natalie Tong played a bigger role. She plays a court prosecutor who later met a maverick lawyer-turned-judge-turned back to lawyer Wong, who fought cases using unorthodox methods which Jessica did not approve of as she always did things by the book. Later on, she was appreciative of Wong because he helped her a lot using his methods. He, too, learned a lesson to never to cross the line after he almost got into trouble with a troublemaker whom he meted out a harsh punishment to before.

In comes the twist - Jessica was switched at birth with Joyce Tang, and she was disgusted at who her real father was. I do not wish to reveal too much here, but all I can say is that, besides all the trials (literally), this show also focuses on the commitment of marriage and the upholding of marriage vows to be there for each other for better or worse, in sickness and in death, for richer and poorer, in good times and bad.

I learned a lot from this show, mostly the relationship lessons and the aspects of law. As a sequel, it did not fare too badly, and I would say I much prefer this than the first one!

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