Knot to Treasure

Reviewed by: sukting

September 30, 2008

Rating: three


If you are unhappy that Chan Chung Ling did not marry Ekin in ‘Instinct’, this drama will satisfy you as both ends up getting married. This is also Tin Lok’s debut drama before they worked in ‘Cold blood, warn heart’ later.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Cheng Yu Yat – Chan Jit Mun
He is the elder son who never changes his philandering ways even after marriage. It is only when his mistress ditches him when he starts to treasure her. Jit Mun is a stage actor. This is the only drama that he did for TVB but I must say that he made a commanding presence.

2. Cheng Fong Chung – Cheng Yee Kin
He returns from overseas and both families are dismayed to see a new girlfriend with him. The drops a bombshell when he declares that he only treats her as a younger sister. Kar Hei is a workaholic and doesn’t know that he is unwell. Seeing him feeling dizzy to be nearly knocked down by a car, Chi Mei brings him home. It is then he discovers her feelings for him and starts to accept her.

3. Ng Yan Kong – Doi Chi Wai
The couple’s lecherous boss. He tries to lay his hands on Chi Mei whenever he has the chance. He likes to place his hand over her waist when they play tennis. Fong Chung has to warn him to back off.

4. Wah Ching Ho – Gu Tin Lok
He is the couple’s colleague in the company. He is shy and doesn’t dare to reveal his feelings for Chi Mei. When she fails to win Fong Chung’s love without success, he also can’t win her love too. I don’t think we can see a shy and fair Tin Lok now. Although he was quite raw then, it was enjoyable for me to make the comparison.

5. Cheng Yau Wai – Chu Kong
Whenever he out with the brothers, all mistaken him to be their eldest brother. He is steadfast in love and doesn’t understand why both sons are Casanovas. He is displeased with Yu Yat’s infidelity and nearly throws him out of the house. So is with Fong Chung for loving Kar Hei as he has considered Chi Mei to be his daughter-in-law.

6. Lien Cheung – Chor Yuen
He is Yau Wai’s buddy who knows each other in the army. Thus both have agreed to let their children marry since young. He is dismayed that relationships don’t work out for both daughters.

7. Lien Chi Sin – Cheung Fung Nai
She is an introvert elder daughter who doesn’t voice her feelings easily. She forgives her husband repeatedly, hoping that he will return to her. Her efforts are finally paid off.

8. Lien Chi Mei – Chan Chung Ling
She is the vocal younger daughter. She has voiced her feelings to Fung Chung from young but he treats it as a joke. When Fung Chung is pleased to introduced Kar Hei to his family, she is the only one yelling that they are not compatible. Knowing how terrible Yan Kong can be, she still clings close to him and doesn’t even know that she is being taken advantage. I don’t really like this role as Chung Ling makes Chi Mei to be unreasonable and childish.

She doesn’t dare to wear revealing clothes too. Miu Ying is comfortable wearing a tennis skirt but she still wears short tights under the skirt and it is longer than it! She might as well wear a pair of shorts instead. This is surely the worst dressing that I come across.

9. Song Kar Hei – Chan Miu Ying
She is unwelcomed by both families and she expects that. Her parents divorce when she is young so she has no confidence in marriage. Fung Chong is dejected after she rejects him so many times. To him, there is no point continuing the cohabit relationship if there is no trust.

She undergoes too much pressure and decides to give up. She discovers herself to be pregnant and bravely brings up her son. She doesn’t tell Fung Chong that he is the father when she meets him with Chi Mei on the street.

10. Song Yu Yeung - Tam Chuen Hing
Knowing that his divorce badly affects Kar Hei, he tries to make up to her as much as he can.

11. Chuek See – Chui Kar Bo
This sexy kitten wins Yu Yat’s affections as she knows how to approach him with a enchanting glint in her eyes. However, this is only passion and not love as she soon finds him boring to ditch him to look for other men.

12. Lo Yuet Cheung – Hon Mah Lei
She is the traditional wife in the family so she isn’t helping the sisters much in their love problems.

‘Love Chase’ by Chung Ling. It is a terrible song. I think Chung Ling needs to stick to slow numbers.


It shows that dramas can change many people’s identities. Miu Ying and Chung Ling are love rivals in her but are acting as sisters in ‘A place of one’s own.’ Tin Lok’s debut presence leaves a deep impression and he slowly replaces Ekin to become a popular TVB actor later.

This drama offers insights on how to keep marriages going. It also proves why Ekin is often paired up with Chung Ling. Both are indeed the unbeatable pair in the 90s.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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