Legal Entanglement

Reviewed by: Aquarius

November 18, 2003

Rating: five

Kenix Kwok as Sammi
Hacken Lee as Mark
Michael Tse as Joe
Elaine Ng as Martha
Patricia Liu as Tracy
Stephen Au as Xianghui
Sek Sau as CT Guan
Myolie Wu as Toby


In the courtroom, the law is often seen as a set of rules and regulations; cold and unmovable. No way can the rules be flexed or bent in favour of a symphatatic character after the judge makes the decision against the former. There are very few chances of successful appeals and even rarer circumstances where the judge will overturn the ruling. Therefore, one who has felt the brunt side of the ruling often sees the law with one of loath and hatred. Not forgetting that there are the friendly everyday lawyers that twist and turn the loopholes in the law to further enhance their testimonies...

The story starts when Sammi loses custody of her child, QQ, because she got nailed by one fateful question posed by Mark, her husband's lawyer, who questioned her ability to look after the child. Sammi was wallowing in self-pity for a while, until her good friend Xianghui brought her back to her senses. He helped her turn her life around. Sammi started to work hard to fight back her custody of the child.

Sammi joins a law firm where she meets various lawyers with different unique abilities. There is the buck-teeth Joe, who has a vast knowledge of the law, the elegant Martha who has an attitude problem, and finally, her nemesis, Mark. She is peeved when she is made Mark's personal assistant.

Meanwhile, other characters begin to unfold in the series. They are Deputy Public Prosecutor Tracy, Mark's ex-classmate who has an unhappy past; CT Guan, the mentor whom Mark bears a grudge; Toby, Sammi's best friend; Mark's mother; QQ and Sammi's ex-husband.

A complicated network of love relationships begin to weave and entangle between the characters. Relationships are broken and then mended. Old flames rekindle their love. Misunderstandings arise and hurt all parties involved.

This is a very emotional series, with a lot of heartbreaks, yet filled with a lot of meaning at the same time. It brings across the message that there is still hope even if one has his rights taken away by the judge. One must have faith in oneself if he or she is determined to win back the rights and persuade the judge to overturn the ruling. Finding loopholes in the law will never get anywhere...

The cast was simply outstanding. There was a lot of chemistry between the characters; even more so between Hacken and Kenix. The storyline was skilfully crafted out so that every idea is brought across clearly. 22 episodes was indeed sufficient to bring out the full essence of the story.

The characters were splendid in their acting. I could feel myself present in the courtroom listening to the lawyers' individual testimomies being read out to the judge, especially Kenix's final testimony in her fight to gain back her custody of QQ. It was so full of emotion that I could feel myself literally crying with her.

The only probable bad aftertaste in this series is that it had two different endings. Though TVB wants to make this series unique so that the viewers could see the two opposite outcomes of the endings, I believe that it was uneccessary. It only confuses the viewers as to what happens finally. I believe that TVB should stick to the "classic happy ending" for this series.

Performances of lead characters:

Kenix Kwok as Sammi
I loved every bit of her acting! She was really persuasive playing the emotional Sammi who has a love for sweets!
Excellent job!

Hacken Lee as Mark
Arrogant but brilliant, Mark has an unique personality that makes his character lovable.

Michael Tse as Joe
The buck-teeth Joe can only rely on his knowledge of the law to survive in the law firm. He not only made me laugh with his buck-teeth, but also impresses me with his vast knowledge and his love for classical music.

Elaine Ng as Martha
Not bad, playing the elegant Martha who likes to challenge her counterparts. She played her bratty role very well indeed.

Patricia Liu as Tracy
She looked way too young to be a DPP, but still passable. She had quite a bit of chemistry with Mark and she often plays the mediator between Mark and CT Guan. Her crying scenes were comparable to Kenix's.

Sek Sau as CT Guan
The famous barrister CT Guan trained the likes of Mark and Tracy to become outstanding lawyers. He had a relationship with Mark's mother which led to a misunderstanding between Mark and him. Great performance by a veteran actor.


This is one of my favourite series. It focuses on the characters' personal relationships and not the cases like "Files Of Justice". Therefore, I have no qualms in passing the verdict of 5 stars.


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