Legal Entanglement

Reviewed by: Tammy

March 08, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Main Cast:
Hacken Lee as Go Chi Long aka Mark
Kenix Kwok as Sum Hok Yi aka Ah Sum
Michael Tse as Yeung Ming aka Joe
Elaine Ng as Chen Siu Ling aka Martha
Stephen Au as Yip Heung Fai
Patricia Liu as Fong Kit Wah aka Tracy
Chor Yuen as Sum Qiu
Sek Sau as Guan Jung Ting aka CT Guan
Myolie Wu as Toby (uncertain about her name)
Lam Yi Kay as Cheung Lai Fong (Mark's mother)

This series was praised by many viewers. They say that TVB haven't been able to do very well on their series and this was the one that made them change their minds. I am one of them.

Legal Entanglement is a must watch series because the cast was excellent and the storyline was quite unusual from the previous series. You'll feel like you're in the courtroom with Hacken and Kenix. You'll feel that there's someone in this world who is waiting for you. You'll feel that family is the most valuable thing in the world. You won't feel anything until you watch this series.

As I watching "LE", I thought I saw sparks of chemistry flying between Hacken and Kenix. They are a really good pair of lawyers, one is too arrogant and one is too emotional. They make good partners even though they belong in two different worlds. Besides Hacken and Kenix, I liked watching Myolie Wu. Some say she is the rising star of TVB and I suppose that is correct. I find her acting very persuasive and enjoyable to watch. Too bad she does not have a big role in here.

This series got me frustrated at one point. And that was because they put "Tracy" with Mark (Hacken). I find that "Tracy" very good at acting but not persuasive enough. But I don't blame her since she wasn't in a lot of series. I hope to see her improve in the future.

As for Michael Tse and Elaine Ng's characters, I believe that they did a good job as the supporting actor/actress. I like Elaine's personality, arrogant but kind. But I disliked the way she went after Michael, always pushing him to the edge as if he was about to fall off a cliff. Michael's character was too wimpy and had nothing but his teeth and his info on law. I can't believe Elaine's Martha would fall for a such a guy, so wimpy. But I was glad that when Ah Sum (Kenix) rejected him, he did not go crazy. That was one thing I find "positive" about him.

As you can see, I did not really reveal much about "LE" and that is because this is a review not a "summary". But I will try to help you with questions regarding this series or any other series if you e-mail me.

The cast was excellent. Splendid. The story itself was quite entertaining not boring and long like "Files Of Justice". Many humorous lines from Hacken and good themesong from Hacken. But most of all, this series really touched people. If you don't believe me, go to a Legal Entanglement forum over at Winglin.Net and you'll see what I mean.

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