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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: Stardust<3 September 04, 2005

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Chinese Title: Sai Sheung Kei Yuen English Title: Lost in the Chamber of Love Producer: Cheung Kan Man Theme Song: Ga Yee Hong (I think) sung by Ron Ng and Myolie Wu Cast Ron Ng as Cheung Gwan Shui Myolie Wu as Hung Leung Michelle Ye as Chui Ngun Ngun Kenneth Ma as the Emperor/ Wong Mun Bun (Wong Gong Tzi) Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor as Cheung Lim Yun Nancy Wu as Cheung Lim Wai Chan Kwok Bong as Suen Fei Fu Hui Siu Hung as...

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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: cutepup August 11, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast: Michelle Yip Myolie Wu Ron Ng Kenneth Ma Chan Kwok Pong Nancy Wu Plot: This series 'Lost in the Chamber of Love' is mainly about four people: Michelle, Myolie, Ron and Kenneth. Each of them overcomes many different problems, particularly in their love life. Ron and Michelle were dating at the start, but Michelle's parents forbade it. Her parents would do anything to stop her and Ron from seeing each other. Kenneth was trying to gain the affections of Michelle...

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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: Quinn July 27, 2005

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

"Lost in the Chambers of Love" is pretty well played out, although it is predictable. It's easy to guess what happens next as you watch the series, but in the end, it's still cute. The cast is an okay choice, although it could be better thought out. The actors' performances didn't disappoint me but they did not please me either. I have to admit, the storyline is different from other series. Falling for the...

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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: queenieq March 24, 2005

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Main cast: Ron Ng Myolie Wu Michelle Yip Kenneth Ma Nancy Wu Chan Kwok Pong Chinese title: "Sai Seung Kay Yun" Vietnamese title: "Tây Sýõng Ky` Duyên" How long: 20 episodes Storyline: Basically, it's about Ron who studies very hard to become a scholar and meets Michelle, who was from a rich family, and saves her from some kidnappers (one of them was Chan Kwok Pong). He then had a relationship with her. Michelle, thinking she loves Ron, did everything to be...

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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: Jaylee February 26, 2005

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Chinese Title: Sai Seung Kei Yuen Producer: Cheung Kan Man (Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, Vigilante Mask) Themesong: (Performed by) Ron Ng Cheuk Hai, Myolie Wu Hang Yi Episodes: 20 Dynasty: Tang (e.g. Twin of Brothers) Characters: Ron Ng Cheuk Hai (Issac Tong Yik Fung - Triumph in the Skies) - Cheung Guan Sui Myolie Wu Hang Yi (Zoe So Yi- Triumph in the Skies) - Hung Leung Michelle Ye/ Yip Suen (Mang Lai Guan - Eternal Happiness) - Cui Ung Ung Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (Ko Wai Lei -...

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Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: takako January 17, 2005

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

MAIN CASTS Myolie Wu - Hung Leong Ron Ng - Cheung Kwan Sui Michelle Yip - Chui Ngang Ngang Kenneth Ma - Wong Man Paen/Emperor THE STORY This is a typical TVB love series, so I will not go into detail with the storyline. This series basically shows how two couples go through all the "hard" times and finally prove how much they deserve to be together. Briefly, the story is about Michelle, who is in love with Ron after...

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Member Ratings


07-19-2009 01:20 AM


i hate nancy wu in the show dam lan .and why much myolie wu act also/?/

Elika Nguyen

05-27-2009 01:19 PM


this is a very good movie. u need to watch it some day


05-17-2007 06:58 PM


ummm...this wasnt bad.....but it can sure improve


10-26-2006 12:00 AM


i like Myolie. i think she acts real well. the storyline was kinda boring. i was able 2 guess wat was gonna happen. my aunt, dad, and step sis thought i saw the movie b4.


10-19-2005 12:00 AM


I'm a michelle fan and everything but her crying in this movie was scary

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