Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: queenieq

March 24, 2005

Rating: four-point-five

Main cast:
Ron Ng
Myolie Wu
Michelle Yip
Kenneth Ma
Nancy Wu
Chan Kwok Pong

Chinese title: "Sai Seung Kay Yun"
Vietnamese title: "Tây Sýõng Ky` Duyên"
How long: 20 episodes

Basically, it's about Ron who studies very hard to become a scholar and meets Michelle, who was from a rich family, and saves her from some kidnappers (one of them was Chan Kwok Pong). He then had a relationship with her. Michelle, thinking she loves Ron, did everything to be with him, even against her family's wishes. After she met Kenneth, she finally knew it was never Ron she liked, but Kenneth. As For Ron, he got together with Michelle's maid (Myolie) when he finally found out Myolie had always liked him and he liked her. After a few times where Myolie tries running away (because she didn't think she could be with him after Ron became a scholar) they were still together. Then the King from a different country came to find his daughter, which was mistaken for Myolie at first, created some problems, because Myolie was supposed to marry Kenneth if she is the princess. All hell broke loose when it was found out the princess was actually Michelle, not Myolie and so, Myolie marries Ron and Kenneth marries Michelle.

Ron Ng: I don't know why TVB chose him to be the scholar. I honestly think with those looks of his, he isn't fit to be the scholar. Also that chemsitry with Michelle, I just didn't see any. There were no sparks at all! Whereas watching him with Myolie, I saw some. Their chemisty was more than perfect. I was happy that he ended up with Myolie.

Myolie Wu: She was Michelle's maid at first then became friends-like-sisters. Her acting was very good, especially during her crying scenes, she can cry! I was impressed at that. Her chemisty with Ron was very good.

Michelle Yip: Although she came from a rich family, when she thought she was in love with Ron, she did everything against her status to be with him, even pretended to be crazy. I think this was the only thing I like about her in here. When she fell in love with Kenneth, she just became selfish and all. She even wrote a letter to Ron, saying she will not marry him, even when she knew he was about to take his scholar exam. I mean, what if he happened to have failed because of this? She didn't even care about that! She had Kenneth's baby toward the end of the series and marries him.

Kenneth Ma: He was the king in here and saw Michelle for the first time, fell in love with her and did all these little sweet things, I must say, for her, that Ron never did and gained her heart. Even though he knew Ron and Michelle was supposed to be together, I can't say he was selfish, he simply was just in love with Michelle. Any guy would do that, I don't blame him for this. He suits Michelle more anyhow, because of their status.

Nancy Wu: This is the second time she seems to get a big role, besides "Twin of Brothers". I really like her acting and hopes that TVB could promote her more. Her chemisty with Chan Kwok Pong was good.

Chan Kwok Pong: He was a thief at first, but changed his ways in the series. He even helped Ron catch his "brother", because he felt that it was right to do. His acting was very good, though he ought to do something about that hair.

Favorite scenes:
-Any of Ron and Myolie's scenes
-Any of Michelle and Kenneth's scenes
-Any times when Myolie cries(except when she was getting spanked)
-When Ron was lighting up the lanterns and saying all these things that he liked about Myolie
-When Michelle and Myolie find out about their real identities

How come factors:
-When did Michelle have Kenneth's baby
-Kenneth tries to flirt with Myolie. I mean, I know he didn't like her, so why?
-I am happy about Ron and Myolie and Michelle and Kenneth's relationship, but when did these things happen? Another too "rush into things" that TVB did

Favorite couple: Ron and Myolie

Theme song: I don't like Ron and Myolie's singing. Maybe they just aren't meant for the singing material.

Costumes: Overall, very good. Although, I didn't really like Myolie's hair when she was dressed as a princess, I prefer the maid-look and how it was done in the end.

Overall Comments: This is a good series. It did seem like TVB wanted to rush things to end and that really sucks, but what can you do? The ending was perfect for words, though. Everyone gets to go home happy.

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