Lost in the Chamber of Love

Reviewed by: Quinn

July 27, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

"Lost in the Chambers of Love" is pretty well played out, although it is predictable. It's easy to guess what happens next as you watch the series, but in the end, it's still cute. The cast is an okay choice, although it could be better thought out. The actors' performances didn't disappoint me but they did not please me either. I have to admit, the storyline is different from other series. Falling for the wrong person, thinking you love him/her but it really turns out you have feelings towards another person. Yes, typical and not very fresh but I haven't seen many movies that has the same story as this one.

Cast and Characters
Myolie Wu
She is a pretty impressive actress no doubt. She nailed the character perfectly. But she looks pretty much the same throughout the series. Maybe some new facial expressions? But she made the character smart, intelligent, kind, loyal, and happy. She still hasn't captured bringing her character out and having more of an appeal. I wasn't really moved during her scenes with Ron when they were showing their love for each other. I wasn't smiling, laughing, or crying. They don't make a very good couple on the screen. But I will say this, she is pretty good at making you pity her. I actually did feel bad for her when her character liked the guy but he liked someone else. She actually stepped aside and hid her feelings. That was good acting. That half smile she made when showing her hidden love? Pure gold.

Ron Ng
Sure he could pull off the small and intellectual male lead, but where's the acting when he found out his love could have committed suicide? I certainly did not feel his pain. He does have that cute face with that adorable smile during some moments, which is perfect for the scene. Overall, he's a pretty good actor.

Michelle Yip
She is a wonderful person to look at. She is very beautiful and fits perfectly into the rich girl's lifestyle. Her smile fits really well into the ideal image of her character being sincere and well mannered. She is a great actress. I watched her in another movie in which she played a different role. A girl who was independent and stands her ground. She does change her look quite well. When she's mad, or happy, it is convincing. I have to say though, she's got to put in a little more into expressing her sadness.

Kenneth Ma
This guy, I definitely love. He had that personality that portrayed his character as fun and loving. I loved watching him, for he never stopped making me smile. He made his character look very fun, no wonder Michelle fell for him! I loved the parts in the beginning where Michelle's character hated him. His face was priceless. It made the character look confused, annoyed, and have more will to prove her wrong.

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