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Love Bond

Reviewed by: Bridget June 27, 2006

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Year: 2005 Chinese Title: "Sum Fa Fong" (Chinese proverb that translates to blooming heart but means something like happy and content) No. of episodes: 30 Cast: The Lam Family Michael Tao Dai Yu as Lam Yat Kong (1st son) So Jee Wai as Lam Yi Yeung (2nd son) Moses Chan as Lam Sam Hor (Ah Sui, 3rd son) Leong Lit Wai as Lam Sei Hoi (4th son) Natalie Tong Si Wing as Lam Siu Wu (youngest daughter) The Kei Family Kenix Kwok Hor Ying as...

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Love Bond

Reviewed by: Craze March 29, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Length: 30 Episodes, 15 Tapes Cast: Michael Tao - Lam Yat Gong/ Dai Lou Kenix Kwok - Gei Hoi Sam Moses Chan - Sit Sui/ Lam Sam Ho/ Sam Lou Bernice Liu - Gei Mei Lai Chun Pui - Gei Tin Man So Chi Wai - Lam Yi Yong/ Yi Lou Leong Lit Wai - Lam Sei Hoi/ Sei Lou Natalie Tong - Lam Siu Wu/ Mui Mui Wong Kar Lok - Tong Yan/ Yan Chai Chan Kei - Money Anne Heung - Cheong Pik Fun...

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07-04-2007 12:56 AM


Great series but i wanted to shoot michael in the face everytime he put his hand on his face and laughed


06-16-2007 02:35 AM


i rkn this series was pretty gd ! i ike bernice's character..
~supporting bernice always!~


04-20-2007 12:00 AM


Love Sit Sui and Gei Mei Lai character ,so funny when they are together .Too sweet !!!!!!!!!


02-23-2007 03:07 AM


I liked the series. The cast were great but I hate the characters Lam Yi Yong and Money. My favorite characters in this series has got to be Moses and Bernice, their sence together were so funny and it was interest to see how their relationship developed.


01-20-2007 12:00 AM


Love all the cast, but i kinda forgot what the series is about. NATALIE TONG FOREVER!!

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