Men in Pain


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Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

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Men in Pain

Reviewed by: juphelia April 07, 2009

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Is there such a thing as a "male menopause"? Apparently, that is what the main character (Damien Lau) was suffering from. All of a sudden, he found his temper increasing, his family members a burden and impotent to respond to his wife. This light-hearted family drama touches on the problems families face. There are three sisters - Rebecca Chan, Louisa So and Florence Kwok. Rebecca Chan is a doctor. She married her construction supervisor husband after a whirlwind romance, in a fit...

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Men in Pain

Reviewed by: tvbobsessions November 09, 2007

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Chinese Title: 男人之苦 Cantonese Name: Nam Yan Ji Fu Number of Episodes: 21 Main Cast: Damian Lau as Hong Tin Yam Louisa So as Wong Dak Kiu Ron Ng as Hong Sai Hei Toby Leung as Go Fun Supporting Cast: Rebecca Chan as Wong Dak Lan Florence Kwok as Wong Dak Wai Johnson Lee as Rex Kong Lee Sing Cheung as Lee Jun Chi Wu Feng as Wong Kai Cheung Akina Hong as Lily Au Rocky Cheng as Sek Huk Long (Rocky) Theme song: Instrumental Subtheme by: Ron Ng Favourite relationship: Dak Lan, Dak Kiu and Dak Wai...

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Men in Pain

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi September 23, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Starring Damien Lau Ron Ng Louisa So Toby Leung Florence Kwok Johnson Lee Plot Damien and Louisa are a married couple trying to raise their son Ron. However, Louisa's family all lives with them and they pick at everything Damien does because they are paranoid that he mistreats her since she is his second wife. The story unfolds to some misunderstandings between the happy couple and eventually leads to their divorce and feud with one another. This series mostly focuses on the pain that Damien goes through while...

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Men in Pain

Reviewed by: OwarinaiYume August 15, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

CAST Hong Tin Yam Damian Lau Chung-Yun Hong Sai Hei Ron Ng Cheuk-Hei Wong Dak Kiu Louisa So Yuk-Wa Go Fun Toby Leung Ching-Kei Wong Kai Cheung Wu Fung Wong Dak Laan Rebecca Chan Sau-Chu Lee Jun Chi Lee Sing Cheung Wong Dak Wai Florence Kwok Siu-Wan Lily Au Akina Hong Wah Rex Kong Johnson Lee Sze Chit Synopsis From a woman's perspective - it's hard being a woman and it is even harder to feel the pain of men. From a man's perspective -...

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Member Ratings


01-15-2010 03:13 AM


Really a pain to watch! Overacting by some and underacting by one! Plus, do have to make Damian's look so nerdy/dumb?


10-05-2007 03:16 PM


Great Series!Light series...not much heavy intense drama...funny and realistic! Btw, Louisa So really rocks in this show.. of course Damien is at his usual, being fantastic! And Ron is so darn cute!!!


08-27-2007 12:54 PM


This series is a lot of fun to watch... i liked it very much. But Toby Leung playing as Go Fun was HORRIBLE! she couldn't act at all... it's a pity that they chose her for one of the major roles. When she deliver her lines she has no expression at all.


05-22-2007 02:29 AM


This series should be called "Audience in Pain", "Audience in Extreme Pain". This will happen to you if you subject yourself to this mindless series.


01-04-2007 12:00 AM


ron's in it
i can't want intil's on tv
ahhh!!! hahah

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