Ming Kiem Fung Lau


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Chinese Title: 名劍風流

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Ming Kiem Fung Lau

Reviewed by: sukting January 29, 2008

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

How long/Year produced: 20 episodes done in year 1978 Cast Yu Pei Yu - Ha Yu (Zhang Cui Shan in 78 HSDS) Hong Lian Hua - Lau Dan (Hong Qi Gong in 82 LOCH) Yu Du He / Yu Fang He - Shek Kin -retired Ji Zhang Hua - Kong Yee - with ATV now Zhu Lei Er - Wong Mun Yee (Ah Bi in 82 DGSD) Lin Da Yu - Wong Suk Yee (unsure whether it's her or Lee See Kei) Tang Ning - Pan Ying Zi (surprised...

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10-07-2008 06:44 AM


Can I buy this Ming Kiem Fung Lau 1978 VCD or DVD, I interest with this film. Where do you live, what country?

My E-mail is: [email protected]

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