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Misleading Track

Reviewed by: moonlight*melody July 11, 2006

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Freedom • lost, then regained. Truth • hidden, then unveiled? Chinese (Cantonese) Title: "Deep Ying Nghi Ching" Theme song by: Bowie Lam # of Episodes (Cantonese): 20 Who’s In It: Bowie Lam - Leo Louisa So - Yen Christine Ng - Susan Deric Wan – Ben Winnie Yeung – Wendy What It’s About: * WARNING: SPOILERS* This series starts off with the imprisonment of Yen. She was wrongfully convicted of killing her husband. After five years in jail,...

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Misleading Track

Reviewed by: cutepup August 11, 2005

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast: Bowie Lam Louisa So Deric Wan Christine Ng Tsang Wai Kuen Winnie Yeung Storyline: This series starts off with Louisa coming across a man (Deric Wan) who looks very much like her husband. But five years ago Louisa was put behind bars for murdering her husband, so she finds it very strange to come across him again. She knew she didn't murder her husband but when she woke up after fainting, his dead body was right next to her and...

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Misleading Track

Reviewed by: Josh July 02, 2005

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Vietnamese title: Diep Anh Nguy Tinh No. of Chinese episodes: 20 No. of Vietnamese tapes: 15 Some spoilers The Cast: Louisa So Bowie Lam Deric Wan Christine Ng Savio Tsang Cindy Au Winnie Yeung Kwok Fung The most exciting series is one without too much hope but turns out to be extremely enjoyable and beyond one’s expectation; that is exactly what "Misleading Track" is. There hasn’t been a truly decent modern TVB series recently, however, "Misleading Track" gives viewers hope that perhaps TVB can produce an...

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Misleading Track

Reviewed by: queenieq March 21, 2005

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Main cast: Bowie Lam Louisa So Deric Wan Christine Ng Chinese title: Dip Ying Ngai Ching How long: 20 episodes Storyline (SPOILERS): This is about a woman (Louisa So) who was framed for killing her husband (Deric Wan) and went to jail for five years. After she came out, she started to work for Bowie Lam's law firm and saw someone who looked exactly like her husband. Refusing to believe that that wasn't her husband created many problems for her...

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09-02-2009 03:52 PM


This was ok to pretty good, though, whoever said this will become a classic was way over-rating it.
The script was good. The story was ok (parts of it was not believable). The leads.. well, this is the first TVB serial since the early 90s I have watched. So the only familiar lead to me is Deric. The other male and female leads.. well, I hate to say it, are not as good looking as the ones in the early 90s.
It good to see Deric in a HK serial again after many years. As always, he's a very good actor. I'm a big fan of him and Maggie Siu. I do notice, however, in this serial, that he lost some of the subtlety in his acting. In the past, like in "Blood of Good and Evil" and "Looking Back in Anger", you can tell by his acting that he was really into the character, every part of his face moved. There was a spark to him. In this, however, he lost that spark. His eyes were not as "animated", it's as if part of his face was botoxed (like his upper lip). Not only was there no perfect chemistry, there was no chemistry between him and the three wives. Watching this make me miss the serials I mentioned above.
I have to say, though, that the story wrapped up very nicely. That was definitely a plus.


10-02-2006 12:00 AM


The plot wasnt too spectacular but I must say it was thoroughly enjoyable. I agree that Derrick is better off as a bad character (I heard that in one of his older series, he was so evil that the audience literally hated him). When I want to watch romance series, I usually dont go for HK ones and it is refreshing to have a series where the protagonists aren't involved in a relationship. Definitely recommend watching.


07-30-2006 12:00 AM


I liked the way Derrick did his character...I find that he is better off as a bad character than a nice,straight guy like in Golden Faith.


06-29-2006 12:00 AM


Great movie. Just saw the ending of the last few episodes.. but I was able to catch on and get into the storyline. Those are some great actors and actresses!


04-15-2006 12:00 AM


the storyline was captivating, i think. bowie lam has always been an above average actor. actually every person was really amazing and was great. they were all skilled in acting. i loved it.

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