Misleading Track

Reviewed by: queenieq

March 21, 2005

Rating: five

Main cast:
Bowie Lam
Louisa So
Deric Wan
Christine Ng

Chinese title: Dip Ying Ngai Ching
How long: 20 episodes

Storyline (SPOILERS): This is about a woman (Louisa So) who was framed for killing her husband (Deric Wan) and went to jail for five years. After she came out, she started to work for Bowie Lam's law firm and saw someone who looked exactly like her husband. Refusing to believe that that wasn't her husband created many problems for her and Bowie. Then, Louisa finally came to believe that it wasn't her husband and became friends with him, only to find out the truth and the one that died in the beginning was Deric's twin brother.

Comments: A little of this series follows the same storyline of the movie "Double Jeopardy", where a woman was framed for killing her husband and went to jail for it and after she came out, she tried finding her son, who was in the care of her good friend (in the series, though, Louisa didn't know where her son was). This is pretty much it, though. None of the rest follows what had happened in the movie. This is a great series. I really like the cast and the court cases. The actors did their parts very well, especially Bowie, as a lawyer and a dad. He and Louisa acted very well together and looked compatible.

Other comments: This was the first time Louisa was the lead and overall, she did a very good job. I really like her acting. I would recommend this series. The theme song was also good. Before I forget, there was ONE thing I didn't like and that was Christine's hair. I see her with long hair in a lot of series and think she looks way better with long hair. Although I think it's because Christine's supposed to look older, that's why she has short hair.

Bowie Lam: I really enjoy watching him. As a lawyer, he was very serious and determined. As a dad, he was caring and loving. Even when he found out that his daughter was not really his daughter and that his wife (Christine Ng) had her before they married and the dad was really his partner in the law firm (Savio Tsang), he was still willing to accept her as his own. Very touching. He was with Louisa when he found out and his acting and crying skills are very good.

Louisa So: This was the first time she was the lead actress and overall she did a good job. She played her character very well. After getting out of jail, she went to work for Bowie and saw someone that looked like her husband and did so many things to try and prove it was really him and refused to give up the fact that he wasn't. I find the part where she tore Deric's pants funny; they were at a cafe when this happened. I was happy for her, when she finally got her son back.

Deric Wan: I feel sorry for him. Although he was the villain, I don't think he wanted to be, he was just power-hungry. He never got along with his father-in-law, because his wife's family was rich and the father-in-law thought Deric was just after their wealth, which was true. In the end, he didn't get anything and went to jail, which was predictable. I mean, he is a villain, villains always lose.

Christine Ng: Her best scene has got to be during one of the trial cases. She was caught shoplifting and they brought her daughter to court, to say it was her daughter who stuffed things in her bag, so that she didn't have to go to jail and be let off. As her daughter was young, nothing would happen to her. Her daughter was crying, feeling useless, saying sorry, not being able to help her mom and Christine was also crying. This was a very touching scene. I hate her for not knowing what she wanted, choosing Savio and even taking back her daughter. I was so mad at that. I have to admit, though, she looks more compatible with Savio.

Favorite scenes:
- When Louisa tore Deric's pants in a cafe
- During the court cases
- When Louisa's mom forgave Louisa
- In the bathroom, during Christine's shoplifting case, when Christine and her daughter was crying
- When Louisa saw her son
- the ending

Least favorite scenes:
- When Christine chose Savio and even took back her daughter
- When Christine wasn't being honest to Bowie about her daughter and that she still loved Savio
- When Savio purposely made Bowie lose his lawyer licence, by falling down the stairs on purpose

Favorite character: Bowie
Favorite couple: Bowie and Louisa
Least favorite character: Cindy (her hair was funny and she talks funny, period)
Least favorite couples: Bowie and Christine, and Savio and his other girlfriend (they just don't match)

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