Mystery Files

Reviewed by: sukting

December 24, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This is the Hong Kong version of the X-files. It does follow its pattern. Does it have originality and any attraction? The drama is divided into 8 stories.


Case 1 – the sound of the drum

A god statue, a vase and also a curse together with a necklace. What really happens when Dr Luo and his wife die mysteriously?

Professor Luo – Wong Wai (Kar Leung must be thrilled to act with his idol again.)
Luo Pei Ling – Yeung Yuen Yee
Nie Xiong – Lau Kar Fai

Yong Xian is a chemistry professor. Many seize the chance, wanting to study under him. However, he loves to ask tough questions so only intelligent ones can get to study his module. He is often clam and believes in science but opposes superstition. His teacher, Professor Luo invites him home to look at a statue that is brought back by his daughter, Pei Ling from Columbia. It is said that there are ghosts in his home as his maid sees how the Japanese soldiers kill while Mrs Luo jumps off the building. Yong Xian attributes it to her having mental sickness.

The TV station scriptwriter, Jia Li comes to interview the family. She has experienced queer incidents so she chooses to believe it. But Yong Xian strongly believes that it is wrong to assume that some souls are unappeased. Both argue and she is sarcastic to say that he is superstitious in Science. Yong Xian comes to the gay bar to help his friend, Fan home. Jia Li and her colleague, Qiu Ping sees this so they mistaken him to be gay.

Jia Li buys a necklace from Nie Xiong. He says that it will protect her. However, her aunt, Cai Die tells her to take it off. She can communicate with things that cannot be seen so she makes a check on the souls. The statue is linked to this necklace. Jia Li interviews Professor Luo and sees invisible hands strangling his neck. She isn’t convinced that he dies of heart failure.

Jia Li’s father, Bo Jian gets information that there are curses on the statue but Yong Xian disagrees with them. Yong Xian still believes in Science and borrows the statue. He has a car accident. Although he is fine, he imagines to see his dead mother. Jia Li gets her driving license and buys a second hand car with the help of her family but it is ruined within days. Her superior, Guo Feng helps her to get a new car.

Pei Ling returns to the U.S. She is unconvinced by her parents’ death too as they are healthy all along. Xiong gets into Yong Xian’s office and is caught as he wants to get the statue – his own tribe’s god back. Zhuo Nan takes over the case and gets curious. Yong Xian’s friend, Frankie examines the statue and finds it to be made of an unknown substance.

Yong Xian sends Jia Li home and meets a fortune teller, Qiu on the way. This man causes the death of his mother as he deters her from seeking treatment for her cancer. That is why he opposes to someone being superstitious. Xiong grabs the statue and throws it to Jia Li when all run after him. Jia Li starts having images in her mind and is nearly knocked down by a car.

The car turns to kill Xiong’s sister instead. The statue goes missing. Yong Xian suspects that the statue can make one’s brain frightened but Jia Li disagrees.

Case 2 – the guardian angel

How does a man protect his granddaughter from harm when he is in a coma?

Fang Zhi Xin – Kwong Mun Hsuen
Fang Gui Jie – Gu Fung
Frankie – Doi Siu Mun

Jia Li’s younger brother and Yong Xian’s student, Jia Hao vomits after getting drunk. Yong Xian helps him to the toilet and Jia Li mistakes them for being gay. She threatens to lodge a complaint to the university but later discovers it to be a misunderstanding. This is Zhi Xin’s first day at work and she makes a lot of blunders. Qiu Ping grumbles but Jia Li takes care of her.

Guo Feng is in love with Helen for 8 years. She wants a breakup and Jia Li loses her antique watch when seeing a drunk him home. Guo Feng is Yong Xian’s buddy and knows that he keeps antique watches. He forces him to give him one to pass to her. He then woos Jia Li and she has to play along with him.

Zhi Xin grows up with her grandfather, Gui Jie. Gui Jie is seriously injured when he tries to protect her from being bullied by gangsters and gets into a coma. Yong Xian gets his neurosurgeon friend, Zi Jian to check on him. Her boyfriend, Jia Liang is jealous to see Yong Xian sending her there. Zhi Xin is raped by the gangsters when they seek revenge. Jia Li brings her home and discovers that she sleepwalks. The gangsters are attacked and killed. The police suspect to be Jia Liang’s doing. He protests as he is with his new girlfriend, Winnie then.

Just then, Gui Jie suddenly appears to strangle him to death and Winnie becomes mad. Zhuo Nan is allergic to flower powder to keep sneezing. Frankie checks that it is lily pollen. Winnie claims that it is an old man and Yong Xian finds the pollen on Gui Jie’s bed. But how can he kill? Zhuo Nan checks Zhi Xin’s home – the necklace that she returns to Jia Liang is back.

Ai Jing gives a pen to Yong Xian. Yong Xian passes to Zhi Xin, without knowing that it has the words ‘I love you’ engraved on it. Thus Zhi Xin thinks that he is interested in her. When Jia Li warns him not to toy with Zhi Xin’s feelings, he then realizes the blunder. He clears up the air and she cries. He returns Zhi Xin her computer after fixing it and is assaulted at the car park.

Zhi Xin yells at Gui Jie to stop. He vanishes because Jia Li arrives. Zhi Xin faints on the spot and is sad to know that Gui Jie is dead. She sees him attacking Yong Xian so Jia Li thinks that he is her guardian. Helen parts with her boyfriend as he is married. Guo Feng becomes a two-timer so Yong Xian warns him.

Case 3 – the gifted and the retarded

This is about a pair of twins – one is a doctor while another is a robber. They feel affinity for each other although they are distant.

Li Zi Jian – Cheung Chi Kwong
Li Zi Cao – Shan Lap Mun

A limping robber, Chen Bo is out on the loose so Shao Nan has to arrest him soon. Zi Jian has a slight concession after a car accident. He has flashbacks of how the jewel shop is being robbed but he dismisses this. But it is the truth as he reads from newspapers. He imagines seeing a man being killed when performing an operation.

Zi Jian plays tennis with Yong Xian and sees a robber being buried in a flashback. He brings Jia Li and Yong Xian to the spot and sure enough, the body is found. Guo Feng is missing as he dates Helen. He even wants Yong Xian to keep this from Jia Li. But she sees the two dating at Cheung Chau. She breaks up with Guo Feng. Zi Jian changes drastically and his mother goes to Yong Xian for help.

Why is he resembling her dead twin elder son, Zi Chao. The way he limps is exactly like him. But he claims that there is nothing wrong with his leg when others mention this to him. Zhuo Nan surrounds Bo and Zi Jian suddenly ‘sees’ Zhuo Nan’s leg being shot by Bo. He is even abducted to fall off a cliff. Luckily, Yong Xian is there to rescue him.

Yong Xian then suspects that Bo is Zi Jian’s elder brother. They go to Zi Chao’s orphanage and realize that he isn’t dead as claimed to be Bo indeed. Zhuo Nan then requests Zi Jian to inform him if he feels anything on Bo. Their mother brings the two to remarry to go to the U.S. Zi Chao doesn’t want to go and slips away. Their mother spends years to find out that he is at the orphanage. She is shocked to see it burned and thinks he is dead. Bo meets her but doesn’t reveal his identity.

His two lackeys, Xiao Gui and Xiao Feng kill him over money. Zi Jian feels this and tells Yong Xian. His mother also feels uneasy to burn Bo an incense. Jia Li misplaces the watch and Shao Nan returns to her. She then realizes that it is from Yong Xian. She returns it to him but he gives her back.

Jia Li’s parents think that they are a couple when they are back together. Zi Jian and his mother pay respects to Bo. Bo enters his body to seek his killers out. Zhuo Nan suspects that he seeks revenge for Bo. Bo then holds Jia Li as hostage and refuses to listen to Yong Xian to cause trouble to Zi Jian. Zhuo Nan fires a shot and the doctor diagnoses Zi Jian to have split personality and will need a long time to recover.

Case 4 – reincarnation

A search notice spans a love that goes through three generations. But I find this story the weakest among all stories.

Chang – Lee Kok Lam
Feng Shu En – Gan Pui Kwan
Zheng Ya Er – Ho Chiu Yee

Bo Jian’s birthday is arriving but doesn’t call Cai Die. Cai Die is hostile towards Jia Li’s mother, Shao Juan as she causes their relationship to turn bad. Shao Juan has wanted to let the god, Wong Dai Sin to adopt Jia Li as a goddaughter. Cai Die sneaks to bring her to the goddess of mercy instead. Bo Jian insists that Yong Xian comes to his party. He brings wine and Cai Die arrives. The two old women suddenly become friendly towards each other. Bo Jian pours his woes to Yong Xian when they deny to be on bad terms.

A woman Feng Shu En is looking for a man Zhang Wei. This advertisement is published in the newspaper but Yong Xian knows that they are already dead for 20 years. The couple is his ex-neighbours. Zhuo Nan is fascinated by Wen Wen’s beauty. She is the AP of the music faculty so he finds chances to be with her. Ai Jing keeps saying bad things about him and this annoys him.

The person who places the advertisement is Zheng Ya Er. They see that her photo is similar to Shu En on the tombstone and their handwriting is similar too. She can even relate how Yong Xian is like when young. She is only 19 and grows up in Canada? How does she know so much about Hong Kong?

Ya Er comes to Queen restaurant and meets Ah Chang. He agrees to help her to look for Wei. Ya Er tells Jia Li that she has reincarnated twice. Once is with Wei to die in an accident. The second is with Chang who opens a garage to die in another accident.

Her boyfriend, Joe describes her as behaving weirdly after an accident. She recognizes Jia Hao as Wei’s reincarnation but he thinks she is mad. He only remembers his previous past through a car accident with Joe who quarrels with him. The police suspects foul play as the car is trampled and even the goddess of mercy statue that Jia Li places in it is ruined.

Jia Hao borrows a car from Yong Xian to bring Ya Er to a ball. Yong Xian agrees as he has two cars. Jia Hao hopes that Yong Xian will go with Jia Li too. After second thoughts, Jia Hao decides to take a cab as it is safer. Jia Li finds that Chang is too intimate towards Ya Er as he keeps her photo. She suspects that he is the culprit. Yong Xian tells Guo Feng that he is only treating Jia Li as a friend so Guo Feng wants to woo Jia Li again. Chang is the chief suspect indeed.

Jia Li drives the car that Yong Xian intends to lend to Jia Hao and it loses control. Yong Xian saves her and reveals that he loves her. Luckily, both are safe. Chang comes to attack Jia Hao and Ya Er at the beach. He confesses killing the two couples for two lives. But he is killed by the police. Just then, Ya Er loses her memory of the past and there goes Jia Hao’s first love relationship.

Jia Li is about to get discharged and Yong Xian chooses to let Guo Feng to go and fetch her. Jia Li is unhappy and asks him what he tells her before she faints. He only says getting well soon. Ai Jing is sad to know that Yong Xian likes Jia Li.

Case 5 – a spell

Things become sticky when a few people die – are they really under a spell?

Wen Wen – Wong Gei Ying
Dennis – Wong Wai Leung
Ling – Mah Tai Lo

Zhuo Nan’s senior, Dennis is getting married and Zhuo Nan is the berst man. His air-stewardess wife is Ling. Someone sends a box on their wedding day and all joke that it can be a bomb. Dennis suddenly dies with blood flowing out from his mouth and nose. The pathologist dianoses that his brain has melted and Yong Xian suspects it to be mad cow disease. Wen Wen decides to win her lover back after Zhuo Nan’s encouragement. Ling’s uncle suspects Dennis to be under a flower spell.

The person who casts it transfers all the jealousy and hated to him so he will die if he is happy. Ling is under the blood spell and goes missing. Her uncle is dead and all are puzzled why his corpse rots fast. Frankie finds dry flowers in her room and checks it to be flowers used by the mediums. It includes scorpions and corpse oil to cast the spell but Yong Xian doesn’t believe it.

Zhuo Nan comes to the gay bar to find a woman totally drained of blood to death. He has a headache as none of the cases leave any clue for him. Yong Xian encourages Jia Li to go for Guo Feng’s date to present her stand. Guo Feng only asks her to job-hop to another station but she rejects him. Zhuo Nan finds Ling sucking the blood and she discloses that she is under the spell. She will die if she doesn’t do it. She knows the culprit but can’t tell them or the spell will not be lifted.

Zhuo Nan brings Ling to the hospital for a checkup and finds many blood clots in her. Yong Xian still attributes it to mental sickness. Zhuo Nan is happy when Wen Wen keeps him company for the night. He later gets a letter that he is under a spell and will die if he doesn’t release Ling within 3 days before 12am. Meanwhile, Ling becomes mad in the detention room. Zhuo Nan feels a sharp pain in his stomach and blood flows from the corner of his eyes. He vomits many worms and Jia Li brings him to see Cai Die.

Cai Die says that he is under the silkworm spell and he will rot to death within one week. Yong Xian discovers that Zhuo Nan has eaten Wen Wen’s porridge before this happens. The mushrooms she uses are quite poisonous. Zhuo Nan can’t believe that the culprit is her. She is a lesbian in love with Ling but is ditched by her. Thus she kills Dennis and now Zhuo Nan has entered the second stage.

Zhuo Nan rejects her outright – she has no right to negotiate terms with him. He will not release Ling but will want to capture Wen Wen. The clock strikes 12 and Ling dies. Wen Wen escapes in grief. Ai Jing’s cousin, Ray checks Zhuo Nan and the worms have destroyed his immunity. Yong Xian still wants to use modern medicine to cure him. Dr Jack tells him a kind of leaf can destroy the worms and he is overjoyed.

Wen Wen tells Zhuo Nan that it is fruitless for him as she has changed his white spell to the black one. Zhuo Nan then feels frightened and is in pain. Ai Jing suggests getting help from a monk but Yong Xian doesn’t believe this. Jia Li quarrels with him as this is the final resort. Yong Xian discovers that Dr Jack has passed away 2 weeks ago and learns that Wen Wen is behind this.

Cai Die helps Zhuo Nan to lift the spell and gets Yong Xian’s call that he has found Wen Wen. Cai Die replies that Wen Wen might be dead now. Sure enough, her legs start to rot but Yong Xian still believes that she uses different germs to kill others. Wen Wen suddenly sets fire and she dies but Yong Xian escapes on time. Frankie checks out that her real name is Cheng Xiao Hong and is University of London’s germ analysis masters. She has obtained awards before and is Dr Jack’s pupil.

Xiao Hong has been through a lot to become mentally unbalanced to change her name to Wen Wen after recovery. Yong Xian gets an idea from the fighting fish. He plants a kind of worm in Zhuo Nan’s body. This causes a battle between the two species and Zhuo Nan goes missing. Ai Jing gets him back and he falls for her. Yong Xian tells him to be direct and teaches him how to say ‘I love you’ in French. But she doesn’t understand his accent and thinks he is crazy.

Ai Jing complains this to Ray but Ray thinks that she is in love with Zhuo Nan as she keeps mentioning about him. Yong Xian allows Ai Jing to knock off early so that Shao Nan can invite her to a movie. Both go to a bar and meets his ex, Rosa. Rosa wishes Shao Nan to drink with her and Zhuo Nan is afraid that Ai Jing will get jealous so he lies that she is drunk.

Case 6 – the cult

The victims are killed brutally – is the cult behind this?

Chen Li Wen – Zheng Bo Lin
Karen – Yiu Ying Ying

Rosa is killed and her heart is taken out. Even the pathologist can’t do such a neat job as she isn’t under anesthetic then. A girl is also killed the same way. Jia Li finds the method gross and Yong Xian suspects it to be the work of a cult. Rosa’s boyfriend and the girl’s mother are believers of the sect. The mother is cured of cancer after joining it but becomes vicious. Zhuo Nan gets no information from the sect master.

Bao Jian’s friend’s son refuses to return home after joining the sect. Jia Li gets her camera crew to demand for him. The boy dies the same way as the other two upon returning home. Yong Xian then seeks help from Pastor Dong and joins one meeting secretly with Jia Li. But their cover is blown and are chased out. The Interpol informs that the sect master, Chen Li Wen is in charge of 4 cult groups in the U.S. They even suspect him of drug trafficking.

Zhuo Nan discovers them using the pigs’ hearts for sacrifice. Guo Feng is asked to go on long leave and his salary is detained. Helen also leaves him at this time so he joins the sect through Karen, wanting to make his wishes come true. He gets his position back but Helen is burned to death with her boyfriend in the car. Guo Feng has one night stand with Li Fang and she dies the next day. The police attributes it to murder. Guo Feng is in a bad mood after this happens.

Guo Feng lies to Jia Li that Karen is only his ordinary friend but she has seen him going for the cult meetings with her. Pastor Dong is sure that he is now possessed as both have conflicts when they meet. Yong Xian suggests bringing Guo Feng to see a psychiatrist but Jia Li knows that he will not listen. The police suspects Guo Feng of Helen’s murder but he insists only sending her to the road junction.

Guo Feng has another night with another woman but the woman is dead again. Karen tells him that he is chosen by god to be his messenger. He yells aloud and the police notices that this woman is a drama extra. Guo Feng’s bag and IC are beside her. Jia Li doesn’t believe that he will kill but he is on the run now. Guo Feng sees Karen drugging a man. She then kills the woman who is with the man with Li Wen. Guo Feng tells Yong Xian to meet him at the sect.

The members are now going to the cellar with a confused mind after drinking the holy water. Luckily, Yong Xian stops Jia Li and Guo Feng on time as the others start vomiting. Li Wen has wanted all to die together. Luckily, Zhuo Nan comes to save them. The police sue Li Wen and Guo Feng doesn’t understand why he joins the cult. Yong Xian tells him cults know how to make use of humans at their weakest moment.

Case 7 – a major change

How can a person come alive again after death to seek revenge on her attackers?

Vicky Zhang Ming Hui – Lau Sin Yee
Mr Zhu – Wong San
Mrs Zhu – Chan Man Na

Yong Xian’s ex-girlfriend, Vicky returns to Hong Kong from the U.S. Yong Xian rents an apartment for her and Bo Jian thinks that Yong Xian is a two-timer upon seeing them lunching together. Vicky is upset to learn that he is now attached. She is an illegitimate child and has a pen-pal Uncle Chen whom they keep in contact for 20 years. She gets this job in ‘Tian Fu Holdings’ through him. She has wished that he is her father. Her mother leaves her a wedding dress and she takes the photo alone.

The chairman receives her personally at her first day at work and she is puzzled. It is found that he is her father indeed when he is hospitalized. Both only reconcile for a while. His wife and her half-siblings all view her hostilely. They refuse to let her stay at his wake after his death. The will is read – his family gets 5% each while the remaining 35% is left to her. Her half-siblings, Qi Ting, Yao Zu and Yao Zong scold her for influencing their father to change the will. They force her to hand out the property but Mrs Zhu knows that they have to use the soft approach.

The three hire a killer to shoot Vicky. She is shot many times through the body and falls down the cliff into the bushes. Ai Jing is pregnant so Zhuo Nan intends to marry her but she decides to have an abortion. She dosen’t tell Zhuo Nan why she is so scared of marrying him. Yong Xian is puzzled when Vicky doesn’t turn up on the day they are supposed to buy a computer. She later calls him to say that she doesn’t know what she has done the past few days.

Vicky’s siblings are shocked to see Vicky back at work. The killer is sure that Vicky is shot thrice and should be at least seriously injured if not dead. He thinks that they are backing out of the deal. Vicky contacts Yong Xian and he finds her pale-looking. She feels that something isn’t right and she keeps dropping her hair. She reveals that she is shot and he feels that he thinks too much because of work. The killer sees Vicky and is so frightened to get knocked down to death by a car. Qi Ting is strangled to death and Zhuo Nan checks on the case.

Vicky feels that she isn’t herself and doesn’t wish to leave this world like this. Yao Zu is killed later and Zhuo Nan sends men to protect Yao Zhong around the clock. They have done charities all year long so who wants to kill them? Vicky changes her hairstyle and makeup to bring a knitted sweater to Yong Xian to thank him for his help.

Ai Jing chides Zhuo Nan for being childish and doesn’t behave like a father so he decides to keep a moustache. Yong Xian advises Zhuo Nan to start saving and buy insurance. Vicky chases Yao Zhong up the rooftop and Zhuo Nan is hit on the head to get knocked out. Yao Zhong is then pushed down the building and dies instantly.

There is a blood clot in Zhuo Nan’s brain and Jia Li is afraid that he might become a vegetable. She finds oil stains on Vicky and tells Yong Xian. Yong Xian checks out with her but rejects her love. She leaves her earring in his pocket deliberately so as to arouse Jia Li’s jealousy. Vicky works late and Mrs Zhu reveals Vicky is the one who kills her children and wants to kill her.

She escapes and knows that she isn’t belonged here. She wants to take Yong Xian with her. The police finds a rotting corpse in the bushes. It has Yong Xian’s photo and Jia Li can’t recognize the body but the police guesses that it is Vicky. Zhuo Nan wakes up to affirm that Vicky is in charge of the killings. Yong Xian sends Vicky home and is attacked. Vicky suffers many cuts but is still calm to report to the police for him. She is alive through another method but isn’t alive for long.

She requests to take a wedding photo with Yong Xian before her death. Jia Li manages to persuade him to do it. The staff reports that Mrs Zhu kills Mr Zhu and she is the one to knock Zhuo Nan out so she is arrested. Vicky leaves without telling so Zhuo Nan and Jia Li keeps her death from Yong Xian. Ai Jing finally agrees to marry Zhuo Nan. He soon regrets as Ai Jing keeps controlling him.

The Singapore television station wants to poach Qiu Ping and Jia Li. The two are eager to try out the 3 year contract. Qiu Ping finds this a good chance for Jia Li to test Yong Xian out. To her dismay, he says that 3 years is easy to go by and will support her.

Case 8 – disappear from thin air

This is the segment that even the cast recommends to all viewers. This is about how to bring the dead back to life again.

Gao Zhi Rong – Oi Wai
Spaceman – Ha Siu Shing
Gui – Wai Kar Hung

Yong Xian proposes to her and she is delighted. Cai Die tries choosing a date for them and has a shock. They are unsuitable for marriage – Yong Xian might die or get seriously injured for this. But he strongly believes that he has the strength to protect his family.

Zhi Rong is knocked down by a car and insists that he is born in 1932 but he looks like he is only in his 30s. He even says that Yong Xian is his son. The doctor claims that there is nothing wrong with him but probably there is some anti-aging substance in him. Yong Xian decides not to acknowledge him as he leaves his family without telling. He was on a ship to the U.S. and the ship sinks. He can’t remember a thing. Jia Li visits Zhi Rong secretly and informs him of their weding.

Knowing that she is looking for the watch magnate, Luo, he tells her that he is dead. She affirms this later. Jia Li suspects that he knows the future but he doesn’t believe it. Zhi Rong admits that he keeps seeing what happens in future. His friends are amazed to see him and suspect him for entering a time zone.

Gui has mental illness and keeps waiting for Jia Li outside the tv station. He is angry upon knowing that Yong Xian is her fiancé. Yong Xian and Jia Li take the wedding photos so Zhi Rong comes to congratulate them. Yong Xian chases him out and Jia Li finds him too much. He doesn’t want to argue with her and claims that he needs more time to accept this.

Gui stalks Jia Li and places a doll outside Jia Li’s home to scares her. Zhi Rong forsees Yong Xian being stabbed on a street by a clown. Yong Xian doesn’t believe it but promises Jia Li that he will be careful. The spaceman intends to bring Zhi Rong back to their time zone. Sure enough, Yong Xian is stabbed and the spaceman points out that Zhi Rong has changed too many facts so he has to go.

Zhi Rong begs him to let him witness Yong Xian’s wedding. Zhuo Nan discovers that Gui has escaped to the mainland. Jia Li and Yong Xian fix a wedding jigsaw puzzle and a piece is missing. Jia Li feels strange – does that mean that he can’t marry her? Zhi Rong suddenly becomes very old and the doctors can’t find out what is wrong with him. Yong Xian brings him to pay resepcts to his late mother and promises to spend more time with him as he carries him on his back.

The spaceman comes to bring Zhi Rong away or he may die here. Zhi Rong tells Yong Xian about it before he leaves. Gui comes to kidnap Jia Li on the wedding eve and all are shocked. She scolds him for being a lunatic to get beaten. Cai Die asks the gods and the answer is ill. She might not be back alive. Zhuo Nan finds out Gui’s home but both are missing. He has brought her to the mountains. Yong Xian tracks him down by finding Jia Li’s ring.

He wishes Gui to surrender but he wants to stab him instead. Jia Li protects him to get killed andYong Xian is upset. It is Valentine’s Day but he is alone as he is reminded of the past. The spaceman appears to tell him that all is destined but he begs him to bring him back to the past. The spaceman sighs – no wonder all say love till death. Yong Xian returns to the past to rush to the venue to prevent Gui from kidnapping Jia Li. But he gets involved in a car accident and only wakes up the next day.

Yong Xian discovers that the time is one hour to Jia Li’s death to rush to the mountain. The same thing happens again but he grabs Gui’s knife. But he doesn’t expect him to have another so she is still stabbed. She is in danger and he is upset. Luckily Zhuo Nan arrives in a helicopter to send her to hospital on time. She later recovers and her fate is changed to get happily married to Yong Xian.

Introduction on characters

1. Gao Yong Xian – Lo Kar Leung
He is a chemistry lecturer but he is often involved in mystery cases. But he is very against superstition as he is a strong believer of Science. All his other friends do not behave like him. In fact, I agree with Jia Li that he is relying too much on Science to answer every single case on it. It is astonishing that he is so unlikable but he is so popular to have many friends. They can be scientists, doctors and also researchers to assist him when he has questions for them.

2. Wen Jia Li – Cheung Hor Yee
She is a reporter and has gone through many cases so she is very open-minded. It is fun to see how she is at loggerheads with Yong Xian to argue over every case. Sometimes, fed up with him, she takes matters into her own hands.

3. Shao Zhuo Nan – Cheung Kar Fai
He is an inspector who stumbles on many unexplainable cases. That is why he often goes to his buddy, Yong Xian for help. Dedicated to his job, he is determined to solve all the cases given to him. He is as comical as the cop, Peter in ‘Healing Hands’ but when it is time to be serious, he is serious!

4. Liang Ai Jing – Kwan Bo Wai
She is Yong Xian’s secretary who has liked him for a long time. But upon knowing that he likes Jia Li, she gives up. She dislikes Zhuo Nan and often speaks ill of him. Few will behave like her to ruin others’ chances to woo others. Who will expect them to get married?

5. Wen Jia Hao – Lo Mun Kit
He is Jia Li’s younger brother who is Yong Xian’s student. He is shy and Jia Li has to give him a lot of encouragement to help him.

6. Cheng Guo Feng – Ngai Chun Kit
He is Jia Li’s ex-boss and boyfriend. Conceited and selfish, he often gets Yong Xian to take the rap for him. He loves attention from women and enjoys sleeping around with different ones but the cult incident teaches him a good lesson to be a better man.

7. Li Qiu Ping – Ng Wing Hung
She is Jia Li’s colleague at the television station. She is a typical career woman who doesn’t believe to give in to him. She later becomes Guo Feng’s girlfriend.

8. Wen Cai Die – Lo Lan
She is Jia Li’s single aunt who is a medium to communicate with souls and tell fortune. Thus Jia Li often goes to her for help. She stays alone as she can only get along well with Jia Li. After watching this drama, you will know why she often ends up to be the mysterious Grandmother Long in many movies.

9. Chen Shao Juan – Lau Guai Fong
She is Jia Li’s unreasonable mother who is often against Cai Die. But she dotes on her children. Jia Li’s death brings her closer to Cai Die.

10. Wen Bo Jian – Lam Sheung Mou
He is Jia Li’s father who works in the press. He is often sandwiched between his wife and sister. But I really dislike him with no backbone. Is his wife really more important than his sister?

Favourite character
Jia Li, she is helpful and is so nice to Yong Xian’s ex-girlfriend. She puts everyone above herself.

Most hated character
Yong Xian – he is overly obstinate. He attributes everything to either science or mental illness. I feel like smacking him whenever he interrupts others and dismisses whatever they say as nonsense. He tells Zhuo Nan to be frank about his feelings but he doesn’t do it. How can he still encourage Guo Feng to woo Jia Li although he is in love with her?

Jia Li has to discover all the things that he prepares for her which he hasn’t given out to her – the electronic diary, the massager and also the goddess of mercy statue. For goodness sake, how long does he intend to keep it from her? And look at how hostile he is towards his father. Someone just needs to drum in some sense into his head.

The theme song is ‘Something Happens’ by Ho Chiu Yee while the subthemesong is ‘Hugging the Snow’ by Cheung Hok Yau. I prefer the latter as the former is boring. Sad to say, Chiu Yee’s acting here is also not up to standard. It is coincidental that she works with Kar Leung in ‘Criminal Investigators 2’ besides this drama.

Interesting facts

Many loved this drama when it was shown in Singapore. The plot was intriguing and all found Chun Kit to be outstanding. Kar Leung and Hor Yee act as good as they look as a couple. Many described the way where Kar Leung acted as the part of Yong Xian seeing the person who caused his mother’s death. There were tears in his eyes and they also dripped into their hearts.

There was a scene where Kar Hung struggled with Kar Leung. Kar Leung was required to add a fake wound on his forehead. But he really got hurt when shooting. And the wound was on the fake wound on the same spot!


The drama creates suspense but is still able to provide explanations. It is not really scary and it is easy to guess the culprits. It is more swayed towards science fiction than horror ghost dramas. TVB has done a good job this time after many flops - especially ‘The Legendary Ranger’. Even though TVB borrows the idea from ‘X-Files’, it is still Hong Kong style. We don’t get to see spaceships, aliens, flying saucers or military secrets.

It adds on religious issues and suspense – with science as backup base, it tries to give you the answers you want. It also has a male and female checking on the case. But both of them are not detectives or from Interpol. They hold other occupations. But one believes in science but another believes in mysterious power. Their beliefs clash but yet they get together as a couple.

Kar Leung and Hor Yee are really a good screen couple. How matching they look in their wedding clothes! That is why they shoot ‘Cold Blood Warm Heart’ before this and ‘Old Time Buddy’ and ‘Old Time Buddy 2 – to catch a thief‘after this drama. Kar Fai and Bo Wai provide occasional laughs for us. They are such a funny couple. Both really have so much to show us.

Those who are tired of watching romantic or kung fu dramas can go for this one for a change. It will not disappoint you in terms of acting and story. It gives adequate exposure to different guest stars for different segments. I believe you will like it as much as I do.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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