Not Just A Pretty Face

Reviewed by: Indiana

November 05, 2003

Rating: five

No. of Episodes (Chinese ) - 20 (10 Tapes)
No. of Episodes (Vietnamese) - 30 (15 Tapes)

Cast: Roger Kwok - Gow Siu Jeet
Joey Yung – Woo Man Shui (Peg)
Kevin Cheng – Fok Wei Shun
Tiffany Lam – Cheuk Lam
Lui Kai Chi – Woo Yuk Yun
Rebecca Chan – Woo Gui Jing
Belinda Hamnett – Hor Mei Dat
Victoria Jolly - Mok Mei Suet
Margaret Chung – Betty

When the series ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ was first introduced on a TVB website I was very excited because it features one of my favourite actors, Roger Kwok. I felt that this series would be just as great as Roger’s previous series, ‘Greed Mask’, because of the cast and special storyline that it featured. I hope my views on this series would give people a general idea on why I enjoyed the series ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ a great deal. I have to say, ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ is one of the best comedy series that TVB has produced and is by far my favourite since ‘Family Man’.

The Storyline:
The story of ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ is very similar to ‘Love And Again’ in which a character is being judged by the spirits in heaven as to whether he or she is to live. This story focuses on the two main characters played by Roger Kwok and Joey Yung. Roger Kwok plays a posh and horrible character called Gow Siu Jeet who only thinks highly of himself and has no respect for anybody. Joey Yung starts off as a fat ugly girl called ‘Peg’ who transform into a beautiful girl towards the end of episode one after being given a chance by the spirits in heaven in return for which she has to carry out a mission. This mission involves helping Roger Kwok to find a wife and Joey has only three months to succeed with the aid of Roger’s grandfather who is now one of the spirits from heaven waiting to reincarnate.

The Cast
The audience will enjoy the casting of this series as all the actors/actresses are experienced and their performances are very enjoyable. Roger Kwok’s character is very different from his previous roles in “Greed Mask” and “The W Files”. Joey Yung’s character is fresh as she has not appeared in TVB series since 'Green Hope' - she's sweet, cute, funny etc. This was mainly the reason why I was so excited to watch Roger’s new series with Joey Yung, because the two characters start off hating each other due to their family differences. However, towards the last four episodes they end up falling in love with one another.

Additional Comments
The themesong by Roger Kwok and Joey Yung is also very nice and fresh because it goes with the series. Overall, the series is very good even though this is the first time that I have seen Joey Yung in a TVB series. I was quite amazed at how Joey's ugly girl transforms into a nice looking girl towards the end of episode one. However, the series is mainly about the link between Joey's and Roger's families and its past histories. Plus, the storyline also concentrates on Roger's and Joey's trials and tests that has been put through to them from the spirits in heaven.

'Not Just A Pretty Face' is a sort of production of TVB that is thought to be more than satisfactory just like 'Love And Again'. I would definitely recommend it to both Roger’s and Joey's fans. The series has its moments of seriousiness while at the same time it is also a comedy, one that can be enjoyed time and time again. Its ratings were very high, particularly in Hong Kong.

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