Not Just A Pretty Face

Reviewed by: e_moshuns

March 10, 2004

Rating: three

Roger Kwok - Leonardo
Joey Yung – Peg
Kevin Cheng – Wilson
Margaret Chung – Betty
Tiffany Lam – Cheuk Lam
Victoria Jolly - Mok Mei Suet

I didn't see the hype in this series that others did. I was a bit excited for this series because Joey Yung was in this, since I liked her a lot in "The Green Hope". Although she wasn't so bad here, probably performing music is a better path for her. As always, a superb performance by Roger Kwok -- need I say more?

Basically this story is about Peg who is not attractive on the outside, but on the inside she is very lovable and very kind. She undergoes plastic surgery to become "pretty", causing her to interfere with the forces of heaven. Soon after a deal is made that if she can find Leonardo (who is very loud, obnoxious and rude) a wife within a certain time frame, she would be able to stay pretty. However, things get complicated while Peg searches for Leonardo's match. Both of them end up falling in love with each other.

This series is generally okay to watch; however I don't think I would give it a rating higher than 3. The story line is pretty much the same: boy and girl hate each other, but eventually love each other. It's getting really old, yet it is enjoyable to watch because the fights are hilarious!

The Cast:
A comment about the two new TVB actress Tiffany Lam and Victoria Jolly. Now, they are new to acting and I didn't think Tiffany Lam's acting was that bad; she did pretty well on her first series and I look forward to her improving in more series. Victoria Jolly is someone I cannot stand! She smiles almost all the time! Even when she was supposed to be sad, she still cracked a smile. She was annoying to watch and I don't really like her jaw movements.

Nancy Wu
After this series, I am beginning to see her in other series. I don't mind her, her acting is average but I hope she would just stay in the supporting actress category. She needs to get more different roles than whiny girl roles.

Kevin Cheung
As Wilson, he was a "rich" guy and had three women in love with him in this series. What does he do with these three women? He cheated on all of them. Kevin Cheung seems to play the cheating boyfriend part quite a bit. I would like to see him in some other role where he isn't nice on the surface but has bad intentions on the inside, just like his roles in "Burning Flames 2" and "Point Of No Return".

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