On the Edge

Reviewed by: sukting

December 31, 2008

Rating: three


This is a story of friends who become bitter enemies. What cause them to become like this?

Story/ Introduction on characters

1. Yiu Kar Shing – Wan Siu Lun
He is honest and is willing to work hard. He is also loyal to friends and is a filial son. He is a doting brother and feels that he should help others within his own means. His high school results are better than Kar Shun but he gives up his chance to further his studies to work to support him through university. Knowing that Hou gets missing for days to search for Mei Ling, he neglects his job to look for him to get fired.

He later works in a factory but his boss‘s wife always picks on him. Why? Because Kar Wai is his mistress and he refuses to divorce his wife. His boss later flees, dumping the factory to him. Chi Piew agrees to sell his old sewing machines but cheats HK20,000 from the deal. Hou is angry and beats him up. As the money is far from the amount, he gambles with it and loses everything.

Kar Shing learns about the money and returns the loan to Hou. Knowing that he might become a bankrupt, he breaks up with Kuan Yin. He returns all her gifts to her and she gets drunk. Hou tells her the reason and they are back again. Hou even mortgages his house and discotheque to help him raise the money. He gets Kuan Yin to lend the money to Kar Shing so his problem is solved.

Although Kuan Yin advises him to take the money back from Kar Shing, he still refuses. He only learns about the truth when Hou sends an ailing Mrs Yiu to hospital. Both finally become friends again as he gives shares to Hou. Hou comes to work for Kar Shing and Kuan Yin returns to Kar Shing too. She learns that she has a tumour in her womb and will be infertile after removing it. Kar Shing doesn’t mind this and still wishes to marry her. They have a happy life together.

I don’t really like Kar Shing to hate Hou so much. Come on, the poor man knows that he is in the wrong. Why keep harping on it and giving him the cold shoulder? Siu Lun’s role is very bland – there is nothing to rave about as his role is very simple.

2. Cheng Hou – Ng Chun Yu
He is also another loyal friend. He feels that life is unpredictable and prefers to spend every single cent that he has. His wife, Mei Ling gets so dejected with him that she leaves home with their son even though he is better to become a sailor. Since then, he gets drunk in the bar and gets to know Yin Hung. Yin Hung mistakens that he is rich as he is very generous to give her HK$4000 as tips.

Hou is angry that Mei Ling remarries and snatches his son away. That frightens him and moreover his stepfather has described Hou to be a monster, he refuses to be close to him. Hou is upset and becomes a cab driver. He decides to look for Yin Hung to get the money back. He gets it back and both become friends.

Hou is at a loss when he gambles away the money that Kar Shing is supposed to pay off his debts. Chi Piew urges him to smuggle drugs to Thailand. He has a close shave as he nearly dies there when Chi Piew leaves him in the lurch. He returns home with the money and also redeems Lai Chu’s jewels to get her more. He even humiliates Mei Ling but he is firm not to accept a second deal from Chi Piew.

Seeing Kwan Yin by the roadside, he offers her a lift on his motorcycle but she ends up getting drenched in the rain. He buys her a dress and is attracted by her beauty so he wants to woo her. To do that, he forbids Lai Chu from attending. But she still goes but Hou is relieved as Kwan Yin hasn’t arrived. Although disappointed that she loves Kar Shing, he helps to bring them together.

Hou is hospitalized due to a stomach ulcer and feels that Lai Chu nags too much. He gets warned when the police suspects his discotheque of smuggling ecstasy. Chi Piew still keeps it from him. Kar Shing ses his discotheque getting into so much trouble and advises it to end it to invest in his trading company. Chi Piew is angry and reveals to Kar Shing that his money comes by smuggling drugs. Hou gets so upset to reopen the discotheque again. He drinks again and his stomach ulcer reacts again to be hospitalized. Kuan Yin finally gets the guys to reconcile.

Kar Shing and Hou go to Malaysia on a business trip. Yin Hung comes along and loses them in the crowd. Hou finally learns how important she is to him after this to propose to her. Seeing that Hou becomes a father, he puts all the blame on himself and is sentenced to death while Kar Shing is let off. The others cry in the rain when he and Chi Piew are hung.

Chun Yu gives numerous exaggerating performances but he is outstanding in this one. Hou keeps mistrusting others and is ill-fated all this while. Chun Yu shows why he slowly overtakes Siu Lun to be the leading actor in TVB dramas later.

3. Yeung Chi Piew – Tou Dai Yu
He is a stubborn and selfish man. He bears a grudge against others easily. He has a sweet tongue so he charms women easily. He will leave others in the lurch when troubles brew. Initially, he helps the two guys to settle the renovation issues of their trading company so they think that he is a nice guy. He gets Hou to manage a discotheque but Hou leaves it to him as he lacks management skills.

Chi Piew sells drugs in the discotheque and also embezzles the funds so Hou wants him to raise the money within a month. Hating Chi Piew for framing him to get imprisoned, he announces his evil deeds in public to ruin his reputation. Chi Piew sets fire to Yin Hung’s beauty salon and Hou feels apologetic. They work hard and both fall in love. Hou forbids all to tell Kar Shing about helping him and they feel so unfair to him.

Chi Piew becomes a bankrupt as his drug goods are lost with his man. He owes the underground lords a lot of money so he goes to his friends for help. They refuse to help so he loses his right hand. He becomes a storeman after his recovery. The warehouse belongs to Kar Shing so the two guys do not dismiss him as they find him pitiful. He tails the two to Malaysia. Kuan Yin also goes there secretly, wanting to celebrate Kar Shing’s birthday with him. Chi Piew kidnaps Yin Hung when she is there to receive her at the airport He demands a ransom from Hou for their lives.

After getting the money, he forces Hou to do drug trafficking for him. Hou has to give in unwillingly. Chi Ming is helping the drug boss and is shocked to see him. Kar Shing feels suspicious seeing Hou with Chi Piew. They quarrel and are all detained by the police. The three are sentenced to death but he never regrets his deeds. After watching this drama, you will know why Tai Yu shuns acting villains as he is so hateful to the core for this role.

4. Wong Kuan Yin – Tang Shui Mun
She is a tuition teacher who gives tuition to Hou’s son. During Hou’s struggle to get his son back, she injures her leg and might walk with a limp from then onwards. After knowing his sad story, she decides not to sue him. He is relieved upon knowing that she recovers. She is pretty and gentle. But she has her own principles and is strong internally. Kar Shun encourages Kuan Yin to get information from Kar Shing’s company in order to complete her graduation thesis.

Kar Shing thinks that he is Kar Shun’s girlfriend and agrees to help. Kuan Yin starts to like him. Once, she has gastric cramps and he takes good care of her. Upon knowing this, Hou coaxes Kuan Yin to be frank to Kar Shun. Kar Shun then blames Kar Shing for screwing things up. It is then Hou knows that she likes him before he can tell her that he likes her.

Although Kuan Yin’s father is unhappy that Kar Shing’s father dies due to sniffing drugs and Kar Wai is a former mistress, she insists to be with him. Kuan Yin helps Hou to get back to his feet again after Lai Chu’s death. He also helps her after her breakup with Kar Shing. After knowing his affections, she avoids both men to go to Australia. She finally agrees to get engaged to Kar Shing and this upsets Hou. She finds that she is pregnant with Kar Shing’s child but refuses to give up. She and Yin Hung search around for help but to no avail. She gives birth to a premature boy. Also like Siu Lun, Shui Mun offers no surprises too.

5. Ho Lai Chu – Cheung Fung Ngai
She is like a man who lets go of her emotions easily. She is very frank and many find her too liberal. She is once a no.1 popular dance hostess. She looks smart but is actually simple-minded. Hou buys a golden watch for her after winning some money but he gets it back from her in order to lend it to Kar Shing. Upon knowing that Hou buys a new house but is staying alone, she sulks. Yin Hung tells her not to trust Hou too much and sure enough, she learns that he isn’t for her but forgives him.

She intends to resign to give Hou a good impression but he is past caring over it. She is angry with Hou for still liking Kuan Yin and kills herself. She is among my top choice for supporting actresses. Although this is only a short stint, she still presents well.

6. Lau Yin Hung – Ng Lai Chu
She is calm and analytical. Still, she can be stubborn at times to do her ways according to principles. She is cheated by her boyfriend to become a dance hostess and thus she doesn’t love easily now. She gets into Hou’s cab to learn of his sad story. Both pour their woes and sleep together for the night. She blames Hou for Lau Chu’s death and hates him. Hou helps to chase her ex-husband away so she is grateful to her but is afraid to end up like Lai Chu. Lai Chu is also another formidable actress who does well here too.

7. Yiu Kar Wai – Ng Mei Yee
She is the sister of the two brothers. She is quiet and timid. She is the typical China woman who doesn’t know how to pour her woes to others. She is a mistress who bores him a son and is shattered when her lover brings him overseas without her knowing. She tries killing herself but Hou wishes her to stay alive to be reunited with her son. She finally marries Ha to find her own happiness.

8. Yiu Kar Shun – Chan Kar Fai
He is Kar Shing’s younger brother. He often thinks highly of himself. He believes that his future lies in his hands. He can’t accept failures and thus he is quite blinded when dealing with issues. He is attracted to Kwan Yin and lies to Kar Shing that he is going for a business trip to learn but he wants to stick with her. Kar Shing has to borrow money from Hou who wins some money through gambling.

He doesn’t know that Kar Shing is running into financial difficulties and lies to him further to buy supplementary books. In reality, he needs the money to buy tickets to invite her to a charity ball. He is angry to find out that his elder brother dates Kuan Yin after their university graduation ceremony. Both make up later when he returns home. He joins the police force.

The Thailand drug boss comes to Hong Kong and insists that Hou goes for a drink with him. Kar Shun is sent to check on the boss and chases after him. Chi Piew seizes the drugs while Kar Shun kills the boss. Chi Piew frames Chi Ming and Hou for it so both are jailed for 3 years despite of Yin Hung’s help. Kar Shun is eager for promotion so he gets close to Yin Fong for news. He feels bad when causing her death. Kar Fai is never as successful as his wife, Siu Bing as his facial expressions are limited.

9. Lau Yin Fong – Yiu Chi Jing
She is Yin Hung’s younger sister who often takes drugs and refuses to listen to her elder sister. She is nearly raped in Hou’s discotheque after taking ecstasy and luckily Hou saves her. Yin Hung changes her impression of him after this. She slips away from home and Yin Hung comes to look for her. Hou is hurt while protecting her from gangsters so she forgives him over Lai Chu’s death.

Seeing Kar Shun so troubled over the drug case, she agrees to become his informer. Chi Piew is angry over this and forces her to swallow all the drugs. She is found dead and Chi Ming accuses Kar Shun for causing this. Kar Shun feels apologetic.

10. Yuen Chi Ming – Lee Mun Piew
He is Hou’s close pal who is also another good for nothing. Both guys love to go for illegal car racing to earn money. He has a soft spot for Yin Fong and is nice to her. Yin Hung invites him and Hou to stay at her place after their release from prison. Hou is afraid that Chi Ming might get harmed after witnessing Yin Fong’s murder so he sends him to Taiwan.

He still helps the drug lords so seeing Hou and Kar Shing in danger, he pretends to be Chi Piew’s gang to assault the policemen. He says that it has nothing to do with the two men. Because he assaults them, he is sentenced to them. Thanks to him, the case is reopened but his statement is overruled as the police discovers that he knows Hou. The four men are sentenced to death.

11. Ho Har – Kok Tak Shun
He is the father of the sisters. He opens a store but is too busy to take care of them. He falls for Kar Wai all along and urges her to work for him. He gets disappointed when she doesn’t accept him. Not because she despises him but she feels that she isn’t good enough for him. She is touched later by his sincerity.

12. Yin Mei Ling – Tan Pui San
She is Hou’s ex-wife who feels the heartbreak of seeing him always sinking into despair.

Favourite character
Hou – he suffers too much in silence. Sometimes, I feel that he has eaten the dead cat for too many times!

Most hated character
Chi Piew, he should be thankful that his friends forgive him. How can he repay them like this?

It is ‘Leaving to Fate’ by Siu Lun. It is a very sad song. Although I have never like his singing, I must commend him for doing well.


This story is as sad as ‘Gone With the Wind’. I can’t bear to watch a second time although the acting is great. It is simply too sad to see good friends becoming foes because of greed. Of course, there is some consolation to see how well Chi Ming and Hou treat their friends. Actresses wise, they are only supporting roles as this is a man’s drama. If you don’t mind the sad ending and are curious to find out how well the actors do, you may still go for it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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