One Good Turn Deserves Another

Reviewed by: sukting

September 27, 2008

Rating: three

How long - 20 episodes


This is Cheung Hor Yee’s first drama role after getting her title for ‘Best Potential Artist’ in 1994 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Is she able to meet up to the expectation?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chiu Bo Sek – Chan Kai Toi
He is a successful lawyer who is happily married. He is a very dedicated husband who gives his wife all his attention during his free time. However, he has a sense of loss when his wife is too career-minded. Hok Yee tries to seduce him with no success. She only succeeds after breaking up their marriage. He is tricked to think that Chi San betrays him. Hearbroken and unable to forgive her, he signs the separation papers. After he realizes his mistake, he returns to her.

Usually this kind of boring role is hard to portray feelings but Kai Toi does it well. Seeing how devoted he is to his wife makes all melt. The showing of disappointment over her ‘betrayal’ is so real-like too.

2. Kwan Chi Hung – Ho Ying Wai
He is Kar Lok‘s son who is in love with Hok Yee. But he doesn’t know that she is his father’s mistress.

3. Kwan Kar Lok – Poon Chi Mun
He is Hok Yee’s lover who is jailed because of his commercial criminal deeds. Thanks to Bo Sek being the lawyer to land him in there. Upon out of prison, he makes use of Hok Yee to frame him.

4. Yam Bo Shang – Cheung Ying Choi
He is the chief editor of the magazine company. Seeing that Chi San is too busy with work, he shakes his head and persuades her to spend more time with her family. He also worries over his own daughter being a cop but is unable to dissuade her from quiting.

5. Yee Hor Fung - Bao Fung
He is a rich businessman who is found dead mysteriously. Hok Yee is suspected of poisoning him to death for his wealth and is detained. She engages Bo Sek as her lawyer and tries to seduce him from then onwards.

6. Mrs Ou – Wong Hoi Yan
Her husband forsakes her and Hok Yee for another woman. They land up in the U.S. to suffer hardship and she turns mad. Hok Yee is back to seek revenge for her.

7. Ou Hok Yee – Cheung Hor Yee
She is very mysterious and pretty. She is able to manipulate men to fall for her – except Bo Sek initially. She is jealous of Chi San so she frames her every now and then. She is too evil – even to set up her to be in bed with another man to take the intimate photos to frame her. After getting Bo Sek, she intends to stop her evil deeds but her past catches up with her. She has no choice but to kill Kar Lok to be jailed.

8. Yam Yu Yuk – Kwan Bo Wai
She is a cop with a strong sense of justice. She arrests Hok Yee and is forced to set her free because of lack of evidence. She is annoyed whenever she provokes her and Bo Sek is her attorney. Believing Chi San’s innocence, she tries hard to find the evidence to convince Bo Sek. Finally TVB shows fairness to give Bo Wai a righteous role.

9. Chow Chi San – So Yuk Wah
She is brought up being pampered and only wants to do the things she wants. She is a reporter for a magazine and only returns home late. She believes that Bo Sek will give in to her all the time. He has an outburst when she is rude to his mother once. The quarrel sets to separate both furthermore with her ‘adultery’. She is seriously affected by it and has to stay with the Yams after her separation.

When she learns that Hok Yee is her elder sister, she pities her but finds it hard to forgive her for setting her up. Her attitude changes after this ordeal and Bo Sek finally accepts her again.

10. Mrs Chiu – Ha Ping
She gets very grumpy over Chi San’s attitude and wonders why Bo Sek allows her to work so hard. She favours Hok Yee more as she is gentle so she doesn’t oppose to Bo Sek to be with her.

The theme song is ‘Return a Favour’ while the sub theme is ‘Forsaking Love’. Both moving songs are by Chan Wai Han.


As the Chinese title suggests, Hok Yee is an angel from hell indeed. Her outlook doesn’t match with her wicked acts. How can she not show mercy to her half-sister? I shall not elaborate Chi San’s long lists of mishaps here as you need to watch on your own. Her hatred has simply blinded her as she believes that she must make Chi San suffer to pay back Mrs. Ou’s injustice since Chi San’s mother is dead. The poor men are only her pawns to achieve her aim.

Hor Yee has proved that she deserves the award to be the centre of attraction. She complements all areas well although she has not worked with any of the artistes before. Kai Toi is not to be missed too as he does his part well. All have done well to lure us to continue watching this suspense drama.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)
On songs : *** (Scale of 5)

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