Only You

Reviewed by: sukting

November 12, 2013

Rating: three-point-five

How long
30 episodes

'Only You' is about the wedding planners working under Only You Wedding Services and bridal shop agency. Twelve different stories are told in an episode format regarding the agency's clients. Every couple has a unique love story to tell in front of the staff as they exchange wedding vows in an atmosphere of beauty and serenity.

Although Yat Mun and Tin Shang love each other, their different outlook on life begins to tear them apart. Should lovers stand firm with principles or let go for love?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chung See Tiem – Lee See Kei
She is a top professional traditional matchmaker. She is Kwai and Mei Hou's teacher. She is eloquent and friendly. She is often sabotaged by Mei Hou and often reminds her to watch her back. She retaliates when she has the chance. When given a task, she will give in her best. Sometimes, she can be overbearing to make decisions without consulting others. She doesn’t hide her past of her failed marriage and finally divorces her ex-husband who leaves her many years ago.

Needless to say, See Kei puts up a powerful performance. The young ones must have learned a lot from her in this drama.

2. Chung See Chai – Mak Cheung Ching
He is the boss and is also a secret undertaker. He is See Tiem’s younger brother He listens to Fei Fei all the time and all joke that he is too submissive to her. He is actually very understanding and doesn’t wish to disappoint anymore. His first wife dies of illness when Chung Leung is still young and he remarries Fei Fei.
He gives in to others very easily, especially Tin Shang to give him a room in the studio to stay. He befriends him during soccer matches. You will be amused how he is at her beck and call. Cheung Ching also shows comic talent in here.

3. See To Fei Fei – Tiem Yu Lui
She is the female boss and designs the wedding gowns. She doesn't want See Chai to be an undertaker anymore so she sets up this studio. She is eloquent but is very forgetful and careless. She befriends See Chai when he is in charge of her father’s funeral. It seems that See Chai listens to her but in reality, he knows how to get along with her to place the authority in his hands but to let her manage minor affairs.

It is not easy for her to be a stepmother but she gets along well with Chung Leung. She often dreams of expanding their business but See Chai opposes to this. Her performance is fine and she complements well with Cheung Ching.

4. Chung Chung Leung – Choi Kei Chun
He is See Chai's son who just graduates from high school and is jobless. He only want to be a woman chaser. His parents make him work at the bridal shop as an assistant when he spends money lavishly instead of studying overseas. He finds See Tiem long-winded but obeys her. However, he treats See Chai more like a friend and often ignores his advice.

See Chai feels that he owes him from his remarriage. From his encounter with Miki, a woman with unsound mind after a one night stand, he becomes sensible to go overseas for studies.

5. Mak Yat Mun – Mung Kar Wai
She is an unrelenting and boastful woman. She is Only You's assistant coordinator. She has wanted to be a wedding planner but See Tiem finds her unprofessional and too greedy for money. She is systematic and wants packaging. She doesn’t want to lose to others in image but she is actually kind and gentle.

She is protective towards her family as her father dies when she is young. She can't change her sharp tongue at criticizing others and loses her job. Upon seeing that See Tiem earns a lot through Yat Ming's wedding, she decides to set up her own wedding planner company. It looks simple job and the income is attractive. Have a good laugh when she recommends her online service to Fei Fei.

Sew Tiem is an expert in the trade and a person of principles. She declines to take Yat Mun as a student as she sees through her motive, but she will not yield. She tries her best to please See Tim's younger brother, and his wife. Fei Fei employs her as a coordinator in their bridal wear company.

See Tiem has a poor impression of her initially but later discovers her kind nature. She learns the skills on the way and finally finds her Mr Right, Tin Shang. Kar Wai shines in this drama – I wonder if she injects her vigour as she had hoped to marry Ekin then. Still, her wish came true in real life.

6. Mak Yat Ming – Lee Yu Yeung
He is the sales assistant at a magazine agency. He often listens to his sister as he doesn’t know how to make his own decisions. He can be inflexible and doesn’t know how to please his boss although he is kind and honest. To his mother and sister, he is still a child. He graduates overseas with Yat Mun’s sponsorship as his results are ordinary.

7. Cheung Suet Ha – Suet Nei
She is gentle and polite to understand the young well. The relatives look down on her for being poor but she is contented to have the two children with her. She is very traditional and is impressed with how See Tiem deals with her nephew’s wedding so she engages her to be Yat Ming’s wedding planner. They become friends after that. She doesn’t understand why Yat Mun keeps getting injured after joining ‘Only you’ and is very concerned.

8. Chiu Wing Fung – Lee Ngar Nam
Yat Ming befriends her when he studies overseas. Both have hoped to have a simple western wedding but Yat Mun insists of having a lavish traditional wedding. She is touched by Suet Ha’s concern and goes along with it. She is a fashion jewel designer and comes from a rich family. Yat Mun recommends her to make jewels that complement with ‘Only You’ wedding gowns.

9. Ha Tin Shang – Cheng Kar Wing
He is the top photographer of 'Only You'. He grows up in an orphanage but he is cheerful and is never depressed. He adopts children from many countries. He also holds many different jobs to make a living in the past so he knows a bit of everything.

See Chai buys him a camera as his birthday present and he discovers his talent. He saves up and completes a photography course overseas. He is very friendly and can leave his job aside to pursue his interest. That is why Fei Fei worries as he can be late for shoots. Yat Mun is determined to do something big in her career, but Tin Shang makes her rethink the meaning of life.

Both of them have met all kinds of people at work, from couples in quarrel to couples in distress, neurotic brides to lovers with disabilities. Through preparing each couple, they fall in love. I find his acting no different from Ghetto Justice. Are the two dramas shot at the same time?

10. Cheung King Yuen – Lai Nok Yee
He grows up with Tin Shang at the orphanage. He is also a photographer but is sometimes jealous of Tin Shang as his skills are not as good as his. Sometimes Tin Shang is away when ‘Only You’ gets a big deal and he becomes Tin Shang’s replacement. He follows the fashion sense but he is too impatient. He often blames his fate on bad luck but refuses to seek improvement.

11. Yu Chi Keung – Chan Yu Sam
He is the make-up artist who comes from a poor home. He is not ambitious and is a party animal. Like Tin Shang, his skills are good so Fei Fei has no choice but to allow him to moonlight.

12. Candy – Cheung Mei Nei
She is the receptionist of 'Only You'. She plans the schedules of the couples for gowns testing.

13. Lee Lai Fong – Lau Kwai Fong
She is the seamstress who is able to adjust the sizes of the clothes. The young ones respect her.

14. Ma Hiu Ching – Tong See Wing
She is See Tiem's daughter who studies overseas. She detests See Tiem’s authoritative behavior and their relationship is strained when her father leaves home due to this. She hardly talks with her through skype. This is put to test again when Hiu Ching wants her father to appear at her wedding.

15. Hui Miu Yan – Tang Sheung Mun
She is Yat Mun's friend who owns a fashion shop. Yat Mun often borrows clothes from her to try to charm the rich men, wanting to attract them to raise her chances of getting married.

16. Lam Yee Ling – Ho Kei Wan
She is Yat Mun’s friend who has a stable boyfriend. Although he doesn’t earn much, she is contented with this. She feels sorry for their friend who engages Yat Mun as her wedding planner. Yat Mun nearly ruins her wedding but she still complains that her red packet amount is too little.

17. Wong Mei Hou – Ma Hoi Lun
She learns the ropes from See Tiem as her family is in debt due to her gambler husband. She betrays See Tiem to register the company name under her right. She is very selfish and opens wedding planner classes to earn extra cash. She is only going all out to earn money and tries to cheat her clients. She keeps framing See Tiem and Kwai. Her family can’t stand this and leave home. She finally repents from her mistake.

18. Leung Kwai – Chu Mi Mi
She is See Tiem’s disciple and assists her. She knows most of the stuff but not confident or alert enough. She is too simple minded and is never revengeful. Seeing that See Tiem wants to quit as a matchmaker when her marriage fails, she isn’t superstitious to get See Tiem to officiate her wedding. This boosts See Tiem's confidence to start off again.

She doesn’t have the capability to be the top matchmaker but she doesn’t force this on herself. She is very positive and cheerful to sing at banquets so she also gets business. She is very foolish to reveal See Tiem's assignment to Mei Hou. She ends up being sabotaged but luckily the other wedding planners believe her.

Interesting facts

When Kar Wing was asked if he had seen snobbish people before, he found this hard to answer. He joked that he could never be their target as many preferred to marry a rich man. He preferred someone simple – the person need not be pretty but should not look different from when she is with make-up.

The drama was fixed to be a comical one in romantic scenes. Yet, the last episode had a married couple killed with the reckless driver on their wedding day. The bloody scene frightened many viewers. Many could not accept this way of making Tin Shang and Yat Mun patching up their misunderstanding.

They demanded a reshoot but the producer wanted to point out that life was unpredictable so they should cherish the present. She stressed that it was not overdone. Even Nok Yee and Chi Ling admitted that the scene was beautiful and meaningful.

45th TVB Anniversary Awards 2011 : The peak points is 32.
Nominated: Best Drama
Nominated: Best Actress (Lee See Kei)
Nominated: Best Actress (Mung Kar Wai)
Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Lee See Kei)
Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Mung Kar Wai)
Nominated: Most Improved Male Artiste (Chan Chi Seng)
Nominated: Most Improved Male Artiste (Yeung Ming)

Most favourite character
See Tiem, she is very understanding to give chances to others to learn from their mistakes.

Most hated character
Tin Shang, I find him very irresponsible to run away from duties sometimes. Fei Fei gets worried for practical reasons. What if the clients demand compensation when he doesn’t turn up?

The theme song 'I do' is by Ho Chi Wai. Okay but too candy sweet to my liking.


This drama opens my eyes to the matchmaking world and wedding preparation. It is a rare theme that focus on traditions. It is considered a light-hearted drama as almost all the segments are touching for happy endings. Acting wise, the cast gives a strong performance and you will be satisfied. The guest stars also do their part well to bring the stories alive.

Most stories are well-planned and touching. The last one is too abrupt. I also can't accept it. It is too sudden indeed as the mood is uneven. It could be arranged in the middle but definitely not the suitable melodramatic ending that all will hope to see.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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