Reviewed by: sukting

November 02, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes

The story is on 2 friends – one of them an ex-cop and another still a cop. They often join forces to solve cases. Both end up loving the same woman one after another? Who emerges as the winner at the end? What choice will Sai make between the men?


Case 1 – a murder in school

A archery club member, Lau Choi Mei (Cheung Yuen Mei) is killed when an arrow pierces her heart. Shing Hoi’s subordinate, Fung is detained for killing her. Shing Hoi and Yat Jing try to seek out the truth. Later, Choi Mei’s good friend, Lui Yee Ling (Wong Ching Yu) is also poisoned to death. The real murderer is her another classmate, Yuen Yee Kei (Kwong Mun Xun).

She hates Choi Mei for getting pregnant with their from teacher, Mr Fong’s (Lee Yiu Jing) child. Choi Mei even threatens Mr Fong to divorce his wife. Yet she encourages Yee Kei to abort her child when she is pregnant with their another teacher, Mr Lui’s (Ho Hou Yuen)’s baby. Yee Ling learns that Yee Kei makes use of their archery lesson to kill Choi Mei. She tries to persuade her to give herself up. But Yee Kei discovers that Yee Ling is also involved with Mr Lui so she kills her out of jealousy.

Case 2 – corpse buried under the soil of fury

Wai Fun (Ng Wing Hong) , Sai and Lai Wan are taken as hostage by burglars. Luckily, Yat Jing rescues them. It is love at first sight for him. His good friend, Shing Hoi is also carrying a torch for her. Wai Fun’s boyfriend, Chuk (Lee Wai Mun) can’t pass the accountant test for a few attempts. Both have a row and she goes to Tang village to settle a case.

She goes missing after that. Shing Hoi and Sai check out that she quarrels with Gu Gan from another village. The police also place Wai Fun’s sister, Wai Kuen (Chan On Ying) and Chuk on their suspect list because they are not on good terms with Wai Fun. Wai Fun’s body is discovered when rain washes away the mud from her body.

Yat Ching has a big headache. Wai Fun’s colleague, Lo steals the company funds. Does he silence her? Wai Fun knocks into Gu Gan (Wai Kar Hung) having an affair with the village headman’s wife. Gu Gan also tells Chuk to follow Wai Fun. This case has many suspects that he needs to re-track.

Lo admits that he lies so he does give Wai Fun a lift to the village so that he can talk her out of revealing his dishonesty to their boss. Both have an argument in the car and he accidentally throws her out. The killer is Chuk. He hates Wai Fun for treating him as a form of investment and can’t take it when she keeps humiliating him.

Seeing that his identity is exposed, he holds Sai hostage to bring her to a cliff. Both guys risk their lives to save Sai. She finds it hard to make a choice between them. Both guys strike a deal to woo her under fair terms.

Case 3 – Up and close danger

Yuen Yee (Lau Mei Shan) grows up with her single mother, Hak (Fung Suk Bo). Hak spends all her money on her. Yeun Yee pretends to be a good girl in front of her but smuggles drugs secretly. She leaves home after quarreling with her mother over her boyfriend. Hak later finds her corpse in a small lane.

Mei Yuk’s disappearance for a few days scars everyone. A hooligan, Leung accuses Hak of killing Yuen Yee. She gets so desperate that she wants to jump off the building. Luckily, Mei Yuk saves her. Leung often sprouts nonsense and offends many people. He is found dead at Shing Hoi’s home balcony. Yat Jing interrogates everyone. He is shocked by the long list of names as so many dislike Leung. The two guys do not know how to do.

Sai comes over to Shing Hoi’s home for dinner. Yat Jing is also present and all the three are shy. Yat Jing suddenly gets news that the kindergarten teacher, Tong Mun (Lee Guai Ying) tries to flee from Hong Kong. Yat Jing arrests her. She has once suffocates a baby to death unintentionally. Leung sees what has happened and keeps extorting her. Mun is later dead but Mei Yuk’s instinct tells her that she doesn’t commit suicide.

Mei Yuk finds Yuen Yee’s bracelet at Shun (Lo Kuan Zuo) ’s place. She tries testing him out with Shing Hoi. Shun nearly kills them but Yan saves them on time. Shun kills Yuen Yee as he attempts to rape her and she rejects him. He also kills Leung because he witnesses his deed. He kills Mun in order to mislead the police. Shing Hoi is mad with Lai Wan who keeps coming between him and Sai.

Case 4 – Mystery Trap
The forensic expert, Bak Chung Ping (Kwok Tuck Shun) marries a young wife, Fiona (Fung Hiu Mun). Chung Ping’s friend, Lawyer Chiu molests his sister-in-law so Chung Ping reprimands him. Chiu is murdered by a killer hired by his wife. Fiona commits adultery with Benny (Mok Kar Yiu) who works in the same company as her.

Chung Ping is sick so he rests at home. Shing Hoi comes to install the security system and finds him dead. Chung Ping’s adopted son, On Wai (Cheung Hak) returns home as he is studying overseas. When seeing the letter that Chung Ping leaves him, he is sure that it is not written by him. but the forensic department concludes that it is his handwriting.

Fiona wants to break up with Benny. The servant’s son, Siu Wing is a loafer and turns up at the home the fateful night. The servant is afraid that the police will suspect her son and sends him to stay in the countryside. Shing Hoi sees the footprint near the dusty window pane to discover this.

Shing Hoi deduces that the killer opens the window and then locks the door. Sai’s father, Lam Wing Choi (Lee Long Gei) is cold towards Yat Jing. The police checks out that Fiona and Benny has spent the night at Bak’s residence. Shing Hoi manages to capture the servant’s son.

Lai Wan’s boyfriend marries an actress to ditch Lai Wan. Fiona is insulted by Benny’s lover and slips to have a miscarriage. Benny admits that he does appear at Bak’s residence the second time. Yat Jing and Shing Hoi finally analyses that Chung Ping plans his own death. He is angry that Fiona is unfaithful to him so he frames the two.      
Case 5 – A wedding that lives are taken

Lai Wan is frightened of losing her job so Shing Hoi has to console her. She starts to like him. Shing Hoi doesn’t understand why Luk Mun starts to send him flowers. He is flattered but is crushed when she is only seeking revenge on him for ditching her.

Still, he doesn’t bear a grudge against her and she is happy that he takes the joke well. She invites him to her wedding. She is going to marry a rich man’s son, Kwong Yau Kin (Cheng Pak Lun).

Shing Hoi accidentally breaks the cups of the newly weds. A mysterious woman, Siu Mun who is dressed in black, appears. Yau Kin gets nervous and leads her away. All find that she is giving the new couple ill fortune. When both raise their glasses to have a drink, they suddenly drop dead after that. A happy wedding becomes a funeral.

Yat Jing is also invited to the wedding and is also as upset as Shing Hoi as he sees both bodies being sealed into a bag. Shing Hoi is accused of being the killer and is detained. No one believes that he is on good terms with Luk Mun except Yat Jing.

Yat Jing checks out with Luk Mun’s family. He learns that Luk Mun isn’t on good terms with her stepmother who is about the same age as her. Actually, she is a nice lady and not vicious as Luk Mun’s nanny describes her to be. So Yat Jing rules her out as a suspect.

Sai senses that Wing Choi gets so nervous to wipe his sweat off his forehead that he loses a plastic cover. She keeps it into her handbag. She asks him for the reason. He reveals that the Kwongs have wanted to deceive an insurance company to burn their own factory. They burn it with Sai’s brother in by mistake.

Wing Choi has wanted to add poison to the glasses but Shing Hoi breaks them. Thus his ploy doesn’t work so the killer is someone else. Sai manages to find Siu Mun. Siu Mun is Yau Kin’s ex-girlfriend. He ditches her after knowing Luk Mun. She has wanted to poison him to death on that night but is unable to do it.

Sai worries that Wing Choi will be suspected. Yat Jing senses her uneasiness and calls Wing Choi for questioning. The police finds loopholes in his statement. They find a burned corpse which they suspect to be Siu Mun. Siu Mun has called Lai Wan that night that she has thought of something that is helpful to the police. Yat Jing asks Wing Choi if he knows Siu Mun to make him angry.      
Shing Hoi has insisted that a glass maker, Mun Tat Shek killed his wife when he was a cop. But he had to let him off because of lack of evidence. He watches the wedding tape with Lai Wan and discovers his existence. He immediately comes over to Mun’s residence to check it out.

The women follow him. Sai discovers the glasses that are used at the wedding there. She informs Wing Choi about it. Wing Choi comes to buy the glasses. Sai presses her for an answer. He is the murderer indeed to kill all the three. Wing Choi only brings a packet of poison on that fateful day. His plan foils when Shing Choi breaks the glasses.

He happens to pick up the packet that Siu Mun drops on the floor. He also overhears Siu Mun calling Lai Wan so he kills her. Sai wants him to surrender to the police but he wants to leave Hong Kong. When the police wants to capture him, he dies in an accident. Sai can never forgive Yat Jing for this and refuses to see him again, making him miserable.

Case 6 – a terrifying bloody debt

Sai moves to the countryside that Yan stays, hoping to avoid Yat Jing. She gets to know a deaf-mute autistic girl, Ah Far. Sai learns from other villagers that Yan’s house is ‘filthy’ with ghosts. Yan finally marries Mei Yuk and both move in.

The villagers get into a quarrel when someone attempts to buy the land. Sai still ignores Yat Jing. Missing her, he comes personally to visit her. Yan insists of renovating his home but the villagers oppose as this will affect their ‘fengshui’. Yan still goes ahead with the plan and finds a skeleton which belongs to Mei Gei (Leung Wing Lum).

Getting rejected by Sai, Yat Jing feels miserable to get drunk. He gets involved in a car accident and faints by the roadside. When he wakes up, he finds a piece of flowery cloth attached to his car. Sai recognizes it to come from Far’s blouse. Ko Wai (Chan Wing Chun) returns home to learn about Mei Gei’s death.

He admits that Far is his lovechild with Lam Sum (Chan Mei Kei). Mei Gei has gones missing 6 years ago. Sai picks up Fai’s drawing board and one of her drawings is missing.
Shing Hoi can’t tolerate Lai Wan’s overbearing ways and decide to part with her. Lai Wan calls Sai to pour her woes but the receiver is Shing Hoi. Lai Wan demands to know why Sai grabs her lover and she can’t explain it. Sai gives Far’s drawing to a psychiatrist. He deduces that Far might be relating how a murder has taken place.

The police discovers Far’s body near the river. Sai remembers seeing the bag that contains the corpse somewhere. She is attacked mysteriously and both guys go anxiously to visit her. they are relieved to see her fine. Lam Sam admits to the two killings and later kills herself in prison. Actually the murderer is Far’s grandmother, (Lo Lan). She is the one who kills Mei Gei. She has framed Mei Gei to be Far’s mother for years.

The poor woman has bore with the resentment long enough and wishes to get married. She intends to reveal this to her fiancé but gets killed. Far witnesses this and keeps drawing the pictures to give her nightmares. Thus she decides to kill her too. Lam Sam is unable to face this tragedy and kills herself.

Who does Sai choose at the end? No one as she doesn’t wish to get involved in love again. Lai Wan doesn’t end up with Shing Hoi as he only treats her as a friend now.  
Introduction on characters

1. Chu Shing Hoi – Wan Siu Lun
Shing Hoi is formerly Yat Jing‘s subordinate but later resigns. Why? He is framed by a suspect who accuses him for beating him up. This suspect actually kills his wife and his wife’s lover. He later works as an investigation officer in a security firm after his resignation. He and Yat Jing first know Lok Mun so both woo her. However, both men can’t tolerate her willful nature to break up with her one after another.

Shing Hoi’s treatment is worse when he suffers a slap from her. Knowing that Yat Jing is also wooing Sai, he often ruins his chances. There is once he brings Sai out for shopping. Seeing Yat Ching at the first floor of the mall, he deliberately shields her in the transparent life. Yat Jing gets very annoyed when he can’t see who she is!

2. Wong Yat Jing – Ng Kai Wah
He is an inspector and is also Shing Hoi’s ex-superior. He is very calm when solving cases. He is also impartial to separate work and private life. He doesn’t behave recklessly but is very persistent in love. He often works with Shing Hoi in solving cases even after he isn’t a CID.

It is funny that both men often end up loving the same woman. After breaking up with Lok Mun, he becomes interested in Sai but discovers that Shing Hoi is interested in her. Both men are out for another love war again.

3. Lam Sai – Hsuen Huen
She is filial and kind as she grows up with her father. She has very low self esteem as she thinks she looks ugly with braces. She doesn’t know her charm after removing them. She is in a fix on who to choose between the two men.

4. Cheung Fung – Ng Kar Lok
He is Shing Hoi’s subordinate who likes Yee Kei. He is unlucky to drag into her murder as he quarrels with her after she rejects him.

5. Sung Lok Mun – Mok Hor Yan
She is attractive but no man can stand her fiery temper. That includes the mild-mannered Yat Jing. She parts on amicable terms with him but gets into a fight with Shing Hoi before they break off. Strangely, both men forgive her for all her horrendous acts. Thus, she gets touched to invite both to her wedding. She doesn’t expect to get killed on her big day.

6. Chu Mei Yuk – Lo Hoi Yan
She is Shing Hoi’s aunt. She is cheery and helpful. She often stands up for the weak and this ends up offending people. Like Shing Hoi, she loves investigating cases too.

7. Go Yan – Shing Kuai On
He is a veteran cop but is a Casanova. Be amused that he is also superstitious. He stays in with Shing Hoi and is often at loggerheads with Mei Yuk.

8. Chow Lai Wan – Cheung Fung Ngai
She is Shing Hoi’s superior in the security company. She is very arrogant till she gets ditched. She is a couple with Shing Hoi only for a while but he finds her too similar to Luk Mun to break up with her.

Interesting facts

The highlight isn’t only on this drama itself. Siu Lun had wanted his ex, Chan Mui Hing (the actress as Kwan Ching, Jessica – Chow Chi Fai, Raymond’s girlfriend in ‘Files of Justice’ to pay back the ‘romancing fees’ that he spent on her. The amount was close to HK$15,000.

This drama did not get good viewership in Hong Kong because of this. Many decided to boycott Siu Lun’s drama as they found him petty. However, when the video tapes were out in Singapore, it was the No. 1 most rental drama. In fact, all snapped up once it was released. Singaporean fans were hardly bothered by the news and many remained as his faithful fans.

This was the second time Siu Lun worked with Hsuen Huen after ‘A good match from heaven’. Both lamented that they had to work on Chinese New Year Eve and had to have their reunion dinner earlier with their families.

Siu Lun and Fung Ngai came to Singapore to promote this drama in 1997 but I could not go to watch them as I was having my examinations. This proved to be my regret as they did not come to Singapore till this day.

I still think Siu Lun should stick to acting as his singing isn’t good.


It is a pity if fans miss this drama jus because of Siu Lun’s case in real life. This is the first and only drama that Siu Lun works with Kai Wah. Being professionals, they do a good job. You will be sinking your brains into the suspense with them, trying to figure out every tiny detail to solve the cases. Both have a lot of chemistry as the direct opposite. One is quiet and chatty while the other is reserved and analytical. Yet, they compliment each other well.

However, Hsuen Huen’s acting isn’t as good as she was a newcomer then. She is unable to portray the struggle that Sai faces over Wing Choi’s crime. You might not like the way she boasts to Lai Wan of being wooed by two guys at the same time although she says it in a quiet way. But credit must be given to her when she is forced to make a choice between Yat Jing and Shing Hoi.

The cases are intriguing but I am unsatisfied with the last case. It could have been a better arrangement if other cases switch with it to make it a grand finale. The last case is the weakest as I can guess the killer’s identity immediately as she is the only one who is evil. It also amuses me to see how all the cops are activated to arm with guns to ward off the whole village because of one old woman.

Other than that, it is an interesting drama although it doesn’t cover on major cases like triad attacks or arms cases as in other dramas. The cases here are considered ordinary civilian ones but still can be as appealing as ‘Detective Investigation Files’. Normally, detective dramas go well with me so I normally give a good rating for it. TVB has done a good job again.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)


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