Pages of Treasures


Section:TVB Series


Number of Episodes:20

Chinese Title: Click入黃金屋

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07-22-2010 11:41 PM


This series is a complete waste of time. Horrible and exaggerated acting. The actors were good but the acting was bad. The only person who did not seem to exaggerate as much was Eric Sun. The most unbearable thing in "Pages" was that they made the main character's lines rhyme with each other. It was cool the first two times but they over used it way too much. It got so annoying. I did like the relationship between eric, Shirley Yeung, and Vivian Yeo. TVB please, please pick better names for the characters. Pansy? Are you serious? Someone named Pansy?


02-01-2009 10:48 PM


I think it was pretty good. It's a perfect series for the whole family to watch. It makes you feel warm and love your family more.


01-28-2009 05:23 PM


this is kinda's one of those u watch to make time flies.

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