Racing Peak

Reviewed by: sukting

December 19, 2008

Rating: two

How long
30 episodes


Do you wish to see how ATV’s top actress Chan Sau Mun and TVB’s ex-top actor Wong Yat Wah acting as a couple together? This is a memorable drama for them as they will not get to work together again.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lee Dai Yau – Wong Yat Wah
He combines with his father to open a loan company. No one dares to owe him money as he is very fierce. Dai Yau notices that he will win money through horse racing. Thus he works with the underworld bosses to earn a lot of money. He buys a fierce horse, Dreamer. It is tough to tame it but Dang manages to do it. It helps him to earn a lot of money.

He is a bankrupt for 8 times. (This part is exaggerating – I have only heard the most twice for most cases.) He is sore against Chin who runs away with all his money. He later neglects Oi Ling to deal with Kun Hok. He wins and when he is about to marry Oi Ling, he realizes that he can’t forget Chin. So they break off.

Dai Yau decides to get all the rich to work with him to build the racing ranch. But the government opposes to making it to be public gambling. Thus the project is stopped midway. The underworld bosses are angry so they kill him and Dai Yau.

2. Lee Kei – Tsang Kong
Unlike other dramas which have fathers as followers, this one is the reverse. He listens to his son’s bidding.

3. Cheng Kai Fung – Yin Yeung Ming
He causes his wife’s death in a car accident. She leaves him four daughters. Thus he keeps blaming himself over it for 4 years. He listens to his younger brother’s wrong advice and loses all his money at horse racing. he later loses his 4 daughters when they sleep in the car over the night. He grieves but later concentrates on his work and gets rich with Dai Yau. But luck is never on his side as he is unable to love the woman openly he loves. He ends up losing his life.

4. Cheng Sam – Wong Yat Fei
He considers Kai Fung his nemesis as he often brings him bad luck. Thus he makes him take care of horses after his primary school education. He prefers his younger son who knows how to sweet talk to him.

5. Chin Chin – Chan Sau Mun
She opens a company with Oi Ling. Both owe Sai Yau a lot of money and they have problems repaying the debt. They manage to clear the debt and after getting along with Dai Yau, she finds that he isn’t as cruel as she thinks. So both set up a karaoke business.

She starts liking Dai Yau and both decide to get married. Dai Yau discovers that Chin has stolen the public funds. Chin thinks that their marriage is called off and escapes with all the money. Dai Yau sinks into a financial crisis and loses a lot of money to be declared a bankrupt. She feels guilty and is unable to face him after that. She doesn’t know that she is in his heart all along.

6. Chung Oi Ling – Choi Siu Fun
She is Chin’s friend who stays with each other together. They are left with no choice but to go horse racing. But they lose all the money they have. Seeing Chin still calm, she learns that she still keeps some money. They win the cash and pay back Dai Yau the money. She likes Sai Yau too and still forks out her savings to help him out when he becomes a bankrupt. Thus Dai Yau decides to marry her to repay her kindness.

7. Lam Dang - Lee Kar Ding
He is an experienced horse rider but his prime is gone as he is growing old. He is upright and refuses to join Dai Yau when he invites him.

8. Song Siu Lan – Leung Pui Ling
She is Paul’s mistress who comes to the racing ground to meet Kai Fung there. But he is afraid to get close to her because of his boss.

9. Ngai Kun Hok – Lo Lok Lam
He is an unscrupulous businessman and we know Dai Yau who likes to take risks. He is often annoyed as Dai Yau likes to challenge him.

10. Poon Paul – Lok Ying Kuan
He admires Kai Fung’s talent and gets him to work for him. Kai Fung is grateful to him and works willingly for him.


It is ‘Whirlwind’ by Tam Wing Lun. A top-notch song that should not be missed.


Knowing nothing about horse racing, I am often left in the mist while watching this drama. The story is terrible. It is as bad as ‘The edge of righteous’. Dai Yau’s adventure is too unbelievable. So is Yat Wah’s acting – how did he become Man Tse Leung all of the sudden? Kai Fung’s ordeal is more convincing – as some people are really unlucky all their lives. That is why only Yeung Ming stands out in this drama.

The actresses also don’t really do a good job. I have never seen Sau Mun shouting at the top of her lungs before in so many scenes. Her weak voice is exposed. The producer did not give her and Yat Wah justice because of the terrible script. Pui Ling and Siu Fun are only second fiddles in the drama. It is sad that TVB doesn’t know how to make use of talents at times. It’s better to skip this one to get other dramas instead.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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