Rage and Passion

Reviewed by: nath

December 31, 2007

Rating: three

This series was mostly about Wong Chung Yeung's life before he becomes a taoist, his love for Lum Chiu Ying, and his friendship with Gallen Lo's character. Actually, this series was mostly made up by TVB but it was sort of TVB's introduction for "The Legend of the Condor Heroes". This series stars Ekin Cheng as Wong Chung Yeung, Fiona Leung as Lum Chiu Ying, and also stars Gallen Lo (WCY best friend), Vivian Chow and Eddie Kwan (WCY parents), the guy who played Yeung Siu in the 80's version of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (WCY god-father), Wayne Leung (Chow Bak Tung), etc.

This series is about a quest for power--trying to find and master "Jiu Yum Jen Ging", become the leader of a sect, and the war between Han and Gum. The relationship between Wong Chung Yeung parents should never have existed. His father, being the third disciple of four of a taoist sect, was going to be the future leader of this sect and should have erased the word "love" out of his heart. Wong Chung Yeung's mother was a very kind person; though blind, she helped the little animals such as rabbits and birds. She recovered her sight because Wong Chung Yeung had cured her eyes. When she discovered that he was a taoist, she left him and tried to avoid him, but she was already pregnant. As for him, he wasn't able to forget her and went to search for her and they were both reunited, but chased and almost killed by his second "see hing" (martial brother). Wong Chung Yeung's parents had hidden themselves in a tomb (the tomb of "Return of the Condor Heroes"). In the tomb, they've found "Jiu Yum Jen Ging" and he was able to master it, but when Wong Chung Yeung came to life, it was time for them to get back in the "mo lam" (martial) world. Unfortunately, they were both killed by the second "see hing", who later will plot with Gum and try to kill Lum Chiu Ying, his niece, Wong Chung Yeung and all the others.

Wong Chung Yeung was raised in the forest by his god-father, the first "see hing", who has lost his memory because of the second see hing. He is believed to be dead. This first disciple was kinda crazy and he knew Jiu Yum Jen Ging, the script, because before his death, Wong Chung Yeung's father has given his son and Jiu Yum Jen Ging to his see hing, asking him to take care of them. Unfortunately, second see hing and his sister (who was in love with 1st disciple) also had a part of Jiu Yum Jen Ging each.

Wong Chung Yeung's life was changed by his meeting with his future best friend: a Gum prince, played by Gallen Lo. Because of this new friend, Wong Chung Yeung entered "mo lam". Their friendship was strong at the beginning, even if both of them had fallen in love with the same girl. What made their friendship a failure: Gallen quest for power, become more powerful by mastering Jiu Yum Jen ging (this quest has made him kill his wife by mistake) and the Gum and Han war.

To the viewer's hopes, Wong Chung Yeung fell in love with Lum Chiu Ying, a quite strange and powerful girl. His love for her was really strong and she loved him for sure, even if at the beginning, both of them kinda disliked each other. Together, they found the tomb where Wong Chung Yeung parents had lived for several months and where he was born. Lum Chiu Ying did suffer a lot for Wong Chung Yeung. If my memory is good, she had killed her father, who is actually Wong Chung Yeung's god-father, and for Wong Chung Yeung, she lost all her kung fu. At the end, she died for him. Then after her death, he became a taoist. There was nothing else left for him, no family, no friends, only his father's sect.

During the first half of the series, Wong Chung Yeung was trying to find out about his identity. He was helped by his fourth Uncle and his disciple, Chow Bak Tung. The fourth Uncle also wanted to know the truth, he suspected his second see hing too. When Wong Chung Yeung finally found out, it was when his god-father recovered his memory, just before he died.

Ekin did a good job as Wong Chung Yeung, my only problem is that he also played Duen Nam Dai in "Condor Heroes Return", but his performance was great. Fiona, too, was wonderful, it's kinda her type of role. As for the rest of the cast, they also did a good job. I've nothing to say about the cast. Fighting scenes are pretty good, better than Tawainese ones. The plot was ok, it's just that is not a Jin Yong's novel, they tried to base themselves on "Legend of the Condor Heroes", but it confused people a lot.

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