Rain in the Heart

Reviewed by: hkopinions

March 08, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

Roger Kwok as Lam Ka Wai
Gallen Lo as Chung Mun Kit
Lam Ka Wah as Cheung Sun Bun
Kathy Chow as Tung Yew
Lam Kei Yun as Kong Hoi Ling
Winnie Lau as Chueng Zhi San

When this series first came out, I was rather reluctant to go rent it. The story line just did not appeal to me. "Rain in the Heart" is a series about three friends, Lam Ka Wah, Roger Kwok, and Gallen Lo, who go through life together. Through the ups and downs, they remain friends even until the end. Pretty predictable and the story line just seemed so much like any other modern series out there. Although there were some twists and turns here and there, the series overall only appealed to viewers because of its cast and not its story. Again, it is predictable in that the ending is a happy one. There was nothing in the story traumatic enough or eye catching enough to make this a good series. However, it did catch some viewers' eyes because of the strong performances of most of its cast members, which in a sense redeemed the series.

What about the story
Roger is the son of a rich man, Kwan Hoi San. In the beginning, Roger is not accepted as Kwan's son but with the death of Kwan's wife, Kwan accepts Roger and his mother into his life. However, Roger finds it difficult to adapt to this new life and moves out. Luckily, his friend, Lam Ka Wah accepts him into his home. Lam Ka Wah plays the role of the "guy next door". He isn't the smartest or the most handsome but he has a very likeable personality. He also has a sister named Winnie. Winnie is an overprotected girl who is constantly forced into doing things by her mother, especially when it comes to her love life. Her mother expects Winnie to marry a rich guy so that the family doesn't have to want for financially anymore. She later meets Gallen Lo, Roger and Lam Ka Wah's friend. Gallen is rich but lives independent of his family. Kathy meets Roger and Lam Ka Wah by chance. Later on, Roger dates Kathy. Roger also inherits his father's bakery business after his death, but his father's side of the family resents him and persuades the workers to abandon the bakery. Roger is stuck with a failing business. What will Roger do? What happens next? Watch and see

What about the cast
The cast did a great job even though the story line was so horribly written. The character development in this series would have to be called slow and dull. Roger and Kathy did an okay job overall. They had good chemistry but Roger seems somewhat wooden around her. He shows very little emotion and when he does, his emotions are not well played out. On the other hand, Lam Ka Wah did a better job. He had good character development making his character stronger than Roger's character. The supporting cast did not do a good job. The plot had a small role for these people except for Winnie and Lam Kei Yun.

Best supporting actor
Kwan Hoi San

Best supporting actress
Winnie Lau

Best villain portrayal
Lam Kei Yun

Watch it or forget it
This is one of those series where watching it might hurt and not watching it doesn't matter. If you plan not to watch it, that's okay, because you won't miss much. If you do watch it then you might be a little disappointed with the story.

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