Reviewed by: sukting

November 08, 2008

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes

Lee Mei Fung has retired from showbuzz as she is happily married with twins. It is impossible to get her to act again. Lam Kar Wah seldom acts in dramas now. Do you wish to see how they act as a couple?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Kwan Sai Kit – Lam Kar Wah
He opens a car rental company but actually tries to get protection money from the neighborhood. Sai Kit tries hard to meet his mother and invites her to Yuk Shu's birthday. But his stepfather, Hung doesn't like her to have connections with them to upset him. He decides to become an insurance agent. He meets Sin Mun on the first day of work and both get into an argument.

Both are in the same team. Kar Bo recommends a client to Sai Kit. He turns out to be Hung so both quarrel again. He is used to a carefree life and isn't used to be in a line that requires him to look presentable. He wants to give up but doesn't wish to disappoint Yuk Shu. He tries hard to seize clients from Sin Mun. In order to meet the target, he buys insurance for his followers. Yuk Shu also tries to help him out.

He finds that he is unsuitable and decides to quit. This saddens Sin Mun as she intends to go through thick and thin with him. He decides to return to his initial occupation and his followers welcome him back. But he keeps from Yuk Shu to stop him from worrying. He gets a fixing air-conditioner job. When he repairs the air-conditioner in Hou Holdings, he quarrels with Dai Wai. He slips from the building and falls on On Sang. Both men are sent to hospital.

On Sang suffers minor injuries but Sai Kit's condition is more serious. Both are forced to stay in the same room. Sin Mun visits them but tactfully keeps her identity from Sai Kit. On Sang threatens to end the contract with the air-conditioner company so the boss is forced to dismiss Sai Kit. Sin Mun feels sorry to cause him to be jobless and handling the expensive hospital bill so she takes care of him and also gives him monetary help secretly. Sai Kit is sore over this and hits Dai Wai to get detained by the police.

Yuk Shu has no money so Sin Mun bails him out. Sai Kit refuses to pay $50,000 to Dai Wai in return for On Sang retracting his suing. Yuk Shu tries borrowing money from Hung to get humiliated. Sai Kit then softens to apologise to On Sang. On Sang accepts initially but flares up upon knowing that he is Sin Mun's boyfriend. Sai Kit is hurt by sin Mun keeping it from it and avoids her.

Sai Kit is found guilty but he needs not be jailed. Still, he retains a black mark and Yuk Shu worries for him. It is hard for him to find another job. So he has to return to car racing again under Kar Bo's arrangement. Yuk Shu refuses to accept the money so Sin Mun follows Sai Kit to the car racing ground. She gets hurt and he is actually worried over her. But his pride doesn't allow him to ask over her wellbeing.

Soon, he melts as she transforms him to become a mild-mannered and confident man. He leaves his past behind him. Sai Kit gets a nice hostel and invites his friends over. Hung tries to get into his good books to get ridiculed. His diligence finally pays off when he gets On Sang's recognition in work.

2. Yeung Dai Wai – Tou Dai Yu
He holds a high post in Hou Holdings. He is eyeing the Hou son-in-law position for a long time so he takes care of Sin Mun when she is injured. But she is unfeeling to him. She only misses Sai Kit. After becoming his girlfriend, she brings him to a ball. Dai Wai humiliates Sai Kit. Sai Kit can't control his temper to embarrass Sin Mun. This leads to Sin Mun to decide to set up another company with Sai Kit. On Sang gives his approval as he knows that Sai Kit becomes more sensible.

But both return to work and handle his project with him. He knows that his position is weakened and plans to leave. Sai Kit returns to the company at night to retrieve a document and sees Dai Wai sending their information to the rival company. He informs On Sang and On Sang initially wants to send him to the police. He then becomes his spy to help On Sang to win this battle.

But he is abandoned as the black sheep. He sees Sai Kit keeping a lot of money in the company safe. So he steals it with Kar Bo. They frame Kei Cheung and Dai D for it. This also implicates Sai Kit when the things are uncovered but he still believes that they are innocent. This causes On Sang not to trust Sai Kit. Sai Kit resigns and has an argument with Sin Mun. He decides to go overseas and she doesn't want to listen to him over the matter. Dai Wai's happiness is short-lived when the company discovers his misdeeds so he is fired.

3. Wai Kok Hou – Wong Yik Mun
He is Sai Kit's friend who is a loyal follower like Dai D. But he often screws things up and gets him to pick up the mess that he has created.

4. Cheung Kar Bo - Doi Chi Wai
He is Sai Kit's good friend and ex-classmate. He recommends Sai Kit to become an insurance agent in his company so that he will have a more secure life. Actually, he only looks good and is heavily in debt. Seeing that Sai Kit has many followers, he wants his help. He even encourages him and Sin Mun to get more clients for him so that he can become the top agent. He wins money through buying sharers.

He falls out with Ann over money and decides to leave her. She ignores him when he needs financial help as she has a new boyfriend. Sai Kit's refusal in illegal car racing makes Kar Bo lose a lot of money. Sin Mun tries asking On Sang for the money. Sai Kit is touched and decides to return to Hou Holdings with her under Wing Yan's advice. He lacks confidence and ropes in Kar Bo to help.

He is jealous when he doesn't get the recognition that Sai Kit gets so he uses the company funds to buy shares. But the shares dip and Sai Kit discovers his act. Sai Kit keeps it secret but Sin Mun discovers it to transfer Kar Bo to the HR department. Kar Bo hates Sai Kit, thinking that it is his doing. He meets Dai Wai and both decide to combine forces against Sai Kit.

He introduces Dai D and the followers to work in Hou Holdings. This causes conflict between On Sang and Sai Kit. This puts Sin Mun in a tight spot. Kar Bo makes matters worse to make her avoid Sai Kit. But in the end, Dai Wai still gets an important position but he doesn't. Kar Bo hates him for being ruthless. He designs a car accident, wanting to kill Dai Wai. On Sang is seriously injured.

Kar Bo gets into trouble and pushes the blame to Sai Kit. Sin Mun doesn't believe this and she is in low spirits when On Sang is in danger. Kar Bo attempts to win her heart by consoling her. He also wishes her to give him the company rights so that he can get the money. Sin Mun is only concerned about On Sang and ignores him. On Sang wakes up to tell Sin Mun about it and she slowly gathers evidence against him.

Knowing that Sai Kit has complete trust in Kar Bo, she also chooses not to tell him. She finally makes him reveal his true colours and sends him to jail.

5. Kwan Kei Cheung – Lau Kong
He is Sai Kit's father who is released from prison. Yuk Shu doesn't like to see him again and doesn't want him to stay with him. Sai Kit tries hard to appease him. Kei Cheung indulges in gambling and his wife remarries. But he becomes worse to become a drug addict to be jailed. Sai Kit finds him a job but he gambles again. Sai Kit has to sell the garage to pay off his debt. But he gambles it away again to call Sai Kit for help. Sai Kit totally loses respect in him.

Sai Kit refuses to help him anymore so he steals things from home. Yuk Shu trips while running after him and has a fall. Sai Kit is mad over this and nearly hits his father. Yuk Shu needs a lot of money for treatment so he looks for his ex-wife for help. Hung makes a fuss over it. This despicable father can actually go to On Sang to request for money and promises to break the couple up. On Sang believes him and Sai Kit teaches Kei Cheung a lesson to force him to return the money.

6. Yeung Wing Yan – Mak Yan Wah
She is Sin Mun's good friend who often helps her. She is often their 'telephone line' to find out for them what each other is doing.

7. Bao Mei Lan – Chan On Ying
She is Sai Kit's neighbour who is about to go into business with him when he decides to return to Hou Holdings. She blurts out that she has liked him all along. She is even prepared to be his reserve lover. Sai Kit rejects her to upset her. She gets drunk and has a one-night stand with Kar Bo. But we know that he will never want to be responsible for this.

8. Ann Lam – Chan Bo Yee
She divorces her husband and holds a high post in the insurance company. She makes use of Kar Bo to work for her and he also becomes her secret lover. She is enraged that Kar Bo is against her and takes away all his benefits to make him become a pauper overnight.

9. Hou Sin Mun – Lee Mei Fung
She is On Cheung's only daughter and wants to prove her capability. Thus she conceals her identity to work in his company. Her father supports her decision to be independent but doesn't know that she is working in his company. She is pampered so she can be willful so she doesn't get along with Sai Kit at first. She uses her beauty to get many deals and is praised. Sai Kit isn't happy to see this.

Soon, she finds him a nice man and tries to know his family background. That pricks his heart and both drift apart. She later learns of his plight and helps him secretly in Yuk Shu's hospital bill. Yuk Shu invites her home for dinner and she finally becomes Sai Kit's friend. He brings her out and gets involved in car racing as a gangster provokes him. Sin Mun has to get Wing Yan to bail them out.

Kei Cheung's debtor wants to seek revenge on Sai Kit. He gets injured while trying to protect Sin Mun. She finds him kind although crude. She starts to like him. Ann keeps blaming him for getting poor sales so she helps him secretly. He discovers this and this hurts his pride so he avoids thanking her.

After Sai Kit's resignation, she keeps going back to his neighourhood to find out how he is. Both have a better relationship. She later works in the Hou Holdings and On Sang plans to groom her as his successor. But she wants to prove her ability so she wants to start from the basics. She feels insecure to see Sai Kit intimate with Mei Lan but is relieved that he only treats her like a sister.

She is still in love with him despite of him having a black mark after hurting Dai Wai. But he refuses to forgive her. She is shocked to see Sai Kit involved in illegal car racing in order to raise the $50,000 for Dai Wai. She tries hard to stop him but gets seriously injured when she is knocked down by a car. She still misses him and helps him to go through the hard time when Yuk Shu is dead. But Sai Kit admits that they belong to two different worlds and can never be happy together. Thus she gives up on him.

10. Hou On Sang – Cheung Ying Choi
He owns Hou Holdings and only has a daughter. So he wants the best for her. Upon seeing her loving Sai Kit, he wants Dai Wai to tail her. On Sang scolds Sai Kit when Sin Mun is injured in a car accident. He doesn't explain and leaves. He arranges Dai Wai to accompany Sin Mun overseas for business. Seeing that Sai Kit has no intention to make her stay, her confidence is crushed and decides to leave. But he finally masters his courage to run after her at the airport to make her stay.

On Sang is furious and wants to bribe Sai Kit to leave Sin Mun. But he declares that his love for her is real. This makes On Sang discover his merits. He knows that Sai Kit is eager to impress him so he spurs him on. He goes brisk walking in the mountains and sprains his ankle. Sai Kit is worried when he isn't back so he comes to look for him. Upon seeing this, he carries him on his back.

On Sang has a good impression of him and even more so as he presents well at a promotion. He decides to appoint him as his personal assistant. But Kar Bo creating discord makes him lose trust in him. But luckily he finds out the truth to get him back.

11. Dai D – Lai Yiu Cheung
He is Sai Kit's follower. Knowing that Sai Kit's insurance deals are poor, he tries to scare the clients to sign the agreements. But Sai Kit prefers to strike out on his own. Knowing that Yuk Shu needs money for an operation, he collects protection money to get detained by the police. Sai Kit has to bail him out.

12. Kwan Yuk Shu
He is Sai Kit's grandfather. He loses hope in his son and pins all hopes on his grandson but both prove to be disappointment. He gets totally disillusioned when Sai Kit even needs him to bail him out for stealing a car. He makes him happy for a while by getting a proper job but upsets him when he is jobless again. Still, he insists that he must get a decent job. The loansharks come after Kei Cheung to set fire to his home but causes Yuk Shu to get burned to death.


The cast are not really young but they win me over with their acting. They are confident and project their roles well. Kar Wah doesn't let me down in all his dramas. He plays the role with ease, showing how Sai Kit rises to riches and fame with his hard work. Another touching part will be how he lives with his grandfather. They are so close together so you will feel his despair and loss when he dies.

Mei Fung has the elegance in her to make her convincing as a rich working woman. But she is willing to eat the humble pie because she loves Sai Kit. The way she tries to conceal her real identity is hilarious indeed – you will be curious to find out how long she can still hide. Their love is quite true to life as they are an odd couple. It surely amuses me to see both keep walking in and out of the police station.

Another highlight is from Dai Yu and Chi Wai. It is rare to see both as villains in the same drama and they act the villains rotten to the core indeed. You will laugh to see how they are dependable on women for their success to get ditched one after another. I never have so much fun watching this! No doubt this is a Cinderella story but it never fails to attract audience because it appeals to them. It is a refreshing change to see how a more mature cast will act out a love story instead of the young artistes presenting it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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