Romance Beyond

Reviewed by: sukting

September 27, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

It is hard to see Chu Yan and Lam Mun working for TVB these days. Are you interested to watch this science fiction drama they starred in?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Cai Dat Chung – Lam Mun Long
He works in a games software company. He invents a computer game but never expects the game characters to come alive during a thunder storm. He gets to befriend Ding Dong and falls for her. Even discovering her real identity, his love for her has never changed. He even brings her to a wedding studio to take their wedding photo together. But alas, after she disappears, her image disappears too. He is very upset that he has nothing left on her and has to look at her through the games or the drawing sketches.

Mun Long is bespectacled and brings this caring role come alive as a professional.

2. Cai Dat Chi – Lam Wai
He is Dat Chung’s half-brother who is on close ties with Dat Chung. He always gets what he wants because Dat Chung gives in to him. His first challenge comes when Ding Dong keeps rejecting him. He schemes but achieves little success. Thus he wishes them well. I think Wai should switch roles with Mun Long as he looks older than him.

3. Dr IQ – Wong Yat San
The self-proclaimed expert but whenever the computer breaks down, he has to go to Dat Chung for help.

4. Steven – Lo Kok Fai
Dat Chung’s nasty boss who keeps forcing him to come up with ideas so that he can earn more money.

5. Teacher Suen – Peter Lai
A character Dat Chung creates in the story as Ding Dong’s teacher. They claim to be father and daughter when they come to life. Indeed, to make Ding Dong stay longer in the man world, he sacrifices himself to perish with Sha Lok Mei in another thunderstorm.

6. Cai Yan – Cheung Ying Choi
As his name suggests, he likes women and that is why he gets another wife right after his first wife’s death. However, he shows more love to Dat Chung as he feels remorseful to him for lacking motherly love. Dat Chi often tries to get his attention so he also spoils him too.

7. Ding Dong – Chu Yan
Another character that Dat Chung has created. She is innocent and chirpy to be ignorant of man when she first comes to work in Dat Chung’s company as his assistant. She only learns about the ugly side of man when Dat Chi tries to kiss her forcefully. She initially hates Dat Chung for making Sha Lok Mei haunting her so she often makes fun of him by keeping away all his sketches.

However, she later falls for him and she discovers that she is vanishing as the electricity level in her runs low. She treasures the remaining life that she has. It is sad that she still vanishes in the end.

Chu Yan is very natural in her acting for this cute role. However, we can see that she uses the same technique in ’94 legend of the condo heroes’ later so it did not go very well with the viewers.

8. Ng Kar Mun – Lo Mun Yee
Dat Chung’s colleague who is in love with him. He knows that but often finds excuses to get away from her.

9. Kwok Tin Na – Chan Mun Na
Dat Chung’s stepmother who is very jealous of him. She even tries to help Dat Chi to win Ding Dong as her future daughter-in-law as Yan as stated that the son who gets married first will inherit more of his money.

10. Sha Lok Mei – Kwan Bo Wai
She is Ding Dong’s rival in the game and in real life. She works in Dat Chung’s rival company and often comes to create havoc for Ding Dong. Sha Lok Mei wants to absorb her energy to stay longer in the humane world. I pity this actress - why is she also getting the villain roles all the time?

The theme song "Silly" is by Lai Ming which is catchy and enjoyable to listen to. The subtheme song "Can’t Control the Emotions" is even better than the theme. It is a direct translation of Zhang Xin Zhe’s hit "It’s Hard to Resist Your Face".

The drama is very childish and silly as what Lai Ming has told us in his song. It can be awkward when so many artistes try to act cute when they are no longer young. I don’t really enjoy it when the drama should have stopped at 10 and not 20. However, it is a refreshing change to see Mun Long and Chu Yan acting as a couple. They are really compatible in looks and gives a romantic feel.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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