Rosy Business


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Drama, Family, Period

Number of Episodes:25


Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 巾帼枭雄

Average Rating:       (out of 7 ratings)


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Rosy Business

Reviewed by: dreamlucky December 29, 2009

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

----------SPOILERS AHEAD!---------- Synopsis During the mid 1820s, a natural disaster hit the city of Nantong. Running out of food supply for the citizens, governor Hong Chi-wing (Wong Wai Leung) used the city's military food supply to feed the citizens. A few days after the disaster, an official from Beijing arrived to the city to check the military supply. Seeing an empty trailer, the Hong family were sentenced to death. Hong Po-yin (Sheren Tang) escaped from punishment and became a maid in...

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06-08-2011 07:35 AM


Historical dramas seem to have this edge over most modern dramas simply because of their ability to invoke nationalism and relevance. Just as with it's sequel, Rosy Business out shadows most period dramas with its excellent plot supported by a seasoned cast.


11-17-2010 07:17 AM


EXCELLENT DRAMA! no doubt the drama of the year for 2009. brilliant performances by almost everybody acting in this drama. special mention to wayne lai for BRINGING the character of chai gau alive!

the chemistry between sheren tang and wayne lai is a must-watch! they are just soul-mates, the best of friends, but their feelings and thoughts for each other have already gone wayyyyy beyond that. i'm pretty surprised that for the first time they are collaborating, they already exhibit so much chemistry together! :D

25 episodes. very fast-paced script, with very few flaws, and near-flawless acting, especially from the leads and main supporting roles.

a definite must-watch!


04-06-2010 02:14 AM


Rosy Business is indeed a very beautiful drama. I never expected Wayne to act so well. I watched his "The Greatness of a Hero" where he is arrogant, wicked and conspiring but just couldn't believe that he could equally act as the hunger-stricken Chai Kau whhich is a complete opposite of the Minister's role that he did. Though I never liked Wayne but after watching Rosy Business, I realised why he really truly deserved the Best Actor's Award. Sheren also acted vey well as the fourth wife. Wayne and Sheren had an unspoken love for each other which was also respected with great understanding by Ron and his family. He always stood by his fourth mother like a pillar. It was also great to see the third wife becoming bold and courageoous and not becoming a pawn in the hands of the first and second wives. She could finally stand up for herself and her son and not afraid to say wrong when it's wrong. Rosy Business is really a good series. Can't forget it so soon.


01-11-2010 12:17 AM


This is by far the best TVB drama in 2009. The story is intense, the conflict is gripping and there is a great balance among drama, comedy and romance. The cast is exceptional and did a wonderful job. Sheren Tang is fabulous in her role as Hong Bo Kei; and finally she won the TVB Best Actress Award, she deserved for a long time. Wayne Lai is a terrific actor and put together an incredible performance as Chai Kau. He also won the TVB Best Actor Award, which he definitely deserved. There are commendable performances by Susan Tse, Kiki Sheung, Kara Hui and Elliot Ngok. Ron Ng showed some improvement, but is really still a long way yet to becoming a great actor. Overall, this drama is a real twenty out of twenty for me!

Funn Lim

01-10-2010 11:30 AM


"From a TVB Best Supporting Actor to Best Actor in just 12 months, you’re simply amazing, Wayne!"

Wayne Lai had that coming a decade ago actually. Even before Journey To The West. I have been his follower since forever and is very happy to see him having the recognition he deserves. For an excellent performance recently you must check out Safe Guards. For older ones, well everything else.

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