Rural Hero

Reviewed by: hkopinions

March 08, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

Jackie Liu as Yeung Ka Chung
Roger Kwok as Wong On Choun
Jessica Hsuan as Wong On Sum
Poon Chi Lay as Ah Gi

"Rural Hero" is a police/investigation series. This series has a very strong cast and the plot was good too. Jackie is the main character. He is a policeman who gets transferred to a new police station for his safety. He had killed a criminal's brother so his life is in danger. From there, Jackie starts a new life at this new police station. I don't get the title of this series though. I didn't find Jackie's character a hero because many other police officers can be considered heroes too.

What about the story
Jackie is a police officer in Peng Chau. After an incident with Hong Kong's number one criminal, Jackie gets transferred to a new police station. Jackie also meets Poon and Jessica. Poon and Jackie start dating. However, Jessica and Jackie have a big misunderstanding. Jessica runs into Jackie on her bicycle. Jackie accidentally puts his hands on her skirt which makes Jessica think that Jackie is weird. She also thought Jackie was watching her change her clothes but it wasn't him. Jackie ends up renting Jessica's upstairs but she charges him $1000 extra. The guy Jackie shot in the beginning, Roger, also lives there but Jackie and Roger don't know each other's identity. One day Jessica helps Jackie arrest some people but Jackie gets into trouble for breaking police procedure laws. Jessica starts to like Jackie from then on

Jackie Liu
I didn't like Jackie's character in this series. His character is quite fickle and very bad with women's feelings. Although Jackie did a good job, it was hard for me to completely like his character. I feel sorry for Jessica for falling in love with Jackie. I think she deserves better.

Jessica Hsuan
Jessica is one of my favourite actresses. In this series, I thought her performance was great. There were many funny scenes especially about love and learning. I don't like Jackie so much because when they are together, Jackie is so wooden. He seems to pull Jessica's performance down with him. Other series with Jessica:
"A Step into the Past"
"Witness to a Prosecution"
"Man's Best Friend"

Roger Kwok
Roger did a great job and he was much better than Jackie. Too bad that his past mistakes ruined his future because I felt that Roger could have started over if his past didn't come back to haunt him.

Best supporting actor
Roger Kwok

Best supporting actress
Jessica Hsuan

Best villain portrayal
Roger Kwok

Worst character portrayal
Poon Chi Lay

Watch it or forget it
This series was good overall. I disliked Jackie's performance in this series but Jessica and Roger made up for it.

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