Super Cop

Reviewed by: sukting

October 13, 2008

Rating: one-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This is the only drama that Lau Sek Ming has worked with Kwok Chun On as cops. Do you want to see how Chun On acts as a villain here? He seldom gets the chance to do it these days.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Chan Yat Yin – Kwok Chun On
He is a close buddy of Chi Keung. Both get into the police academy and graduate together to be posted to the same unit. Yat Yin is the reverse of Chi Keung. He is sociable but is jealous of others easily. He can be very unscrupulous to achieve his aim. He is sore over Chi Keung’s promotion. It makes maters worse when Mun leaves him for Chi Keung. Seeing that Long has supernatural strength, he warns Chi Keung and learns that he possesses super powers too.

Later, both men are sent to different teams. They try to outshine each other to get the credit. Yat Yin is then controlled by Long to work with him in exchange of learning super powers from him. Scared that others will discover this, he starts killing others to frame Chi Keung. Chi Keung lets him go after considering their past ties. Yat Yin doesn’t repent his mistake after Chi Keung saves him from Long. Chi Keung is finally forced to have a showdown with him.

2. Fong Chi Keung – Lau Sek Ming
He is a sincere cop and trusts others easily. However, he doesn’t like to take bribes and thus he doesn’t communicate well with his colleagues. One day, he is shot in the heart but recovers miraculously. From then, he has magnetic forces in him and can use his hands to replace the work of his eyes. He and Chi Keung meet robbers and Yat Yin is hurt in the process. Chi Keung uses his super power to rescue both of them unknowingly.

From then onwards, he gets a promotion. Chong uses him as a bait to seek out a team of robbers. He manages to capture them with his super power. However, they are killed mysteriously so their clue is lost. Upon seeing that Yat Yin is beyond redemption, he is forced to strike back.

3. Cheung See Bo – Chan Kar Fai
He is the men’s colleague who finds it sorry to see that both men fall out because of career and women.

4. Sum Jit – Ku Fung
He is a cop from China. Seeing that Chi Keung doesn’t know how to make use of his forces easily, he teaches him and becomes his master. Yat Yin sees him and Jit detects that he is an evil man. He reminds him not to get close to Long. His mission is to bring Long back for trial.

5. Sek Long – Wong Long Wai
He is the robber ringleader and silent all of them with his super power. Keung finds evidence against him and Long tries to kill him. Jit becomes seriously injured while Fun Yee is killed while protecting him. He has wanted Yat Yin to be his spy but later he blows his cover. He tries to kill him but Jit and Chi Keung rescues him. He is finally killed by both men.

6. Yuen Mun – Lam Wing Han
She is Yat Yin’s girlfriend who is faithful to him. But he often neglects her because of work. Chi Keung is in love with her secretly for a long time and encourages her. She starts to fall for him. She has an even temperament to bear with Fung Yee’s sarcasm all the time. Although she worries for Chi Keung’s safety, she flies to the U.S. so that she will not become a hindrance to him.

7. Ma Fung Yee – Pang Kar Lai
She is a very rebellious woman who loves byte races. She comes from a rich family but pretends to be poor to stay with Chi Keung’s family. Chi Keung is reluctant to listen to his mother’s advice to take care of her. This woman enjoys making fun of him. After discovering that he is an honest chap, she begins to love him. Chi Keung gets to know her rich background and woos her. She rejects him as her feelings for Chi Keung is rooted.

8. Leung Chong – Chu Kong
He is Chi Keung’s superior. He is a righteous cop who is so upset that many colleagues die in Long’s hands that he also kills himself.


I was greeted by many low graded dramas in the 90s by the local and Malaysian TV stations. Unfortunately, this is one of them. The actors’ efforts are completely wasted. Please don’t be deceived by the actors’ faces to watch this drama. Yes, they look stylish with their guns. But other than that, nothing else! I also don’t understand why Kar Lai accepts this drama as she seldom acts in dramas – she acts well but is let down by the out-of-the-mill script.

If I have supernatural powers as like the cops, I could have taken the superintendent post instead of taking orders from him to risk my own life. Using super natural powers here and there…it is absolute rubbish! This is not practicing kung fu! This drama doesn’t appeal to me at all. I would prefer ‘The Legendary Ranger’ by Lai Ming as the science fiction concept is more acceptable there. This is a poor drama in terms of plot and storyline – one of the worst series that I have ever watched.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

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