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Survivor's Law II

Reviewed by: juphelia April 01, 2009

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Being in the legal profession myself, I tend to be more interested in shows with a legal angle. And TVB has proved that they can produce pretty good quality legal shows, judging from the File of Justice series. So when Survivor's Law came out, I watched the series. Then when the sequel came out, I bought the TV series. The sequel is like a spin off from the first series as most of the leading characters have changed, save for Sammul...

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Survivor's Law II

Reviewed by: kieranleong July 15, 2008

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

I could not more agree with the review written by dianat. TVB would have been better off not continuing "Survivor's Law", which was such a great success. Unfortunately, this sequel does not match its predecessor in every aspect from humour, plot development, music, characterisation and acting. I feel sorry for some quality actors and actresses like Sammul Chan, Waise Lee and Rebecca Chan, who have been given poorly characterised roles and unfortunately this has affected their acting. The character of...

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Survivor's Law II

Reviewed by: dianat March 17, 2008

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Cast: Kenneth Ma as Sun Man Kwan (MK Sun) Sammul Chan as Vincent Cheuk Wai-ming Ella Koon as Suen Lei Lei (Lily) Selena Li as Chang Choi Yuk Waise Lee as Brandon Rebecca Chan as Brenda Kwok Fung as Suen Pak-to Queenie Chu as Noel Kan Ming Wei June Chan as Lai Na Power Chan as Sun Man Kam This is a sequel to the 2003 series "Survivor's Law". However, three of the original cast (Raymond Lam, Myollie...

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Member Ratings

The Judge

12-19-2009 02:04 AM


3 words " nice and sweet "

the judge...........


03-25-2009 03:33 PM


by far better than the first .... a big surprise that this series turned out far better than my expectations...

Kenneth Ma proves he's leading man material, playing a character completely unlike himself and unlike anything he's played b4. He's charismatic and has improved so much...

like how this sequel is more family oriented vs the prequel which was more abt love& friendship

the series had its share of laughs, tears, and just everything in between!

nice themesong despite kenneth's voice being manipulated (totalli think he'd sound better live)

a refreshing series as it has no blogs storyline, no messy love triangles, and no killing off random main characters!

cases weren't the best, but everything else made up for it! preferred sammul's character in the sequel as opposed to the prequel.


02-17-2009 11:20 PM


I would consider this series as a spin-off rather than sequel to 'Survivor's Law'. The plot was disappointing where Sammul's character had too many unresolved issues and the ending was inconclusive.


06-14-2008 12:49 AM


i wouldn't say it's that bad probably bcos i read all the bad review b4 watching. i never really like sammul or kenneth (nothing personal) but then the series was funny and relaxing - that's what watching tv is about - to relax. i like the way it touches on real issues eg how normal people like u/me being 'bullied' by big corporates, how gals sometimes totally believe what lout bf says... try it, it's not that bad


06-09-2008 07:35 PM


even in the pictures you can tell they have the greatest chemistry. i absolutely loved this series. more than i expected. all cuz of ella and kenneth. and the ending wasn't rushed or cheesy like most recent TVB series. plus i think ella and kenneth's chemistry was so much better than others. i hope they paired up again! Fabulous couple!! Love their chemistry!! It was cute when Ella kisses Kenneth in her car when he was sleeping and he found out and told her at the bar! A bit weird that they got married in court but in a way interesting! Every scene of them were cute after they got married. Just adore this couple so much!

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