Survivor's Law II

Reviewed by: kieranleong

July 15, 2008

Rating: two

I could not more agree with the review written by dianat. TVB would have been better off not continuing "Survivor's Law", which was such a great success. Unfortunately, this sequel does not match its predecessor in every aspect from humour, plot development, music, characterisation and acting.

I feel sorry for some quality actors and actresses like Sammul Chan, Waise Lee and Rebecca Chan, who have been given poorly characterised roles and unfortunately this has affected their acting. The character of Vincent has been shattered especially when he takes revenge on Suen Pak-To and violates his profession's code of practice despite working so hard to rebuild his reputation as a barrister; and furthermore he loses his memory completely at the end.

The plot development is silly and unrealistic as highlighted in (but not limited to): the way the characters so suddenly fall in love with each other when there has been hardly any on screen interaction, the subplot involving MK Sun and his non-blood related daughter Bobo is nonsense and the way Vincent seeks revenge by collecting evidence on behalf of the police is pathetic (as if Hong Kong's police are that lazy and have not been bothered to search the suspect's property). In addition, the courtroom drama featured in this sequel was been highly disappointing especially of those cases taken into the High Court (except the awkward battle between MK Sun and Vincent on the compensation case for Choi Yuk's mother).

In hindsight, I am more grateful than irate about the removal of the three main characters (Ben by Raymond Lam, Ling by Myolie Wu and Jessica by Bernice Liu) in this forced continuation, because I can not imagine into what grimace this series would warp with the destruction of these great characters. I am certain that "Survivor's Law II" will be remembered more for its unfulfilled expectation and will always remain in the shadows of its successful predecessor.

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