Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Reviewed by: sukting

December 29, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

How long:
20 episodes

This is an adaptation of one of Jing Yong's lesser known novels. Do you wish to see Chung Jing Yee and Mou Shun Kwan in their younger days? This is also a rare chance to see Kiu Wai and Yat Wah working on the same drama. It is not easy to catch the 5 tigers on television or movies now. Although both don't have any scene together, it is still better than nothing for die-hard 5 tiger fans.

Another version is the better known Crimson Sabre. It has 35 episodes but is it better? I shall make a comparison of both versions. Both serials don't follow the novel faithfully. Some fans don't get to watch it so I write the story to share with all. Please refer to KangKang's website for a more detailed synopsis. He did a wonderful storytelling so I wish to share with others.Thanks to Kang Kang for allowing me to adapt the parts from there.

Synopsis by Kang Kang
Hau Sit Yee killed many members of the Wan family. The five elders of the Wan family worked out a plan to deal with him. Upon discovering that their wives had been sold to the whore parlor, the Wan elders decided to kill them. Sit Yee captured Wan Yee. She was bitten by a snake. He pondered how his family was killed mercilessly by the Wan family.

After reflecting for a moment he decided to save Wan Yee. Wan Yee thought he was a ruthless killer. He informed Wan Yee that his entire family was killed by the Wan elders. He would not hold her against her will and that she was free to leave. In the morning Wan Yee set off but saw him practicing his skills. She fell in the river and was saved by him. After being rescued a second time, both fell in love.

Sit Yee informed Wan Yee that he would use her as bait to lure the Wan family members to his hideout. Wan Yee's father came to rescue Wan Yee. Sit Yee easily defeated him but Wan Yee begged for her father's life. Sit Yee was unable to bring himself to kill. Wan Yee's father seriously injured him. Sit Yee escaped and Wan Yee longed to see him once more.

Sit Yee ventured out in search of a treasure map. He met General Yuen on the way. He invited Sit Yee to lodge with him. Sit Yee ventured to the heart of the Five Poison Sect to steal the treasure map. He was challenged by General Yuen who also wanted to obtain the map. He accepted the duel and they fought to a standstill. Sit Yee advised General Yin against returning to the palace but he didn?t listen. General Yuen wanted Sit Yee to put the treasure in a good cause such as defending the nation.

Sit Yee went to look for Wan Yee. One day he discovered Wan Yee by the river placing little paper boats onto the river to remember him by as she thought he was dead. It was then he realized that Wan Yee too had fallen in love with him. He stepped forward to greet her. Upon seeing that him still alive, Wan Yee fainted. (Very classic scene to see her being scared!)

Wan Yee took him back to her house. It was the most dangerous but yet the safest place. Sit Yee informed Wan Yee that he had given up his quest for revenge. Sit Yee told Wan Yee of General Yuen, a hero who protected the country with his life only to be accused of treason. Sit Yee arrived too late to the execution ground. Luckily Sing Chi was saved by General Yuen's loyal Generals. Moments later General Yuen was killed.

Meanwhile the Wan family wanted to arrange a marriage for Wan Yee as she had turned 18. Wan Yee refused to marry because she was in love with Sit Yee. Sit Yee met with the Wan family elders to ask for the hand of Wan Yee. The Wan elders put poison a soup which Wan Yee had made for Sit Yee. This time he was taken by surprised and was captured. The Wan elders knew that he had taken the treasure map and they wanted him to show them were all the treasure was. He was taken to the forest and was tied upside down from a tree. That was the last time the kung fu world had ever heard of him.

Three years passed. The four Generals paid respects to the great man and formed a rebellion under Lord Chong, Lee Chi Sing. The four General's were ambushed by Ming Dynasty soldiers. Luckily Sing Chi was saved by a Dumb Man, who took him to lodge at Mistress On's place. There he met On Siu Wai. Many days later the Dumb Man took Sing Chi to Wah San to see Taoist Mok and the leader of the Iron Sword Sect, Taoist Chau, who accepted Sing Chi as a disciple.

One day Sing Chi stumbled into a cave where he found a golden snake dart. Both Taoist Mok and Taoist Chau, knew it belonged to Sit Yee. 10 years had passed and Sing Chi had grown up. Taoist Mok decided to leave Sing Chi. Sing Chi entered the cave and found Sit Yee's golden snake sword, manual, and various letters. In one of the letters he wrote he wished to be buried. Sing Chi found his bones and buried him. Sing Chi spent most of his days practicing his skills.

Once he had completed training, Sing Chi burned the manual. As it was burning, Sing Chi noticed something contained in the back. Inside it contained a letter to Wan Yee and a treasure map. Sing Chi became curious and sought to find who Wan Yee was with the Dumb Man.

Sing Chi came across a trap and was saved by Lee Lam, who was a General of Lord Chong. Sing Chi promised to aid Lee Lam to defeat a trap. Lee Lam and Ying Sing Chi took an oath of brotherhood. Meanwhile Wan Ching dressed as a man was rushing back to the Wan family after stealing a chest of gold from Mistress On. She bumped into Sing Chi who was also traveling on the same road. Wan Ching fell in love with Sing Chi. Wan Ching was in trouble with Mistress On's men chasing after her. Sing Chi stepped in to help her fend off the men pursuing her. After being rescued, Wan Ching told Sing Chi to visit her if he ever passed by her town and left.

Upon arriving in town, Sing Chi looked for Wan Ching, but no one in town would tell him where the Wan family was living. Sing Chi learnt that the Wan family was an evil family. Having discovered where the Wan family house was located, Sing Chi, went to see Wan Ching. Immediately Wan Ching invited Sing Chi, to stay. At first Sing Chi refused because he had urgent business. But Wan Ching insisted so Sing Chi elected to stay but the Wan elders were not happy with Wan Ching's decision.

The Wan elders only allowed Sing Chi to stay when Wan Ching tricked them into thinking that Sing Chi had brought them gold. Sing Chi was taken to Wan Ching's room where he was to sleep for the night. However as Sing Chi looked around the room he found it rather odd that a man's room a mirror and perfume boxes. Ching Ching even fixed dishes for him and her maid nearly let the cat out of the bag, saying that she was her young mistress instead of master (Sing Chi's expression was filled with confusion).

Siu Wai and Chu Hiu Man arrived to claim back the gold which Wan Ching had stolen. Sing Chi recognize Siu Wai and stepped in to help. Wan Ching became jealous knowing that Sing Chi and Siu Wai were childhood friends, so she refused to hand back the treasure, giving them a timeline of three days to steal it. In the evening Sing Chi and Siu Wai went to the Wan house. The Wan elders met Sing Chi, and challenged him to a duel.

As they fought Sing Chi pulled out the golden snake sword to defend himself. Wan Yee heard news of the golden snake sword and asked Wan Ching to take Sing Chi to see her. It was then Ying Sing Chi discovered that Wan Ching was actually a female, whose full name is Wan Ching Ching and was quite attractive as well.

Wan Yee introduced herself as Sit Yee's wife and asked Sing Chi if he was still alive. Yin Sing Chi replied that he had never seen Sit Yee but remembered that there was a letter for Wan Yee. Upon reading the letter Wan Yee realized that he was dead. As she finished tears began to flow, and spoke about General Yuen passing an insignia over to Ching Ching. Sing Chi revealed himself as his son. Wan Yee then passed the insignia back to Sing Chi.

The Wan elders challenged Sing Chi to a duel once more to obtain the treasure. Before fighting they were going to poison Sing Chi, but luckily Ching Ching rushed by to stop Sing Chi from taking the poison. Moments later, Wong Chan, Siu Wai and Hiu Man arrived. Wong joined forces with Sing Chi to take on the five. The Wan elders were defeated and were forced to hand over the treasure. However Wong was unhappy with just taking back the treasure he had stolen. He added another 1 million dollars to the total. The Wan elders were forced to accept this amount.

Wan Yee asked Ching Ching whether she loved Sing Chi. Ching Ching revealed that she did indeed love Yin Sing Chi because he was a gentleman like Sit Yee. Now that Wan Yee knew Sit Yee was dead she committed suicide, and asked Sing Chi to promise to take good care of Ching Ching. At once Sing Chi agreed. Wan Yee passed over the treasure map back to Sing Chi and died. Sing Chi took Ching Ching to find his master, Taoist Mok.

Being a former petty thief Ching Ching became bored and unhappy because Sing Chi prevented her from stealing and making trouble. Ching Ching put on an emotional outburst so Sing Chi promised to go along with her one night to rob a house. Whilst they were attempting to rob a house they came across two Courier Clans of Man and Jiu in disagreement with each other. Man Chi Wai had invited help from Wah San disciples Mu King Wong and Siu Jiu Wan. Man Chi Wai blamed Jiu Kung for the death of his father, upon evidence presented by Master Si. Man Chi Wai now sought to seek out Kiu Kung for revenge.
As they were talking Lo Lap Yu from the Jiu Courier Clan arrived to invite them to Jiu Kong's house for a chance to explain himself. At once Jiu Wan thrusted a sword at Lap Yu to cut off his left arm. Upon seeing this Sing Chi was outraged. They followed them back to the Jiu family house. There they overheard Jiu Kong stating that he was innocent and that there were two letters which could prove it. He went on to remark that only Sit Yee could help him now.

Sing Chi and Ching Ching decide that they would help Jiu Kong. They steal the letters back from Master Si. They read the letters and discovered that Jiu Kong was indeed innocent and passed them over to Jiu Yin Yee. The next day Chi Wai went to confront Jiu Kong. He was presented the letter of evidence, but still refused to admit that he was in the wrong. At once King Wong stepped forward and tore up the letter stating that what was in the letter were lies. Chi Wai forced Jiu Kong into admitting that to the crime of killing his father and forced him to commit suicide.

Just as Jiu Jong was about to kill himself, Sing Chi, and Ching Ching arrived with new evidence which proved Jiu Kong's innocence and revealed Master Si was in fact the mastermind. Jiu Kong was cleared. Sing Chi and Ching Ching bump into King Wong and Jiu Wan. Sing Chi told the two disciples off for behaving badly, as he was doing so Kwai and Mrs Kwai arrived.

Immediately they were unimpressed with Sing Chi. When Mrs Kwai heard that Sing Chi was Sit Yee's disciple she was unimpressed and ordered Kwai to kill them. Her body became poisoned after tasting different poisons to help Sit Yee to improve his skills. Thus her new born child is infected by the poison. This had caused both to search for many years for a cure.

Sing Chi stepped in and fought with Kwai, until Taoist Mok arrived to stop them. Sing Chi informed Kwai that he was upset with his disciple Jiu Wan who had cut off Lap Yu's arm. At once Taoist Mok cut off one of Jiu Wan's fingers to teach her a lesson. Taoist Mok told Sing Chi that he had been wise in his handling of the Jiu and Man dispute. Taoist Mok then informed Sing Chi that it was now time for him to help Lord Chong in the rebellion against Emperor Song.

Sing Chi and Ching Ching went to look for the treasure using the map. Emperor Song Jing's henchman, Cho confronted them. Sing Chi and Ching Ching escaped with the treasure. Sing Chi's next difficulty was to personally send the treasure to Lord Chong and Lee Lam. News had spread throughout the kung fu world that Sing Chi had the treasure.
Master Ching also arrived with his beautiful disciple Ah Gau. Upon seeing Ah Gau, Sing Chi, fell in love with her beauty. Ching Ching saw Sing Chi looking at Ah Gau, and became jealous. She stepped forward to challenge her to a duel. Ah Gau was taken by surprise at this but, her master told her that she should stand up and accept the challenge which she did. However her skills were not that good and she was getting defeated badly. It was then that Sing Chi stepped in to stop the fight. (This scene depicts Ching Ching's jealousy well.)

Ching Ching was unimpressed. Before they could begin to argue, arrows began flying towards them. Cho and his soldiers had found them and wanted to take the treasure. At once all the experts charged and escaped. During the escape, Master Ching was injured. Sing Chi helped Master Ching. Upon seeing this, Ah Gau fell in love with Sing Chi because of his kindness. In the evening Sing Chi found Ah Gau wandering around alone and went to speak with her.

They acknowledge each other and Ah Gau asked whether General Yuen was Sing Chi's father. Sing Chi admitted that he was. Before they could continue speaking, Ching Ching charged in and became upset and jealous. Ah Gau decided to leave. Before doing so she passed a gift secretly to Sing Chi to show that she love him. In the morning Ah Gau mysteriously disappeared.She was ill and ran away from the rest of the group and no one knew where she was. Soon they heard news that more soldiers were after them, so Sing Chi's group decided to leave without her.

As they were leaving, Sing Chi saw the three remaining Generals who looked after him. Sing Chi continued to protect the safe passage of the treasure back to Lord Chong. Along the way the group stopped at the 60th birthday party of Master Man. The Kwai couple is looking for a medicine. Sing Chi felt sad for them and decided to head off with Ching Ching to look for the medicine as well. They got lost however and decided to take lodge at an old temple.

It was there they found Ah Gau and followed her to an old house. Ah Gau had become ill and went to look for Doctor To (guest appearance by Chun Wong.) who could cure her. Doctor To was an ugly lonely hunch back who had been healing Ah Gau since she was 13 years old. Doctor To had fallen in love with her. She was the only person who treated him with respect and wasn't afraid of his ugly looks. So one night Master To proposed to her, but she refused.

Ah Gau tricked Doctor To into thinking that she was going to become a priestess and never marry due to her illness. Doctor To discovered a picture of Sing Chi which Ah Kau had drawn. Doctor To became outraged. He attempted to force her to marry him. But still she refused. Sing Chi and Ching Ching came to rescue her. Doctor To realized his love and efforts were in vain, drank a poison potion and died. Ah Gau thanked Sing Chi for saving her life, and went to look for a cure.

Sing Chi went with her, and together they discovered a form of medicine which could cure all poisons. Upon obtaining the medicine, the Kwai couple arrived, demanding that they handed over the medicine. Ah Gau stepped forward promising to help cure Misses Kwai's son. She succeeded so they became overjoyed, thanked Ah Gau for saving their son's life and left.

As they were leaving, the evil Cho arrived to kill Sing Chi. Sing Chi and Kwai took him on. But their combined strength was no match for Cho. Upon seeing this Ah Gau secretly used her golden royal insignia to force him to back off. Upon seeing the insignia Cho realized that Ah Gau was amongst the group and took off. Soon Ah Gau became ill again, so Sing Chi decided to sit by her bedside to look after her. Later Master Ching arrived to help Sing Chi find a cure.

Ah Gau was near death when Sing Chi and Master Ching stumbled across Master To's secret key. Using the key Sing Chi found a hidden formula behind the Master To's wall, and a medicine book. From the book they discovered that Master To had found a cure for Ah Gau many years ago. But for fear of loosing Ah Gau forever, Master To declined to use the medicine to heal her. At once Sing Chi took the medicine and healed Ah Gau.

When Ah Gau woke, she asked Sing Chi whether he loved Ching Ching. Sing Chi replied he treated Ching Ching like a little sister. Upon hearing this, Ah Gau became very happy. She then became worried, stating that they were about to part and she wondered how long it would be before they met again. Sing Chi began talking about taking revenge on his father's murderer. Ah Gau hoped someone would be able to help him. They then began to embrace until Ching Ching came across them. At once Ching Ching became jealous and rushed off. Ah Gau decided to leave with her master in the morning stating that they had family matters to take care off.

Sing Chi did not want to let her leave but in the end he had no choice. As they were leaving Master Ching told Ah Gau that their love was impossible and had no future. Later Cho came across Ah Gau and told her that she had ruined his plans to kill Sing Chi. Cho reminded Ah Gau that Sing Chi's urge to get revenge meant that Sing Chi wanted to kill her father Emperor Song Jing. Ah Gau requested Cho to leave Sing Chi alone, and give her a chance to resolve matters.

Meanwhile Sing Chi and his group of friends met with Siu Wai, who took them to Lee Lam. Sing Chi offered to help Lee Lam, who told him to take his friends to destroy some Cannons which Emperor Song Jing had brought from Western Merchants. Sing Chi passed over the treasure to Lee Lam. Sing Chi went to destroy the Cannons. They lodged at an inn and saw some westerner's fighting over a girl. Because Ching Ching was dressed as a man, the Western lady fell in love with her. (It is so funny!) A Western man challenged Ching Ching to a gun duel over the young Western lady. This scene made me laugh so much. All should not miss it.

Ching Ching accepted the challenge, and stole a gun from one of the Westerners to practice with. Ching Ching met with the Western Man for the shoot out. She won but suffered a flesh wound to the right arm. The poor dumb man was too late to stop her. Meanwhile Sing Chi and his men were secretly sneaking around destroying the Cannons which had been brought by Emperor Song Jing. When Ching Ching discovered that Sing Chi and his men had been secretly sneaking without her she became furious once more, so Sing Chi had to apologize.

Meanwhile Ah Gau returned to the palace. The Emperor admitted that it was his mistake and that General Yuen was wrongly accused. Taoist Chau arrived to meet with up with Sing Chi. Taoist Chau was looking for the sword stained with royal blood. As they went to look for the sword Taoist Chau's evil classmate Yuk Jun Ji arrived to duel with him. Taoist Chau lost badly to Yuk Jun Ji, who told him he no longer had powers to deal with him. Sing Chi promised to help train Taoist Chau. They headed off to the Iron Sword Sect to train for a few months. But even then Sing Chi could not forget about Ah Gau. Meanwhile Ah Gau wanted to see Sing Chi so badly that she rushed off from the palace on horse back.

When Sing Chi saw that Ah Gau had arrived he became increasing happy once more. He stopped training with Taoist Chau so that they could spend more time together. Ah Gau then asked about whether Sing Chi still wanted to seek revenge. Sing Chi replied that he would die first before giving his quest to avenge his father's death. Ah Gau asked Yin Sing Chi to run away with her to live in a place where no one would know them. But Sing Chi said nothing.

In the morning they went to town to play with kites. It was the happiest moment in their lives as they watched the kite sail across the skies. Ching Ching saw them playing together with the kite and shot it down. She became upset and ran away from the group for a little while. Later she challenged Ah Gau to a duel and easily won. Sing Chi rushed by to help Ah Gau. Ching Ching dropped her sword and ran away. This scene is also an interesting one to show how unfair Sing Chi was. Master Ching advised Ah Gau to stop thinking about Sing Chi. Master Ching revealed to Ah Kau that he was a member of Lord Chong's rebel and so was Sing Chi and advised her to leave.

Ah Gau refused to leave and wanted to know whether Sing Chi would still loved her if he found out that she was the Emperor's daughter. Ching Ching was furious drinking and taking her anger out on anyone who crossed her path. She came across Lee Lam who was wandering through the streets. Lee Lam thought Ching Ching was a troubled young man and went to befriend her. Ching Ching stayed with Lee Lam and they became friends.

In the morning Ching Ching was displaying her gun on the streets to raise money. Soon some soldiers past to arrest her. Lee Lam had been keeping an eye on her, came to the rescue and they escaped. Ching Ching wanted Lee Lam to stay with her and have some fun. Lee Lam initially refused so Ching Ching jumped into the river. It was after that incident that Lee Lam realized that Ching Ching was a girl. Lee Lam began to treat Ching Ching like a lady. (The two really had good chemistry here although they only worked for the first time.)

Ching Ching began to cry because she wished Sing Chi would treat her the same way as Lee Lam did. In the evening she had a dream about Sing Chi but she remembered Ah Gau and began crying once more. Lee Lam woke upon hearing Ching Ching crying and asked her what was wrong. But Ching Ching did not reply. Lee Lam took Ching Ching out drinking. She was clearly still depressed. Ching Ching told Lee Lam about her sad upbringing. Lee Lam started to fall in love with her. Ching Ching helps Lee Lam to intercept messages from Ming soldiers to Cho.

Lee Lam heard news that the Emperor's men were looking to negotiate a deal with the Ching Empire. He rushed off to prevent the deal from taking place. During the battle that took place, Yuk Jun Ji, who was working for the Ching Emperor captured Ching Ching. When Yuk Jun Ji discovered that Ching Ching was a friend of Sing Chi, he decided to use her as bait to lure him.

Sing Chi sought to rescue her. Unfortunately Sing Chi's kung fu was no match for Yuk Jun Ji and was captured. He was taken to the Ching Emperor who revealed how he respected his father. Sing Chi refused on the grounds that he was of Han origin. The Emperor gave Sing Chi some time to decide and locked him in the dungeon. Meanwhile Ching Ching was rescued by Lee Lam. Upon realizing that it was Lee Lam who saved her, Ching Ching became depressed. She thought that Sing Chi would have set out in an attempt to save her first. Later, Sing Chi was rescued.

After escaping from the Ching Empire, Sing Chi came across Lee Lam and Ching Ching. They immediately braced, and Lee Lam realized the person who broke Ching Ching's heart was Sing Chi. Lee Lam decided to leave. Initially Lee Lam stayed in the hope that Ching Ching would come to love him. But he later realized that she loved Sing Chi only, he could no longer bear to stay around. Before leaving Lee Lam told Sing Chi that he should take good care of Ching Ching.

Ah Gau told Sing Chi that she was the daughter of Emperor Song Jing. She asked whether Sing Chi could give up his revenge for her. Ah Gau stated that she would give up everything to be with him and that they could live together at a secret place where no one would know them. Sing Chi refused. Upon hearing this Ah Gau ran off as the rain poured over her. This is a very sad scene where both are in love but have to give up due to family hatred.

The Ching Emperor was killed by his younger brother who was having an affair with the Queen. Sing Chi and Ching Ching would be blamed for the Emperor's death, because on the same night he went back to the Ching palace to reclaim his golden snake sword from Yuk Jun Ji. Having reclaimed his sword, Sing Chi, headed towards the capital to meet up with Lee Lam and Lord Chong's forces. At the capital they opened a bank so that no one would suspect them. The bank was also a way to distribute secret messages to Lord Chong.

The 5 Poison Sect who was working for Cho set out to foil Lord Chong's plans of rebellion. The 5 Poison Sect sought to deal with Sing Chi's group. One night they ran into Ho Hung Yuerk. Upon seeing Ching Ching, Hong Yuerk was extremely displeased and attempted to kill her. She was unsuccessful though as Sing Chi battled with and defeated her. The next day, Sing Chi opened his shop, and Tit Sau the leader of the 5 Poison Sect passed by. Ching Ching threw and explosive into Tit Sau's cart and she stepped out to see who it was. Upon seeing Ching Ching dressed as a man, she fell in love with her.

Tit Sau used the Tiger Mountain Trick to capture Ching Ching. Hung Yuerk thought Sit Yee was still alive and wanted to use Ching Ching to find his whereabouts. Hung Yuerk wanted to kill Ching Ching. In order to save her, Tit Sau, proposed to marry Ching Ching. At first Hung Yuerk was against the idea, but later thought that just because she lost out on Sit Yee, she should not prevent her niece from being happy and finally agreed to the wedding. Ching Ching decided to go ahead with the marriage, and on their wedding night attempted to escape.
She got Tit Sau drunk and ran away. Whilst she was gone, Tit Sau was raped by one of the leaders of the 5 Poison Sect who was in love with her (surprise, surprise, the culprit is To Dai Yu!) and bitterly disappointed by the marriage. Hung Yuerk suspected Ching Ching would run away and blocked along the way. She was about to kill Ching Ching who managed to talk her way out, stating she was so happy that she couldn't sleep. Upon hearing this Hong Yuerk stated that Ching Ching was just like his old man Sit Yee. Hung Yuerk explained her relationship with him.

She was originally the daughter of the leader of the 5 Poison Sect, and lived alone to guard the golden snake sword, kung fu manual and treasure map. One day Sit Yee came by and was injured by a snake. She fell in love with him and took very good care of him. He had come seeking to steal the 5 Poison skills so that he could avenge the death of his family. Slowly, he seduced Hung Yuerk into helping him. In order to get into the cave to obtain the golden snake sword and manual they were required to strip and go in naked.

They stripped off their clothes, and it was then he made love to her, to gain her trust so she would take him into the cave. (But knowing the restrictions, we can see nothing on the television screen.) Once inside he took all treasures. Ching Ching asked what happened after that incident, but she got upset and refused to tell more of the story. At once she took Ching Ching back to her room.

Sing Chi went up to the 5 Poison Sect to attempt to rescue Ching Ching. But they fell into a trap, but Tit Sau let them go, due to the fact that she was married to Ching Ching. Sing Chi and his men were stunned. (The baffled expressions on their faces were sure remarkable!) The next evening, Ching Ching attempted to escape again. But like the following night, Hung Yuerk caught her and was about to kill Ching Ching, when she asked what happened between her and Sit Yee. She let Ching Ching go for the moment and angry explained the events that followed.

The night after she took him to the cave, he left her. In a letter he informed her that he had never ever loved her and never would. He explained that he had just used her to obtain the things for revenge. He would return those items on the day that he succeeded in killing the Wan family. She was then forced to become a beggar for 10 years and had her face poisoned. She saw the Wan family dragging him through town and rescue him to tie him to a tree so that he would not leave her. Later she took him to a cave and tied him to the wall whilst she went to fetch food and water.

All this time he informed her that he did not love her and was engaged to be married. Despite this she did not care. In order to protect the woman that he loved he blocked the entrance to the cave so that he would be left alone. He knew he only had 3 months to live because he had been poisoned. From inside he told her to leave him alone in peace. She sat outside the cave until she heard no more yelling from the cave. She was certain he was dead and laughed. Upon finishing the story, she was going to kill Ching Ching when Sing Chi arrived to save her. She forced Tit Sau to step down as the leader of the 5 Poison Sect because she let them go.

Tit Sau captured Ching Ching. Tit Sau wanted to know if Ching Ching loved her. She went on to tell her that she had given up the Cult Leadership for her. Tit Sau informed Ching Ching that she wanted to become a disciple of Sing Chi. Tit Sau was interrupted by the cult leader who raped her. He told her the whole story about what happened on the wedding night. (This scene reminds me of Siu Long Nui's disaster in Return of Condor Heroes.) He killed himself as he couldn't face her anymore.

Upon hearing this, Tit Sau became distressed thinking that Ching Ching did not love her. Upon returning to Ching Ching's side, she asked Ching Ching whether she had stepped out of the room on the wedding night. Ching Ching admitted to doing so. At once Tit Sau realized what the cult leader told her was true. She then asked Ching Ching why she would not sleep with her. Ching Ching undid her hair to show that she too was a woman. Upon realizing that she had fallen for another woman she became suicidal and jumped off a cliff, crying that she wants to retain her innocence and chaste. It is very heartbreaking.

She was saved by Hung Yuerk, who was laughing at her. She sent a letter to Ching Ching stating that she would kill Tit Sau unless she came alone to save her. Hung Yuerk's trap worked as Ching Ching arrived alone. She was going to kill Ching Ching, until she was tricked into thinking that Sit Yee was still alive. Ching Ching promised to take her to see Sit Yee. She was trying to buy time for herself so that Sing Chi would be able to save her.

Tit Sau went to find Sing Chi to help. He rushed off with Tit Sau. Ching Ching took Hung Yuerk to the cave. Hung Yuerk immediately searched for the bones and found the skeleton. She became outraged that he had died and wanted to burn his bones. As the bones burnt, poison fumes were released, injuring both women. Realizing that she was soon to die, Hung Yuerk carried the Golden Snake Warrior's skeleton away with her, so that they could die together and disappeared into the night. A tragic scene showing that she was indeed madly in love with him.

Ching Ching was poisoned and Sing Chi sought out to save her using his inner strength to absorb the poison into his own body. Having rescued Ching Ching, Sing Chi himself became poisoned because he did not have enough inner strength left to force the poison from his body. He was about to die until he went up to heaven and saw his father, who was disappointed because he had not been avenged. He informed Sing Chi that until his death was avenged he had no right to see him. What a strange dream! He sent Sing Chi's spirit back to earth, and he suddenly woke up having recovered from the poison.

Tit Sau wanted Sing Chi to accept her as a disciple but he refused. This upset her who was used to getting her own. They ran into Yin Yee who told them that Jiu Kong had been killed. Evidence seem to point to an old rival Man Hiu Wai. At once they went to look for Hiu Wai for an explanation. He stated his innocence, and claimed that his master would know the truth. At once Hiu Wai took Sing Chi to see his master but they fell into a trap.

Yin Yee thought the trap was set up by Hiu Wai. However he too was killed so that they lost clues. Tit Sau regained the leadership to speak with Cho to discover the truth behind Jiu Jong's and Hiu Wai's murders. It was a plot set up by Cho and his henchmen was the killer. With this she set out to capture the henchmen and took him back to Sing Chi and Yin Yee for questioning. Upon being questioned the henchmen revealed that Cho was behind the plot. Tit Sau then killed the henchmen as a gift to Sing Chi for accepting her as a disciple But still Sing Chi refused.

All Sing Chi's men persuaded him to accept Tit Sau as a disciple, because she had clearly shown that she was a good person. Sing Chi agreed on the condition that it was a temporary acceptance until he gained permission from his own master Taoist Mok. Upon becoming a disciple of Sing Chi, Tit Sau promised to change her ways. She was happy because since she was a child she had always gotten her own way and this was no different. Meanwhile Cho, wanted to let the Ching Empire into China, to deal with Lord Chong.

Siu Wai arrived with Taoist Chau, to inform Sing Chi that Lee Lam want him to save Emperor Song Jing. Lee Lam had heard news that Cho was planning to kill the Emperor and allow the Ching Empire to enter China. Sing Chi was most displeased with the idea since it was the Emperor who ordered to have his father executed for treason. Sing Chi finally decided to help save the Emperor upon the request of all his friends.

Upon having his plans foiled Cho arrived accusing Sing Chi and Taoist Chau of attempting to assassinate the Emperor and ordered to have them arrested. Both escaped. During the battle, the eldest member of the Wan family was killed by Cho for his failure. Sing Chi ran into a room to escape from the soldiers. He discovered that it was the Princess's room, Ah Gau. Upon seeing her, Sing Chi was happy. He soon discovered that Ah Gau had become insane. He had broken her heart. Sing Chi felt sad. He wanted to save Ah Gau and take her away from the palace.
Cho arrived with men to capture him. Sing Chi pretended to capture Ah Gau forcing the men to back off. He threatened to kill the Princess if Cho did not back off. Ching Ching became upset and jealous all over again until she discovered that Ah Gau was mad. She treated Ah Gau much better once she realized what had happened. Ching Ching was always be by her side and played games with her when she got lonely. One day Ching Ching, Ah Gau and Yin Sing Chi were out.

Sing Chi was still sad seeing Ah Gau running round like a little girl. He remarked to Ching Ching that he would like Ah Gau to get better. Ching Ching remarked that she seemed happy enough just the way she was and that if she returned to normal she might not be that happy anymore. Later as they were flying a kite in the air, Sing Chi got himself stuck in a tree. Ah Gau remembered everything, and she returned to normal. Sing Chi embraced her promising never to let her go again. Taoist Chau asked Sing Chi to play chess with him. He got Sing Chi into a difficult position that he could not make any move.
The Taoist remarked it was difficult to make a move because he was looking at Knights at the same time. The Taoist went on to remark that if he decided not to worry about one of his Knights his choice of moves would be easier to make. Sing Chi understood what the Taoist wanted to say. Meanwhile Ah Gau decided that she would not return to the palace. Cho sought out to arrest the Emperor to force him to either to commit suicide or to step down from the throne. The Emperor refused to step down so, Cho left him with only one choice which was to commit suicide.

Ah Gau requested Sing Chi to save the Emperor. Sing Chi's men advised him to first save the Emperor. This way he would foil both of Cho's plans. Sing Chi agreed with his advisers that it was the only way to resolve the problem. Sing Chi set out to accomplish his mission. He was about to take his life until Ah Gau rushed in to beg him not to. Yin Sing Chi could not bring himself to kill the Emperor or her. So he dropped his sword and left. Lord Chong and Lee Lam attacked the palace and defeated Emperor Song's dwindling forces.

Upon being defeated each of the royal family took a drink of poison, except for Ah Gau, who wanted to live so she could see Yin Sing Chi one last time. The Emperor did not want to leave Princess Ah Gau with no one too look after her, so he grabbed his sword and closed his eyes. In one foul strike, he cut her left arm, and she passed out. The Emperor was going to thrust a final blow but his loyal subjects prevented him from doing so.

She was saved and protected by Sing Chi. When Ah Gau woke, she realized that she only had one arm. She became quite upset at this, despite being able to see Sing Chi. Soon news spread that Lord Chong had defeated Emperor Song and had arrived in the capital. Emperor Song committed suicide by hanging himself by a tree. Realizing that all was lost made Ah Gau quite sad.

Having won the throne Lord Chong offered Sing Chi a position as General. Sing Chi declined which upset Lord Chong as it was against Wah San rules. Lord Chong was happy enough with this reply and let Sing Chi go. Ng Sam Kwai sent over a beautiful woman, Mistress Chun. Lord Chong fell for Mistress Chun, despite Lee Lam's protests. Some men were sent to kill Lee Lam, but he was saved by Sing Chi. Lee Lam suspected Lord Chong's man had wanted to kill him.

Lord Chun spent much time with Mistress Chun and neglected State affairs. All soldiers became drunk, much to the disgust of Lee Lam. Lord Chong's Generals began arguing with Lee Lam. Lee Lam realized that he was losing his influence on Lord Chong who became as bad as Emperor Song Jing. Lee Lam tried his best to persuade Lord Chong because he was a very loyal subject.

Ah Gau decided to become a priestess. Yin Sing Chi grabbed her arm and would not allow her to leave, so Ah Kau used a knife to cut away the sleeve of her shirt and left. Sing Chi tried to persuade Lee Lam to retire and live a peaceful life otherwise he would end up like his father. Lee Lam refused so both fought and Lee Lam was forced over the edge of the cliff and suffered injuries. When Lee Lam was recovering from his injuries, Ching Ching looked after him every day. Sing Chi discovered that Lee Lam had feelings for Ching Ching.

So Sing Chi decided to use Lee Lam's love for Ching Ching to force him to retire. He drank with Lee Lam and Ching Ching. He left both in the same room, which was a crazy and stupid idea. He left a letter wishing that Lee Lam would take good care of her and stated they deserved each other. Ching Ching was upset at the thought that Sing Chi did something stupid. To treat her love like an object and pass her around to whoever he liked. Sing Chi's men and friends were most displeased with him as well. At first Siu Wai left with her friend Hiu Man.

The even Yin Yee looked down on Sing Chi as well. She left with Lap Yu. Ching Ching became drunk and rushed away from Lee Lam. Despite being injured, Lee Lam chased after her and both were captured by the Wan elders and be hypnotized. Lee Lam was sent to kill Lord Chong and Ching Ching was sent to kill Sing Chi. Ching Ching stalked the group, and when they were sleeping she arrived to take Sing Chi's life. But she was no match for Sing Chi who knocked her out. However, he was poisoned by her whip and fainted too. Tit Sau cured him.

Lee Lam attempted to kill Lord Chong but was unsuccessful. Even though the doctors revealed to Lord Chong that Lee Lam had been hypnotized he no longer trusted Lee Lam. Lord Chong's General's wanted Lee Lam executed for treason, but Lord Chong refused on the grounds that Lee Lam had been very loyal to him for many years. Lord Chong discovered that he had been betrayed by Ng Sam Kwai and that Ching Empire forces were entering China.

Lord Chong took his anger out on Lee Lam and ordered to have him arrested so one loyal subject helped him to escape. They sought out to uncover the mastermind. The Wan elders and Cho were behind the plan. Ching Ching apologized to Lee Lam for causing all of the trouble. Lee Lam forgave her. Ching Ching went to find the Wan elders. Tit Sau and Sing Chi arrived shortly to lend Ching Ching a hand and captured the Wan elders. Sing Chi wanted them to reveal the whereabouts of Cho but they were killed immediately before they could speak. Despite her grandfather treating her badly, Ching Ching, still buried their bodies and grieved for them.

The Ching Empire defeated Lord Chun and entered the capital. Taoist Chau wanted to retain the sword stained with royal blood along with his leadership of the Iron Sword Sect. Taoist Chau was winning the fight until Yuk Jun Ji pulled out the sword stained with royal blood, and asked him to kneel. Taoist Chau upon seeing the sword knelt as it was part of the rules of the Iron Sword Sect. Yuk Jun Ji stepped forward to strike Taoist Chau down until Sing Chi finally stepped in to battle with him. Whilst they were battling, Ching Ching threw a dart which slashed Yuk Jan Ji's throat and he died. During the battle Sing Chi was poisoned.

Luckily for Sing Chi, the Kwais came with a magical cure. Upon being cured Sing Chi sought out to duel with Cho. They met in the forest and had a duel. Sing Chi was losing the battle, and he lost his golden snake sword which became stuck to a tree. As Sing Chi was fighting, the Dumb Man who had been captured rushed forward to restrain Cho. The Dumb Man used his superior strength to pull Cho backwards into the tree where the golden snake sword was poking out from. This killed both the Dumb Man and Cho instantly. This is so sad as I like this dumb man.

Sing Chi knelt forward and looked at the sky. He avenged his father's death but was sad as he had lost a good friend - the Dumb Man. Lee Lam left Sing Chi to aid Lord Chong to fight against the Ching Empire. Lord Chong's Generals set out to arrest him and accused him of treason. Lee Lam managed to return to meet up with Sing Chi, but he was badly wounded. Before his death he asked Sing Chi to take good care of Ching Ching. Lee Lam with his last breath uttered that he had been unfairly treated after 10 years of loyal service by Lord Chong and died.

Sing Chi carried his body to the forest where he laid him to rest. In the meantime Ah Gau had been accepted as a disciple of the Iron Sword Sect by Taoist Chau. Shortly after Lee Lam's death, Sing Chi, reflected on the past. He thought of Lee Lam and Ah Gau. His best friend and his true love had left him. Sing Chi disappeared and Ching Ching then rushed around to look for him without any luck. She ran through to the mountains screaming out his name. But Sing Chi was no where to be found. So she kept running, and looking for him. What a stupid sad ending!

Introduction on characters

1. Yuen Sing Chi - Wong Yat Wah
Sing Chi is a general's son and he is chivalrous at heart. He learns skills from Sit Yee's manual so he regards him as his master. Torn between love and hatred, he chooses to hate and gets miserable for the rest of his life. Yat Wah acts like Kwok Jing so his performance here is only passable. However, his pairing with Ching Yee looks perfect and they act well too. But curse at the stupid ending for breaking them up.

Lam Kar Dong - Kar Dong tries hard to be serious, but his face doesn't fit into the period era. Whenever I see him, I want to laugh. With a hat, he doesn?t look so bad. But without it, he looks terrible.

2. Lee Lam - Ng Kai Wah
He is Sing Chi's loyal, smart sworn brother. He loves Ching Ching but gives up upon knowing that she loves Sing Chi. He has placed his trust in Chi Sing to be his assistant. After setting the foundation for him, he gets killed. He is a tragic hero to have such a sad life.

Do look out for Kai Wah here as it is rare to see him in a period drama ? what?s more with a moustache? He has adequate chemistry with Yat Wah and Ching Yee. The highlight will be how he doesn?t know that Ching Ching is a woman and teases her to grab her gun away from her.

Lee Shing Cheung ? he is a versatile actor so we know that he will not disappoint us.

3. Ha Sit Yee - Miu Kiu Wai
I adore this role - he is vicious to seek revenge is gentle when in love. However, he is so harsh and cunning to deceive Hung Yuerk that he loves her in order to get the snake sword. He is also ruthless to make use of Mrs Kwai to test poison for him. Although Kiu Wai only appears for a few episodes, his existence overshadows Yat Wah completely. But many fans complain about the beard - he might look better without it. Probably Kiu Wai wishes fans to focus their attention on his acting and not his looks in here.

Kong Wah - he is extremely cool! I like his outlook and the way he acts. He makes ?The Golden Snake Warrior? come alive. Sit Yee is unfeeling at first but he does the best to protect his family. His performance is up to standard. Both actors have done well! No wonder they make changes to the original story to let him survive to reunite with Ching Ching so the ending isn?t so sad.

4. Mui King Wong - Ou Yeung Chun Wah
He is arrogant, thinking that he can bully others because he comes from a 'noble' set. I condemn his doing for punishing others without checking out the facts first. Thus, I enjoy the part of him being punished by Sing Chi. He really deserves it!

Yau Shan - only a lukewarm performance by this extra.

5. Jiu Gong Lai - Jiu Hung
He is an upright man who always gets framed. He is simply unlucky. Probably he shouldn?t have set up an escort agency to avoid all these troubles.

Cheung Hon Mou - he looks too young and skinny to be a leader as he has inadequate disguise.

6. Cho Far Chun - Lok Ying Kwan
He is too skinny and young to be the old villain. I don't think all eunuchs should have white powder foundation as make-up - TVB is too much. So far, the actor in 'Princess Chang Ping' is the best choice.

Yu Shing Kwong - he is a mainland actor and lacks chemistry with the Hong Kong cast.

7. Gai Xin Shu - Yip Tien Hang
He is such a fine actor in portraying his jealousy towards Sing Chi. He is Sing Chi's second senior. But he is also a fair person to treat him well when Sing Chi helps him.

Kwong Zhuo Fai - he has little exposure so I have nothing to comment on his acting.

8. Wong Chan - Ho Guai Lam
He is Sing Chi's first senior. Wise, always cracking jokes and eloquent, he can talk his way through with the 5 Wan elders with his abacus. I am very impressed that he comes across as approachable but yet still has the senior airs to lecture Sing Chi. This actor acts as a villain elsewhere but is convincing in here.

Chun Wong - He creates the comical effect instead. Way below expectation.

9. Taoist Chau - Lam Tien
He is also a comical person despite his age. He treats Sing Chi s a close friend. But he is too softhearted to let his junior off for so many times, at the expense of nearly losing his life if not for Sing Chi.

Yu Chi Ming - this veteran actor turns in a fine performance too. I never know he can let his hair down.

10. Yuen Chung Wan - Tsang Kong
Tsang Kong is such a wonderful actor. The lecturing he gives Sing Chi can be serious yet funny too.

Wong Chi Wah - This mainland actor also projects enough sadness into the tragic role too.

11. Lee Chi Shing - Chu Tit Wo
He is convincing as the person who is wary of others who are better than him.

Lok Ying Kwan - He is the only person who acts in the two versions. Although this role is different, he does well this time because he has more experience.

12. Mok Yan Ching - Shek Kin
He is Sing Chi's master. No one will doubt this actor?s acting ability although this is not a villain role.

Gu Fung - he also shows one of his best performances in here.

13. Duo Yee Gun - an unknown
He is a Ching prince but recognises talents. He doesn't get offended when Sing Chi rejects his post offer.

Lo King Fai - this serial makes him Sing Chi's sworn brother. He is crafty and only wants to control Sing Chi?s movements. Only the killing of his emperor brother fits the bill.

14. Ha Ching Ching - Chung Ching Yee
She seems unreasonable and but she has a heart of gold. She is only being mischievous. There is once when Sing Chi and Taoist Chau sit high up (really high up!) on a tree to talk about serious affairs. Ching Ching uses a catapult and a pebble to hit Sing Chi on his butt! Taoist Chau is annoyed but amused, so he spars with her. Seeing her losing, Sing Chi comes to her aid. That scene is very cute! Other scenes will be the duels she has with Ah Gau or the Western man. I can?t stop laughing at them.

She is nasty to spar with Ah Gau deliberately as Ah Gau can never win her. But upon seeing her losing her mind, she feels sorry for her and takes care for her. You will sympathize with her when you see her dreaming of Sing Chi flying kites happily with her and breaks up with her to be with Ah Gau. How sad!

It seems that she has inherited her father's good looks so she can attract 2 women too when she disguises as a man. Chung makes such a cute and adorable Ching Ching. She is stunning in both male and female disguises. Despite her jealousy and ways to prevent Ah Gau for coming close to Sing Chi, you can forgive her as she is only throwing tantrums.

Ou Chi Yan ' I only want to say one sentence - get her out of my sight! I can't hide my disappointment when I see her. Ching Ching is supposed to be pretty but she is far from it. Yes, she is reputed to do the wrong things at the wrong time but this version here is too extreme. My friend's harsh comments - this Ching Ching can't be the offspring of 2 excellent people! Can it be a mistake? Normally a person can make up the deficit if he/she lacks the looks. Sadly this actress lacks both.

I can't accept this bony and ugly Ching Ching for talking back at Sing Chi and whining all the time. There are so many times that she nearly lands him in trouble. Both her man and maiden looks are extremely ugly. Why and how she is selected for the role? She doesn't show regret upon deceiving Tit Sau for keeping her female identity from her. I detest her very much - this actress is among the top of my most hated list.

15. Ah Gau/ Chu Cheung Ping - Mou Shun Kwan
She looks so thin and weak in her fragile frame. She is an unhappy princess. Because of her poor health, she wanders the world with her master. She falls for her enemy but is determined to be with him. In the end, she has to lead a sad life when her family is ruined. Mou can be better as she has limited expressions.

Sheh See Mun - she improves slightly but is still not good enough. Ah Gau isn't as weak as she makes out to be to have a maid following her around. And telling her to address Xiao Hui as elder sister is a terrible move - we can see that she is older than her. The producer shouldn?t have let her act in 3 Jin Yong dramas in a row - she comes across as weak and about the same in all. The role here differs slightly as she kills to help her Emperor father to consolidate his position. But Jin Yong fans will not be happy to see this.

16. Ho Hung Yuerk - Ko Miu See
This is so sad. She loves a man who doesn't love her and is disfigured because of him. Ko gives a lukewarm performance because lack of screen time and also because she is veiled most of the time.

Kwan Bo Wai - she is great! She might be miscast in 'Legend of condor heroes' but she is so good in here. She has never been prettier too in her periodic look. The madness and vicious look that she gives after being disfigured is so convincing. She should get the best actress award. Her chemistry with Kong Wah is noticeable - if not, why are they being paired up again in the later part of the serial to continue the feud? The two simply overshadow their juniors with their powerful acting.

17. Ho Tit Sau - Chan Sau Chu
She is the leader of the 5 poison sect. She sacrifices her left arm to learn a top skill - this shows how ruthless she can be. I really laugh at how mesmerized she is over Ching Ching. Especially the part she is married! This is sure unthinkable although hilarious as it is not written in the novel. Sau Chu does the role with poise and confidence. I believe you will like her here. Some may discover that the clothes she wears are similar to what Ji Xiao Fu is wearing in '86 HSDS' but she gets the first pirority.

Yuen Choi Wan - she is excellent in the role! She is one of the few younger artistes who can act - natural and sweet to tease Sing Chi whenever she has the chance. She has the airs of a leader and also the vicious look. TVB should have given her more roles in Jin Yong adaptations instead of See Mun.

18. On Siu Wai - Ho Pek San
She is Sing Chi's close childhood friend. She is a great assistant to Lee Lam too. Bland acting from her.

Yeung Yuk Na - She is sweet and gentle. It is stupid of the producer to let her be killed by Ah Gau.

19. Sun Jiu Man - Chan Fu Sang (Ah Zi in '82 demi gods, semi devils')
She is Kwai's disciple and is very arrogant. I am appalled to see her chopping another man's arm without asking. But it can be hard on her to lose a finger over it, though. Fu Shang shines as usual again.

Chan Kei - this actress still lacks the ability to act well. She looks too weak and not wilful enough.

20. Jiu Yin Yee - Sheung Tien Ngar
She is Jiu Gong Lai's daughter who manages the agency with him. She is grateful to Sing Chi for helping her father and falls for him. It is sad that he doesn't love her but she returns Lap Yu's love for her. She is good in here in capturing Sing Chi's attention with Ching Ching. It is remarkable.

21. Ching Ching Chuk - Luk Ying Hung
He is Ah Gau's master. He tries hard to find a cure for her since she is so sickly. Knowing that he is going against her father, he doesn't want to make her fixed into a difficult situation so he tells her to leave.

Yu Chan Sun - he is supposed to be a righteous man but I don't know why the producer decides to make him a traitor. To add spice to the plot?

22. Wan Yee - Tsang Hing Yu
She is the ill-fated woman torn between her family and Sit Yee. It puzzles me why she doesn't know martial arts. She bears all humiliation to bring up her daughter, only to know that Sit Yee is killed. Unable to bear with the long-suffering life and without Sit Yee, she kills herself. Very tragic indeed.

Ng Mei Hang - she is quite good in the role although she lacks the adequate sadness that Tsang portrays. I feel the arrangement of her being killed and dumped into the well isn't as touching as the old version.

23. Wan Sin - Ng Mei Hang
This role only appears in the new version as Yee's younger sister. How can they be alike since they are not twins? The producer is just reluctant to break the couple up so he wants her to appear again. I dislike her to deceive others and herself by pretending to be Yee. But at least she knows martial arts to protect Sit Yee.

24. Lo Lap Yu - Ng Chun Yu
He is Yuen Yee's quiet senior who likes her secretly all along, He is disheartened after losing an arm and also discovering that she loves Sing Chi. See how poor my memory is - I forgot who is in the new version.

25. The mute servant - Lau Kok Seng
He is Sing Chi's playmate and guardian to take care of him since young. Ching Ching must thank him because he often saves her from trouble. A pity he died in the end.

Tsang Kin Ming - why does he become a 'Grandpa' in here?

26. Mistress On - Chan Kar Yee
Her husband ditches her to work for the Qing government so she goes through a lot of hardship to bring up Siu Wai on her own. She is one of Lord Chong's capable helpers too.

27. Arhat Tit - Mak Cheung Ching
Only appears in the new version. He is Sing Chi's close friend who is boorish but kind.

28. Hu Kwai Nam - Lam King Kong
Only appears in the new version. He is Sing Chi's close friend who is a smart thief. Another plus is he keeps a toad which is capable of sucking poison. Many lives are saved by him - including Ah Gau's.

29. Yuk Jun Ji - Kwok Fung
He is Taoist Chau's ambitious junior who betrays his own country for his own benefits.

Lee Kok Lam - as good as Kwok as in the role.

30. The Emperor - Cheung Ying Choy
He is a weak emperor and many will hate him for chopping off his daughter's arm.

Wong Wai - a definite miscast! He should be playing strong characters. With his tall and strong build plus powerful voice, can you believe that he is a weakling?

Favourite character
Ching Ching, I can forgive her for all her nonsense because she is so angelic and cheeky. A close runner-up will be Tit Sau. She is witty and cunning but she is also kind.

Most hated character
Cho - he screws up everything - including all the leads' lives.

The theme song, 'Love hot, love cold' is by Chan Sau Mun and Choi Fung Wah (the 80s famous singer who is a bit crazy now). The subtheme 'Wandering the pugilistic world' is by Choi Fung Wah. The songs are written by Mr Koo Kar Fai and Mr Tang Wai Hung. The two never disappoint you with their compositions with their traditional music and touching verses.

The new versions have Lee Hak Ken singing the theme while Kong Wah sings the subtheme. I think the main is too modern to my liking. The subtheme isn't so bad but Kong Wah could have sung better.

Interesting facts

Many expected Yat Wah to do well. But many were upset that Yat Wah didn't and seemed unfocused at times as he was too tired. But they were satisfied with Kiu Wai's acting. They said he seemed to be the golden snake warrior of the book. I also thought he had chemistry with Hing Yu. Kiu Wai was overjoyed as he didn't want to be the hero to save some damsel in distress all the time. All were amazed that he preferred to act in a difficult love serial so that he could immerse himself into it.

Some felt Sau Chu shouldn't be a villainess again. She was a villain in 'The Legend of Lady Chung' and also a 'villainess' in '84The Smiling Proud Wanderer'. This role gave them little suspense.

This serial received good response and many liked it. But sad to say, it didn't stir up adequate response as other Jin Yong dramas because it was lesser known. Crimson Sabre was widely known because many didn't know how the English title came. It has nothing to do with a sword at all! I wish to know why too.

Many thought the cast was really bad - in both acting and looks. So do I as they have made the wrong and bad choice. Although it has collaboration with the mainland cast, it didn't turn out to be a blockbuster as it hoped to be. Only the pairing of Kong Wah and Bo Wai sparked off conversations. Many felt the kissing scene and bed scene were too seductive.

I heard that there is a mainland version but I have not watched it so I won't comment on it.


I scream at the ending of this serial. It should end with Ching Ching and Sing Chi together happily. How can they twist like this? It only retains about 60% of the story. The new version also did away with the actual ending and focused on Sit Yee's love affair - why????

This old version is good although certain parts are draggy - on how Ah Gau is going to get cured. If you are an avid fan of the 80s Mou Hap dramas, you will not be disappointed by this serial because the strong cast gives reasonable good acting. Almost all characters fit the book's description in mannerisms. The actresses have the periodic looks. You can avoid all these heartaches that the recent Mou Hap dramas give.

Sukting's ratings :

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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