Ten Brothers


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Ten Brothers

Reviewed by: rcrystal December 29, 2005

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast Frankie Lam as Chan Dai Ha Kenix Kwok as Kei Hau Yee Lai Lok Yi as 1st brother Lam Yuen Ying as 2nd brother Jack Wu as 3rd brother Don Li as 4th brother Law Kwun Fung as 5th brother Kwok Jing as 6th brother Matt Yeung Ming as 7th brother Cheung Chi Hin as 8th brother Ip Wai as 9th brother Wong Ping He as 10th brother Leila Tong as Hong Siu Lan Nancy Wu as Yuen Tung Tung Summary (Contains Spoilers!): This series starts off with...

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Ten Brothers

Reviewed by: wisefool December 20, 2005

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Cast: Frankie Lam- Chan Dai Ha Kenix Kwok- Kei Hau Yee Lai Lok Yi- Ah Tai (1st brother) Lam Yuen Ying- Ah Yee (2nd brother) Jack Wu- Ah Sam (3rd brother) Don Li- Ah Sei (4th brother) Law Kwun Fung- Ah Ng (5th brother) Kwok Jing- Ah Lok (6th brother) Matt Yeung Ming- Ah Chat (7th brother) Cheung Chi Hin- Ah Pat (8th brother) Ip Wai- Ah Gao (9th brother) Wong Ping Hei- Ah Shap (10th brother) Leila Tong- Hong Siu Lan Nancy Wu- Yuen Tung Tung Ellesmere Choi-...

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11-28-2008 01:14 PM


omigush, i lurve the 10th brother too, he's so super-cute when he speaks in canto! argh, yeah yeah, my tears were flowing non-stop, like xiu sap! argh, yeah yeah, have a happy ending, argh, why they have to die!


10-01-2008 12:46 AM


i wish i could have super power like the ten bro


10-01-2008 12:45 AM


i like all ten bro


10-01-2008 12:43 AM


i love this show is so sad & funny


03-24-2008 02:35 PM


haha i like ten brother
the youngest one is caleld jeffery wong right? and he is jacky wu

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