The Biter Bitten

Reviewed by: OwarinaiYume

August 30, 2006

Rating: four

Benny Chan as Ah Fung
Linda Chung as Dan Dan
Michael Tong as Ah Sing
Shirley Yeung as Joey
Stephen Au as Tuen Jeung
Eileen Yeow as Ah Si
Sherming Yiu as Ah Lai
Jack Wu as Ah Sung


Ah Fung (Benny Chan) is trapped between going to help his mother at her company, or to help his grandfather. Since Fung does not want to choose between them, he doesn't! He works at the zoo for his best friend Ah Sing's (Michael Tong) uncle. There, they meet an archaeologist by the name of Joey (Shirley Yeung). Joey is naive and short-tempered, but she is kind-hearted. They also meet an acrobat named Dan Dan (Linda Chung). Almost immediately, Ah Sing is attracted to her.

Joey is dating a boy named Ah Sing (Jack Wu), whom she finds has been cheating on her. He breaks up with her and she is very upset. However, as the story progresses, Joey begins to develop feelings for Ah Fung. Ah Sing keeps trying to tell Dan Dan how he feels about her, but he finds that she doesn't like him at all. Things get complicated for the four friends when Joey and Ah Sing find out that Ah Fung and Dan Dan like each other. This results in hilarious plans to separate them and it always ends up backfiring on Joey and Ah Sing. However, the two naive, hot-headed, and normally totally not-serious people find they have fallen for each other.

But that's not all, the four friends find that there is a hidden treasure in the zoo, and other than them, there is someone else who seeks it as well. The treasure once belonged to a group called 'The Ten Tigers', who were thieves and stole it from an English person. They find that Dan Dan's grandmother was the Fourth Tiger's lover, and also her acrobat instructor (Stephen Au) - his grandfather was the Third Tiger. As they get closer and closer to the treasure, the group finds that they are also getting deeper and deeper into trouble.


I thought this series was okay. At first, I thought it was going to be a weird, pointless series. Also, when I heard the title, I said, "What kind of a title is that?" But as I watched the series, it was funny and cute. Benny Chan and Michael Tong were very shall I say, open, with each other as best friends. They went into the shower together which really is quite disturbing.

Also, I preferred Benny to be paired up with Shirley, because they look good together and their personalities fit! I felt that their scenes were cute together and I really thought that Benny was going to end up with Shirley. It's not that I don't like Linda, she's one of my favourite actresses, but I just didn't like her with Benny. Michael Tong? I'm not sure who he should be paired with, his personality in the series doesn't go well with Linda, so I wouldn't pair him with her. And most definitely not Shirley because I wanted her to pair with Benny. But the series didn't work out how I wanted it to, but it doesn't matter - because it's a good series.

I liked how Benny was really good at solving those riddles, and I liked how those numbers represented things. Like '520' represents 'Wo Ai Ni' which means 'I Love You' in Mandarin. It was really cute. Other than the pairings and the weird things Michael Tong and Benny Chan shared, The Bitter Bitten wasn't too bad. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars overall.

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