The Biter Bitten

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

September 09, 2006

Rating: five

Benny Chan
Shirley Yeung
Michael Tong
Linda Chung
Stephen Au

Basically, it is about the four main characters trying to find treasure. They find these clues that bring them steps closer to their destination. Along the way, they meet some people and there are also some relationships that happen.


Benny Chan as Hill
He is so cute! He plays the nice guy, of course. He is so smart in here, it's crazy, and he's able to figure out all the clues in a matter of minutes. Well, Benny has always succeeded in comedies so it's no surprise that he is the comic relief here. I love the fact that he is scared of heights; it just made his Ah Hill more likable and funny. The only complaint I have is I think that Benny's characters in all his series are all pretty much the same, so I would just like to see him being someone different for a change.

Shirley Yeung as Joey
I was never a huge fan of Shirley so there's not much that I can say about her performance. He crying scene was not all that great but it didn't suck either so I guess it means she can improve more. As for her character Joey, I did not like her for the most part. At the beginning she was acting like a rude know-it-all, which was annoying, then she wouldn't leave Ah Hill alone even after he told her he doesn't like her. That part annoyed me so much that I fast-forwarded most of it. I'm glad Hill didn't end up with Joey.

Michael Tong as Sing
Again with Michael, I was never a huge fan but I have seen lots of series with him so I can talk about his performance. I like him in this series because of how funny he is. His facial expressions would always match what he is doing or saying so he makes the viewers see what he is feeling which is really good. Good job Michael! The only complaint I have is minor: when he wouldn't leave Linda's character alone, that was annoying. He should have taken the hint.

Linda Chung as Tan Tan
First of all I think she looks different from her character as Michelle in "Virtues of Harmony 2" but I guess it's because she was a snob in there and a poor girl in here. I can't really say that her acting has improved because I think Tan was a boring character! I mean most of the time I was fast forwarding the parts with her alone. Her crying scene was ok, she could improve.

The Treasure Hunt
I like the treasure hunting and all those clues. They were very entertaining!

Favorite Scenes: (no specific order)

1. Benny making the "520" sign with the other performers for Linda to see
2. Michael and Shirley getting drunk and comforting each other
3. Linda rolling an egg over Benny's forehead as she told him about her childhood.
4. When Linda and Benny were trapped in that underground tunnel place.
5. When Shirley and Michael where trapped in their separate "cave".
6. Benny figuring out the clues, of course.

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