The Brink of Law

Reviewed by: frostyredstonne

February 22, 2008

Rating: four

No of Episodes: 25


Michelle Yim- Sung Kum Chi
Ngok Wah- Tong Jin Long
Steven Ma- Tong Chi Ko (Ken)
Ron Ng- Tong Yat Zun (Leo)
Shirley Yeung- Sung Ka Yee
Bernice Liu- Wing
Vin Choi- Tong Yat Qiu
Steven Wong- Tong Yat Long (Vincent)
Kate Tsui- Yan Hueng Qing
Kenneth Ma- Yan Hueng Ming
Yoyo Chen- Mun

*For easier reference, I shall use the names of the actors and actresses

Story Outline

Steven is a lawyer who is also the sole breadwinner in his household. His best friend Kenneth is a policeman. Due to Kenneth's persistence in cracking cases, he incurs the wrath of Michelle, wife of Ngok Wah, for putting her brother into jail. She hires someone to kill him, resulting in Kenneth's death.

After being framed by Vin and his step-sister (Mun), Steven loses his lawyer's license. Ron recommends him to enter the Tong Family business as a law consultant. He performs well and is hired by Ngok Wah who is Ron's uncle.

Ka Yee is Michelle's niece. She likes Ron but he does not reciprocate her feelings and instead falls for Kate. Ka Yee therefore does many things to frame Kate and get her into trouble while on the surface; she is best friends with Kate. When, Steven Wong becomes paralysed, she decides to pretend to love him so that she can one day lay her hands on the family business.

While Ngok Wah is an influential businessman, he dabbles in illegal dealings like horseracing and smuggling of arms together with his wife. One day, Ron's mother, who left the Tong family years ago, returns. By chance, Ron uncovers the truth behind his parentage. He discovers that his mom was raped by Ngok, resulting in his mom being pregnant with him. Michelle, unable to accept the fact that her husband has another son, coupled with the fact that Ron indirectly caused her son, Steven Wong to be paralysed hires someone to kill Ron. Steven happens to witness this and starts to suspect that Michelle is behind Kenneth's murder and Ron's attempted murder. He agrees to be an undercover for the police to get near Michelle and gather evidence of her crimes.

Bernice, who is Steven's girlfriend, suddenly starts to become closer to Ngok Wah and eventually initiates a breakup with Steven. Meanwhile, Ron, on knowing his true parentage, refuses to acknowledge Ngok Wah as his father. He also becomes an undercover for the police and tries to gather evidence of Ngok Wah's crimes. I shall not spoil the ending for those who haven't watched the show. Watch it yourself to find out!

Character Analysis

Michelle Yim
In the show, she is an evil and ruthless woman, willing to do anything to take revenge. However, she has a softer side to her. She is also willing to so anything to protect the people closest to her. She loved her sons and would do all she could to keep them from harm.

Michelle Yim is such a great actress! She was so believable as an evil and shrewd woman and a loving mother. Thumbs up for Michelle!!

Ngok Wah
He is a respectable businessman who is equally if not more ruthless than his wife (you will know why I say so when you watch the ending.) However, he is not as smart as his wife. As a man, he is lustful, leading him to fall for Bernice. He cared for himself more than he did for his sons.

He too is a very good actor. But somehow I found him and Bernice very disgusting when they were together.

Ron Ng
Ron is a very righteous person. He is the kind of guy that treats everyone well. He is a devoted lover and is serious at work too. He is basically a very nice guy.

I am not a fan of Ron but his character is really, really likable in this show. His character was my favorite and I enjoyed watching his character. As for his acting, he did improve. Not remarkable but his improvement was noticeable.

Steven Ma
Steven, like Ron, is also a very upright person. He was a family man, very tolerant and loving of his family members. He also values his friends. Basically another very nice person

Another good actor! A pity that he has too little screen time. His temporary switch to money-minded person who did everything for his own interest was also rather believable.

Bernice Liu
She is a person who dares to take risks. She is also a rather devoted lover. Hmmm…not a very outstanding performance. Nothing that really caught my attention.

Kate Tsui
A very innocent girl. She loves pets and fashion. Her world revolves around Ron.

Her performance did not strike me. Needs more improvement.

Shirley Yeung
Another ruthless woman. She is willing to do anything to get what she wants. She makes sure she gets her revenge. She is also very shrewd.

A very convincing performance! I hated her in this show! When you hate a bad character, there can only be 2 reasons. The actor is immensely irritating or the actor's acting is wonderful and so convincing that you actually believe her. Shirley happens to fall into the second category. Wonderful job!

This show really surprised me. I didn't really take to it well in the beginning. It started off rather draggy but picked up pace later in the series. I love the elements of surprise in the show. It was not predictable and really had me shocked at certain points. Basically the show tells us that good will evntually triumph over evil, even if it doesn't seem so in the beginning. The evil will get their retribution. I would recommend this show to people who are tired of shows with predictable plots. Thumbs up!

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