The Building Blocks of Life


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The Building Blocks of Life

Reviewed by: dianat February 12, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Cast: Alex Fong Chung Sun as Chung Kwok Keung (Isaac) Christine Ng as Ching Wai Yee (Winnie) Tavia Yeung as Cheung Mun Zhing (Freeda or Da for short) Chung King Fai as Kwong Shing Yu Once an ambitious upstart, architect Chung Kwok Keung (Alex Fong), lost all verve for life when he left an architectural firm to join his family business. He is in a too long and too comfortable relationship with Ching Wai Yee (Christine Ng). No love sparks fly between them. They make...

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07-29-2009 01:07 PM


Big improvement of Fong's acting. Very good story and depth. Loved it.


06-14-2008 12:36 AM


i've always like alex fong but then his clothes stink in the series (understandable for his role though). christine's role is fun, witty and very humane as what she wants in life is what most of us would be happy with. as usual power chan shines in his role and it is real unfortunate that he doesn't have bigger roles.

storyline wise, nothing to shout about.


06-04-2008 01:54 PM


i prefer christine's and tavia's role so much more than alex's. he was quite the jerk in my opinion and the script is a bit weird towards the center and end. i had great expectations for the series cuz of the car crash but it turned out to be nothing special. this series could be so much more but instead, they concentrated on alex's character which is sooo wrong cuz the main highlight of the show is what?? i don't think there's a main highlight at all.

nevertheless, i enjoyed the parts where tavia and christine came out as they at least had more feelings than alex's character despite the fact that he was the one who needed to have more feelings since he was so called "having an affair".


02-24-2008 01:35 AM


I really liked this series. The style is more mature and may not be appreciated by everyone especially if you can not relate to any of the character's persona.

The story is simple so the series would be judged by the depth of each character's performance and execution of the dialogue. I found all the character engaging: their decisions felt like they stemmed from thecharacter. The dialogue was great! There were many parts that were short and simple but fun or cute and still meaningful without being too preachy or melodramatic. It's a hard balance to have. To see this, you would have to watch the original cantonese. Some things don't translate!

All in all a very watchable series. Nothing meaninglessly teary or idiotically happy. The pace was great; the director did not dwell on things or spell everything out. All actors, main or supporting, were great. Power Chan could have been a bit more petty. I've always liked the subdued nature of Alex Fong. Tavia played 'miss independent' to the tee. Christine played pre-si-lai very well and none of them were too cookie-cutter because all of them showed the unique adaptive ability of a real HKer! Great! 4,4.5/5!


02-22-2008 09:39 PM


this is one of those movies that i'd watch to pass time...nothing special

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