The Change of Time

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 31, 2007

Rating: three

Frankie Lam as Yeung Mun Hoi
Francis Ng as Yeung Kwo Hoi
Lee Ci Kei as Yeung Kwo Hoi's mother
Gigi Lai as Cherc Nga Woon
Maggie Siu as Gei Lo


The Change of Time is the story about the struggle between brothers of different mothers. They end up hating each other as their careers progress. The script of this story was very well written but the series as a whole lacked strong supporting actors and actresses.

What about the story (Spoilers!)

Lee Ci Kei, her husband, and son, Francis, decide to go to Hong Kong to have a better life. In order to earn extra money, Lee Ci Kei smuggles illegal drugs onto the train. She gets caught and is separated from her husband. Lee Ci Kei told the police that she didn't know him and so was sent to jail. The husband arrives in Hong Kong and tries to find his wife, but it turns out to be bad news. He later works for a restaurant and marries the boss' daughter. They soon have a son, Frankie. While the husband was in the hospital, he meets Lee Ci Kei who had been released. She is very mad at him and never forgives him. The husband wants to support his old wife and son so he gives money to his brother to give to them, but his brother keeps the money for himself for the next 20 years. Frankie grows up to be a smart and clever young man. He excels in every class. He is dating Gigi.

Meanwhile, Maggie lives in Taiwan. She married a man who was in trouble with the law to pay off her father's gambling debts. Maggie is Gigi's half sister. Maggie and her father leave Taiwan and come to Hong Kong. Maggie becomes a street artist. She meets Frankie but they have some misunderstandings. Later they become friends. Frankie and Francis meet while he was training for a job. Soon Francis meets his father and learns from his mother that he had abandoned them. After some time, Francis forgives his father and moves in with him. Everyone treats Francis very well and now Francis is working at his father's restaurant. Maggie is almost raped by her husband and so gets a divorced. She works for Frankie's aunt as a secretary. She later meets her mother who is also Gigi's mother.

Gigi and Maggie hate each other but soon get over their differences. They start treating each other like sisters. One day, Francis, Gigi, and Frankie go on vacation. Francis accidentally runs over someone but doesn't turn himself in. Frankie is convicted instead and goes to jail. Meanwhile, back at home, Francis takes over the family business and even gets together with Gigi. When Frankie got out of jail, the only friend he could turn to was Maggie and they become even closer friends. Frankie learns that Francis was to blame for his jail time so the two hate each other now. Frankie starts to go out with Maggie while Francis marries Gigi. Time passes and Francis starts to fail in his career. He lost a lot of money in stocks and, out of anger, he accidentally kills Gigi. Francis was scared and blamed the murder on Frankie. Luckily for Frankie, Lee Ci Kei finds out the truth about Francis. Francis is convicted but kidnaps his son. He holds him hostage but falls down the stairs. Francis is now temporarily paralyzed. Meanwhile, Maggie and Frankie break up because of Gigi's death. They eventually get back together when Frankie realizes that he couldn't lose her. For Francis, he recovers and starts over his life with his mother.

What about the cast

This was the first series where I saw Francis play a villain. He did an exceptional job as the villain. In the end, I felt Francis should have gone to jail or get executed for his crimes. Instead, Francis has a chance to start over his life even after he killed his wife. Frankie did an okay job. Quite frankly, I don't think Frankie is a good actor. I have seen him in many roles from villain to good guy, but Frankie never outshone his role. His crying scenes are very downplayed and he shows very little emotion. It is hard for me to be touched by his acting skills. Of course, Maggie did a great job. She fitted the role perfectly and had great chemistry with Frankie. The one character I felt sorry for was Gigi. She died a tragic death because of Francis. For her acting skills, Gigi fared better in this series than in other series. Some series that Francis, Gigi, Maggie, or Frankie appeared in are "The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000", "Incurable Traits", and "Virtues of Harmony".

What about my comments

The plot of this story was very good. After watching the series, I couldn't understand when and why Francis turned evil. There were a couple scenes where it was plain boring, but overall it was a good script. One negative comment about this series is its lack of supporting characters. If you watch the entire series, you will see that other than Francis and Frankie, there weren't any other male actors. Without a strong supporting actor, this story fails develop a strong hold on its viewers.

Watch it or forget it

This series was an okay series to watch. I didn't hate it or love it. Francis did a great job in this series. You should watch this series if there aren't any new series out yet or if you are fans of Gigi, Francis, Frankie, or Maggie.

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