The Conqueror's Story


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The Conqueror's Story

Reviewed by: max May 22, 2006

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Cast Adam Cheng: Liu Bang Wong Kah: Xiang Yu Maggie Cheung: Liu Chi Melissia Ng: Qiu Jiu Wayne Lai: Han Xin Ram Tseung: Zhang Liang Storyline After the fall of the short-lived Qin dynasty, two men rose up from the many rival powers to be the most likely emperor of the new dynasty. A five-year war soon followed, titled the "Chu-Han contention" - fought by the Chu against the...

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06-04-2008 11:57 PM


"The Conqueror's Story" is an interesting and exciting retelling of the founding of the Han dynasty. Despite a comical beginning, the story picks up as Liu Bang and Xiang Yu compete for glory. There are many battles of wits and war strategies - TVB has done it right for this one!

Extra tidbits on the history of Chinese proverbs and phrases at the beginning of each episode were very interesting too.


12-12-2007 08:24 PM


This is a GREAT film.

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