The Crime File

Reviewed by: sukting

October 25, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
13 episodes

There is an increase in the crime rate so the police force recruits more men. This drama tells how cops work and what they will do when facing dilemmas. They also face opposition by their family members as their jobs involve a lot of danger. How do they overcome this? This is the first time that Kwan Lai Kit and Yan Chi Dan work together. Are you thrilled to watch it?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ou Yeung Kum Yuen – Kwan Lai Kit

Kum Yuen is a new inspector who joins the investigation unit recently to lead a group. Initially, his subordinates do not think much of him as they think that he gets the job due to his university qualification. They call him ‘the scholar’ type. But soon, they discover that he isn’t as simple as they think. He is not only quick in thinking and observant. He is also agile in his actions to save them from danger when being attacked from criminals. They soon refer him as their ‘head’ with respect.

He usually wears a suit and tie to work. Outsiders will never guess that he is a cop to get tricked to think that he is a normal working professional unless he removes his jacket. His revolver is tied to a gun strap which is hidden beneath it. Even his own mother disapproves of his job but his passion for it is too great.

Kum Yuen treats them well and soon they are as close as siblings. But his love life isn’t as smooth as his career because Lok Yee doesn’t like his job too. He often has to cut their dates short when the police station calls him. Sometimes when they are watching a movie! Moreover, he can’t tell her what he is doing and only gets involved in dangerous missions to worry her. He doesn’t even remember Valentine’s Day or Lok Yee’s birthday. Thus, he is hardly a romantic.

They part in the end. He befriends Dong Dong who works in the police canteen. He finds her weak in enduring bullies so encourages her to seek her own dream. He is about 7 years older than her but they feel comfortable with each other. Knowing that she stays in the Wai village, he offers to send her home if they knock off at the same time.

There is an occasion she needs to work part-time and he helps to babysit her younger siblings. He is surprised to know that one of them is a baby boy and realizes why she works so hard. He finds her ever self-sacrificing and likes her from then onwards. Both finally become a pair and all envy them.

Lai Kit sheds his sissy image in ‘Police Cadet’ to become very manly, authoritative and tough in here. He is at top form here, looking dashing and gallant. His natural airs shows why he is the others’ superior. No wonder he wins the hearts of 2 women. His tall 1.8m frame becomes the x factor and he is quite convincing in his chops. Thumbs up for his hard work!

2. Wong Wai Sok – Yan Chi Dan

His nickname is ‘bomb’ as he has a fiery temper. Unlike Kum Yuen who is formally dressed, he dons white t-shirts with black jackets and sneakers. He often has conflicts with Kum Yuen as the latter often tells him to wait during ambushing operations on the criminals. Soon, he learns that Kum Yuen has good reasons for this and after napping Mok, both become close friends.

Like Kum Yuen, he is hardly a romantic. So even though he protects Mei on a case with Jing Mun, Mei can’t even tell that they are a couple. She even declares her likeness towards him and he has to explain that Jing Mun is not just his colleague but is also his girlfriend.

He is tormented upon knowing that his foster father is involved in illegal activities. That implies that he is brought up by ill-earned money. He gets so disillusioned that he nearly quits his job. Kum Yuen considers to take him out of the case but Wai Sok is an upright man. He insists of putting him behind bars to handcuff him with his own hands. It is painful for him but he still has to do it as it is his job.

If Lai Kit is excellent, Chi Dan’s performance is considered extraordinary. Although this is his first drama debut, he shines as the reckless cop with a firm voice. It is definitely a pleasure to see him displaying all the flying kicks on his own. I definitely don’t have enough of this for every episode but too bad, he only appears in movies now.

3. Luk Cheong Toi – Choi Kok Hing
He is the eldest in the team, counting down the days to his retirement. That is why he grumbles on why he needs to work so hard ever since Kum Yuen joins them.

4. Hung Fatt – Kok Tuck Shun
He is the superintendent. He is very impartial so all respect him.

5. Dang Foon – Wong Wai

He is Wai Sok’s foster father who brings him up after his father died. He is guilty-stricken whenever he faces him but he treats him as his son. He never gives up wooing Wai Sok’s mother. However, it saddens Wai Sok to know that Foon is actually responsible for his father’s death. He is also the head of a drug smuggling ring so it pains Wai Sok to have to arrest him with his own hands.

6. Chin Lok Yee – Kwan Bo Wai

She is Kum Yuen’s girlfriend who works in an office. She doesn’t understand why he keeps standing her up during dates Kum Yuen is never beside her whenever she is ill or when she needs him. She complains about it but he loves his job too much to give it up – even though he gets injured in several attacks. She gets so mad that once she shouts to him across the street that he is too much!

Thus they break up to become friends instead. But we can see how awkward they are as friends as they also find nothing much in common to talk about. Bo Wai shines here as a demanding girlfriend. She loses the ‘sparks’ when she mellows down in the end.

7. Cheng Dong Dong – Chan Lui

She works in the police staff canteen as a helper. She has three siblings who are very much younger than her. Kum Yuen helps her whenever she needs him and she falls in love with him. But knowing that he is attached and he is treating her like a younger sister as she is slightly older than Bo, she keeps to herself. One day, she witnesses Foon’s henchman having a drug transaction. She is then kidnapped and is missing for days. Kum Yuen nearly turns into a nervous wreak when he goes without sleep in search for her. All can detect that his anxiety for Dong Dong is completely different from the way he behaves when Paul holds Bo as hostage. He is still calm to aim his gum at Paul then but he breaks out in cold sweat this time, instructing all subordinates to comb all the areas of Wai village.

When he finally rescues her, she bursts into tears in his arms while he also confirms his own feelings. She then decides to become a cop and goes through training secretly. He is pleasantly surprised to see her turning up in her uniform to work at his station – but in a different unit as a traffic cop.

As a newcomer, she has tried her best in looking sweet. But chemistry wise, Bo Wai has the upper hand when with Lai Kit although their appearance isn’t that compatible.

8. Ou Yeung Bo- Wong Bo Yan

Kum Yuen is a law-bidding cop but his younger sister isn’t. She is willful and often gets into trouble although she is a university student. Kum Yuen often worries that she will get into the wrong company. She befriends Paul and falls for him. Little does she know that he is a killer and she weeps for him when he is killed by the cops. She becomes more mature later.

I feel like tying her with a rope to put her under house arrest. Why? Although Kum Yuen is a cop, this younger sister often gives him heartaches. Once, she has fun at the disco but has no money to foot the bill. She lies to Kum Yuen that she is badly beaten there. After he arrives, his worried face turns to a furious look within seconds upon seeing her having fun. She even reveals that he is a senior inspector, revealing his identity unknowingly to Paul, who is present too. Splendid acting from this actress who can cry well too.

9. Fong Jing Mun – Ho Kar Lai
She is the only female cop in the team. She looks strong but is actually gentle. Thus she is the only one who can tolerate Wai Sok’s bad temper. But it finally reaches a stage that she can’t take it and both become rivals to hit each other. But they become lovers after this. Kar Lai is only an average actress so she is very easily forgotten. But she really has good chemistry with Chi Dan as the queer pair. No one expects them to be together as they are so different from each other.

10. Mrs Wong – Lau Ying Hung
She is Wai Sok’s mother who brings him up as a single parent. Like Kum Yuen’s mother, she also doesn’t approve Wai Sok to What she keeps from him is his father is a wife-beater to prevent him from hating his father. Foon loves her but all along she only likes her husband.

11. Kam Wong – Lee Shing Cheong
He is also calm and cool who yearns for a stable life. That is why he also disagrees with Kum Yuen to work too hard. Both often don’t see eye to eye on many matters. But he also becomes Kum Yuen’s close colleague after napping Mok as he finally admits his abilities.

12. Co-stars

Paul – Ng Kok King
He is a killer who gets close to Bo because he wants to know more about Kum Yuen’s plans. Both men meet and his sharp ring accidentally pricks Kum Yuen’s hand. A few murders are committed and Kum Yuen is clueless about the murderer’s identity. Only when scanning through a photo that shows Paul’s hand does he realize that Paul is the culprit when he sees the ring. Paul takes Bo as hostage and the cops kill him. Bo is devastated when Paul has no intention to kill her at all as he genuinely loves her.

Ling – Sheung Tin Ngor
She is Wong’s ex-girlfriend who keeps on getting extortion threats from gangsters so the cops check on her case. Wong helps her and both are together again.

Ting Muk – Ou Sui Wai
This villain drives the 3 male cops nuts with his frequent gun sale illegal activities. They have to combine forces to arrest him. Due to him, the three settle their differences and work together well as a team.

Mei – Chan Fat Yung
She is a ganglord’s mistress to yearn for freedom. She falls for Wai Sok during the process when he protects her as she becomes their witness but he doesn’t feel the same for her as he is devoted to Jing Mun.

Yee – Lau Yuk Cui
She is the police staff canteen owner’s rebellious daughter. She gets into drug trafficking. The cops show her enough concern and care to make her return to her father.


Please forget about watching ‘Super Cop’. If you are looking for a decent cop drama, please watch this one. You will not be disappointed by the acting and storyline. I always feel that Hong Kong is best in producing detective dramas. ‘Crime files’ is one of those better ones produced. The producer does a good job in presenting the cases. However, he seems to stumble on romantic scenes.

We can see how awkward the cast deliver their speeches when coming to this. It seems that they need to think for a long time before they can react. The supposedly romantic element chills to zero with the bland dialogues. But who knows – maybe this is why the real cops behave in ordinary life?

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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