The Criminal Investigator

Reviewed by: sukting

December 08, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


I had started on this review slower than its sequel as it isn't as thrilling as the latter. I apologise to an OG fan, k h as it took me so long to write this one because I need to recall the stories. This story spells the beginning of Yat Wah returning to TVB after he completed his contract with ATV. It revives his career again. Do you also wish to know how Kum Hung becomes a popular actor after this drama was shown?


1.Robbers as tourists
Coster gets 4 men to pretend to be tourists to plan robbing the jewel shop. The Mainland police informs Zhen Yang about it. It is the rule of OG's boss to give a treat to subordinates after they have solved a case. They capture Zhou Jia Xiang and have a feast in the office. Gui reprimands them but later wishes to make up to them. Guo Zhao feels that he should not pamper them.

Zhi Cong and Yong Tai wait for Coster's gang. Coster wants his gang to escape to the MTR if they fail in their attempt. Zhi Cong finds Li Ming suspicious and deliberately gets an empty paper drink cover to step on it to scare him. Li Ming quickly draws his gun. Yong Tai has thought that a man who can't hurt anyone with 10 shots is impossible to be a gunman but he realizes that he is one criminal who commits the same crime 6 months away through a CCTV tape. (His judgment is very lousy.)

Ming Hui and Gary return from Hong Kong. She is going to be a fashion designer for a magazine company. Kang Gui disapproves of them together. He keeps calling him a foreign ghost while Ming Hui thinks that he is prejudiced towards him. Yong Tai's pager rings non-stop as his girlfriend, Yan San keeps calling him on minor matters. Zhi Cong checks out the details of the tourists from a hotel and gets hold of the list of suspects. He narrows down one by one.

Zhi Cong attends a trial. The defence lawyer says that he should not have shot at Jia Xiang (Lee Shing Cheong) even though he has a hostage. Zhi Cong is upset – he does it as he makes too many mistakes. He doesn't want him to get wrong anymore. He still regrets letting him off at Wan Zai police station to let him carry out another murder. If someone asks him if he regrets shooting, he will say yes and should not have aimed at his leg. Jia Xiang is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Zhi Cong is in low spirits after hearing the verdict. Gary envies his 20 pounds police uniform. Zhi Cong says that the policeman has to undergo a lot of pressure. He can't betray his conscience if he wears it. If Jia Xiang isn't a policeman, he will not get entangled and his friend will not have to capture him. Gary doesn't understand what Zhi Cong is talking about.

Zhi Cong attends a classmate alumni function. Although he recognizes the married Song Lian, he is stunned that the fat Cindy (Choi Wan Ha) he knows becomes a skinny woman. He is supposed to send Cindy home under Song Lian's request but has to tail Coster and his boss, Du Wen under Yong Tai's alert. Zhi Cong has to hug Cindy close to him in order to seize a chance to take a photo of Du Wen. This gives Cindy the wrong impression that he is interested in her. (Sigh – who doesn't from this gesture?!)

One of the robbers, Huo San rapes a shoe assistant in the toilet and Yong Tai is unable to get her statement as she keeps crying. The other robbers are angry with his act. Ming Hui's assistant is raped by Huo San and Sen gets angry with Zhi Cong for not giving him information. Song Lian looks for Zhi Cong when he is working and he knows that she intends to pair him with Cindy. He wants her to give him more time. (This woman comes at the wrong time – Zhi Cong is impatient as he is working now.)

Gary takes off his clothes to sunbathe at the balcony. Kang Gui quarrels with him when reporters come to take photos. You will laugh at this – Gary protests that it is good to have an even skin tone while Ming Hui states that this is common overseas. Yan San loses her job and sleep. She gets Yong Tai to paste her home's wallpaper at midnight. Yong Tai obliges but ends up not sleeping enough. (He should have rejected her but has no heart to tell her that.)

She even wants him to drive her to the rooftop to admire the scenery. Her happiness is short-lived when Yong Tai dozes off to have a car accident. It is then discovered that she suffers from depression. Zhi Cong checks that Huo San is the only one among the five who isn't in the hotel when the rape incidents happen. He wants to get evidence from his watch but Yong Tai reminds him that he must catch the robbers, not a rapist so they must draw a line. (This part shows how inflexible Yong Tai is.)

Ming Hui's colleague attempts suicide. Sen wants to arrest Huo San fast but Zhi Cong wants him to wait. Sen gets angry that he changes after joining OG. Zhi Cong and Yong Tai look for Guo Zhao for an arrest warrant but get scolded instead. Zhen Yang is informed that the robbers have a lot of arms so they have to act fast. During the ambush, Yong Tai falls asleep and Huo San discovers his gun at his waist. He is about to kill him when Zhi Cong fires a shot at him.

Zhen Yang commands his men to go in when he hears the shot. Jing Yu can't find enough evidence to charge Du Wen. She complains to her boyfriend, Gui. His subordinates should have waited for them to commit the theft and get the boot. Now she can only try her best. Guo Zhao blames Zhi Cong for the shot. Yong Tai isn't grateful to Zhi Cong for covering up for him – he makes him feel that he owes him too much. (Sigh – it sometimes doesn't pay for being nice.)

Zhi Cong is also isolated by other colleagues as his 'reckless act' causes Nai Ba to get injured. Zhi Cong is very down in luck when Song Lian comes to accuse him for forsaking Cindy. (Song Lian comes without checking the facts beforehand and this embarrass him.)

Kang Gui is mistaken to be the one to sunbathe in public. Reporters come and even the tv station arrives. Ming Hui decides to move out but Jie Ru suggests her marrying soon. Yong Tai grills Coster for 5 hours without success to testify against Du Wen. (Of course, this doesn't work. He is simply too soft – just like how Jia Wei comments about his methods in Part 2.) Zhi Cong manages to help as he finds out that Coster is marrying soon. Gui has plenty of praises for him but Guo Zhao only thinks that he is lucky.

Yong Tai feels guilty to almost implicating the team. Moreover, he feels that Zhi Cong is more capable than him. He decides to resign but Sen is displeased with him for giving up so easily. Cindy agrees to be Zhi Cong's witness but she later cries in court over his 'infidelity'. The defence lawyer wants to make use of this point to rebut but luckily Du Wen is pronounced guilty. Zhi Cong tries to make Yong Tai change his mind but he cites that his heart isn't here.

He wants to get married and get a stable life with Yan San. Huo San escapes to his aunt's home and rapes another woman at Mongkok. Suspecting that his aunt gives him away, he kills her but Yong Tai and Sen are hot on their heels. Sen pins him down and this changes Yong Tai's mind to resign. OG solves this case so Zhen Yang and Gui decides to give all a crab feast.

Song Lian comes to look for Zhi Cong. He thinks that she is going to teach him a lesson again. It turns out that she wants to apologise to him. He says there is no need to. Thus she secretly changes their feast venue to a big hall. When the restaurant manager passes the menu to Zhen Yang, he has a big shock of his life. Each person gets 5 crabs, 1 huge abalone and 10 small abalones. (His expression is definitely classic!)

Song Lian appears at the door, smiling. Will they mind this to be her treat? The guys shout that they don't. (You will be amused to see how childish and delighted they become.) Zhi Cong has to accept this expensive apology method but there is no next time. They can't afford a meal like this – he feels that each time he moves his chopsticks, he feels that he is holding a dollar bill. (The description is quite fit indeed.)

2. The car theft gang

Yong Tai helps Yan San to sell her goods to his colleagues at work. All tease him for working part-time. Song Lian comes to Zhi Cong's home for dinner with a fish and Kang Gui recognizes her. Ming Hui likes talking to her and invites her to stay for the night. She brings her to meet her modeling boss, Ben to have fun at his home for a party with the models.

Guo Zhao tells his subordinates that a car theft gang is at large. They will steal from the rich to get a high price from them later. This increases the crime rate as the victims settle on their own. Huo Zu Hong (Chor Yuen) holds a party at his home and Zhen Yang is invited. Guo Zhao is a bootlicker to get all to attend. It is said to boost Zhen Yang's entrance but in reality, they are becoming free bodyguards. All are reluctant to go but Guo Zhao insists that only the dead will be excused. (What a way to get them to help!)

They turn up in suits and all feel uncomfortable in them. (But I can assure you that all of them look very dashing.) Song Lian introduces her husband, Yao Zu to Zhi Cong. Wen An and the others are impressed on how he can talk openly with him. Zhi Cong nearly bursts – they should believe her although not him. Can Song Lian be having an affair openly? (I want to laugh at it – how can they be as nosey as women?)

Song Lian gets a call to pay Hk$100,000 to redeem her lost red convertible. Song Lian can't get Zhi Cong and she doesn't wish to alarm her family. So she has to get Ming Hui to come up with the money to get it. When both are back, they are stopped by the police as the car is involved in an accident earlier to kill a traffic policeman. Yao Zu bails her out.

Actually, the one who kills the man is Lan Wei Bao. He wants to give up this dangerous sport but Hua Shao refuses to let him off. His friend, Hong Wei Bao replaces him for the race. OG breaks a ring heads by Luo Qiang and Zhi Cong discovers Song Lian's number. Yong Tai sees him anxiously asking him – he shakes his head. Zhi Cong is becoming emotional over a woman. He will not behave like this if she is only an ordinary friend. (How right he is this time!)

Song Lian discovers that Yao Zu has used the car the other night to fetch an actress. Thus he isn't suitable to become a witness. Zu Hong invites Jing Yu to work for him so she hints that Song Lian will be fine. Song Lian is troubled so she comes to Zhi Cong's home. He meets Hong Wei Bao on his way home and says that he is interested to race with him. He learns that Yi Niao is another competent racer.

He returns to the police station but there are no records on him. Song Lian has a drink with Ming Hui and sees Yao Zu going into a hotel room with a woman. Ming Hui quarrels with Gary over this. Zhi Cong borrows the Mercedes that Yong Tai drives for a rich man while working part-time to let Yi Niao drive it. Yong Tai is afraid that Yi Niao might damage the car and tries to stop.

Yi Niao insists of driving and reveals that he is the one who kills the cop. Zhi Cong suppresses his anger and only beats him up when the crowd disperses. It is too late when he finds out that he is CID. Needless to add, he gets another dressing down from Guo Zhao. He even passes the case to the 'B' team to stop him and Yong Tai from checking as his relationship with Song Lian is so sensitive.

JingYu decides to resign her job and Gui supports her. Hong Wei Bao asks Zhi Cong to watch how Lan Wei Bao challenges against the others. But Lan Wei Bao loses as he has no confidence after the tragedy. Yao Zu cooks up an excuse to meet his client. Song Lian exposes his lie and wants a divorce to get slapped. Zhi Cong goes racing with Lan Wei Bao and Hong Wei Bao. Zhi Cong tells Sen what he is checking. Sen can't control his temper to beat Lan Wei Bao up.

Lan Wei Bao beats Zhi Cong – why is he let off faster than the rest? Hong Wei Bao thinks that there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Song Lian is badly beaten up and has to wear shades. Zhi Cong flares up and wants her to examine her wound to sue Yao Zu. Song Lian feels that an outsider should not interfere in their relationship. Zhi Cong gets hurt – he is an outsider? If so, he will not help her to check on the car theft case after work. (Poor man – why no one appreciate his efforts in helping others?)

Yong Tai busy a new house and prepares to marry Yan San. Yan San avoids him and even returns all his gifts to him. Yong Tai locks himself up in his room and seeing him so upset, Zhi Cong doesn't know how to console him. Yan San is detained as a bomb is found on her. This is Zhi Cong's arrangement to help Yong Tai find out the reason. (This man knows how to use drastic measures to force the truth out of her.)

Yong Tai learns that she has fallen in love with her doctor who treats her depression illness. She even goes to bed with him and is now pregnant. Yong Tai gets very mad – he goes to his clinic. Not to bash the man up but to take back the large wooden panel that says 'a doctor who has a fine heart and skills'. (That is definitely the most unthinkable act that one can think of to break up.) Zhi Cong consoles him.

Lan Wei Bao knocks into his opponent, Big B's car for sneering at him. Zhi Cong reveals his policeman identity to solve this problem and wins his trust. Lan Wei Bao confesses that he has nightmares after the mishap and Zhi Cong encourages him to surrender himself. He is about to do that when he sees Zhi Cong with Sen together. He feels cheated and accepts Big B's challenge.

Zhi Cong doesn't see Lan Wei Bao coming to the police station and 'B' team has napped Luo Qiang. The warrant is now ready for Lan Wei Bao's arrest. Guo Zhao blames Zhi Cong for checking on his own. Zhi Cong then applies to get Lan Wei Bao with Gui's approval. Lan Wei Bao surrenders and Zhi Cong becomes his witness. He knows that he has low self esteem as he walks with a limp when young. Lan Wei Bao is sentenced to 5 years jail but his colleagues blame him for siding outsiders although he is impartial.

3. A kidnap

Jing Yu leaves the attorney chambers and Guo Zhao gets the cops to help her move her things to Huo Holdings. What a lame excuse to call this special training! Gui feels bad for troubling them. Before they can say anything, Guo Zhao replies that it is nothing. Once he opens his mouth, all come to help. But Jing Yu is unappreciative of their help. She keeps sneering at Zhi Cong for causing her to lose the case. (The guys are too nice – if I were them, I will throw the things right at the face and get her to pack on her own.)

Zhi Cong meets Yao Zu in the toilet. Yao Zu boasts on how he loves his wife. He reveals his real nature and warns him – if he hits Song Lian again, he will be pulled into the police station. Cindy commits suicide because she loses Zhi Cong. He comes and meets Song Lian. He asks Song Lian if she regrets marrying Yao Zu. She forgives him and even intends to go on tour with him. Zhi Cong feels lost.

The two part after having a good time. The next day, Song Lian calls him as he leaves his pen in her car. When coming to take it, he can control his feelings no longer and hugs her. Yong Tai is bored without a girlfriend and often gets the single Mei Tou to keep him company. Both get drunk and the others are helpless to see him ruining himself.

Ming Hui doesn't want Gary to become a money-minded insurance agent. She gets him to work in the magazine company but Gary mentions insurance right in front of Ben to make her embarrassed. Yong Tai is surrounded by the models when he joins them and all cause him to drink a lot of wine. But he has to work later. Ming Hui leaves a bouquet of flowers for him and he gets attracted by a model, Mandy.

Zhen Yang gets a case of a 5 year old boy, Wei Jie being kidnapped as his father Luo Jin Sheng is a rich wool merchant. Jin Sheng doesn't tell the police but he only places a commercial in the papers, wishing all merry Christmas. They can only check the case secretly. Jin Sheng seeks help from the underground boss, Hu Lao Jiu. Lao Jiu's henchmen pretend to be the kidnappers to spend the money at a brothel.

Zhen Yang captures them to learn that they re not the real kidnappers. Jin Sheng has to get help from the police now. OG gets the tape that the kidnappers sent. Gui knows that all miss their family as they have not returned for 2 days. He allows them to call their families and go for a bath to meet 30 minutes later. All get excited to call their wives or girlfriends. The office becomes a market as it is flooded with their voices. (This is funny indeed but the following will make you sprawl on the ground too.)

Zhi Cong calls Ming Hui as he is down not getting Song Lian's calls for a few days. Yong Tai also calls her to try to find out sexy Mandy's phone number but he is too shy to say it. Thus Ming Hui doesn't understand what he wants. The kidnappers want Jin Sheng to put the money in a telephone booth in a park. Jin Sheng follows his instructions but a greedy man attempts to get the money instead.

Zhen Yang sees him peeing out of fright and hands him over to CID. Jing Sheng blames the police for being incompetent. They get news that a boy's corpse is found but it is not Wei Jie. Zhen Yang sees that it is Christmas so he instructs Gui to make all work in shifts. Zhi Cong and Yong Tai buy Christmas presents together. Yong Tai keeps the earrings. Zhi Cong also buys for Song Lian but is down when he can't get her.

The kidnappers send another tape to want the exchange place to be at a fastfood restaurant. They are smart to cause the police to lose Jin Sheng's track. Jin Sheng goes to Huang Guan building lift while Zhi Cong stays in his car as he tails faraway. As instructed, he opens the lift cover and discovers his son's finger. He puts the money into the cover and is weak when he gets out.

OG fails this time as they are tricked by the kidnappers. The finger is actually a toy. Gui is disappointed. Three people - Xing Quan, Tommy and Jun are counting the money. Wei Jie suddenly has asthma and all rush to save him. The kidnappers get the money but do not release Wei Jie. It is Dong Zhi and all remain in the police station. Zhi Cong listens to the noises in the two tapes and finds the noises made by cars on a highway. There are also noises made by the train and trucks.

OG goes to Fen Ling to make a search. The villagers are unhappy and complain to their member of parliament, saying that they should not ruin their feng shui. Gui has to get them to return but Zhi Cong refuses to give up. He checks on the car plate numbers on computer and the villagers' identities. They discover that the truck driver, Tommy and Xing Quan are two kidnappers.

Zhen Yang doesn't want to risk Wei Jie's life as the third kidnapper's identity is still unknown. Only when the two plan to sneak to Taiwan, the police arrest them to get the ransom. They have to tell their mastermind, Jun's whereabouts. Jun still denies when Zhi Cong questions him. Zhi Cong gets so mad that he hits his nose, wanting to test his blood's DNA. Jun has to own up. (Zhi Cong is a rugged cop indeed.)

The police finally find Wei Jie in a stone house. Jin Sheng is grateful to the police and changes his prejudice thoughts against them. It is Christmas Eve so Yong Tai comes to Ben's party. When seeing Mandy kissing Ben, he gets drunk. Ming Hui has to tell him that Mandy has a sex change to be a woman and she already has a boyfriend. Yong Tai gives the earrings to her while she gives him her ring. Song Lian wants Zhi Cong to meet her at 12 midnight at a fountain. He comes with high spirits but she tells him that he should forget their hug the other night.

4. A Triad's family struggle

Ma Zheng (Doi Chi Wai) is the top underworld boss who is charged for killing Wen Qiang. His brother-in-law, Stephen helps him in this case. The only witness, Peter changes his statement so he is released. Zhi Cong is annoyed when he raids his business – nightclubs and loan companies with no success. Zhi Cong sees that Coster works for Zheng after his release and reminds him to follow a good boss.

Stephen gets scared upon seeing how Zheng kills Peter. Jin Yu tries in vain to dissuade Stephen to continue working for Zheng. She prefers the poor life that they have earlier. Kang Gui accepts Gary now but finds his job insecure. Thus Zhi Cong helps to introduce his colleagues to buy insurance from Gary. Coster attempts suicide when his girlfriend has a change of heart. Zhi Cong gets him to become his informer and he learns about Peter's death.

Mrs Ma (Ha Ping) is celebrating her birthday. Gui comes to ruin her dinner and wants Stephen to return to the police station for questioning. Mrs Ma reminds Zheng that she doesn't consider Stephen as one of them so she will not know if he will betray them. Stephen knows how ruthless Zheng is and is hard to get off the hook so he plans to leave Hong Kong with Jin Yu.

Yan San gets married and Yong Tai wants to dress nicely to her wedding. Seeing that his dressing is terrible, she changes it but he doesn't have courage to go. She advises him to forget his past to look forward to his future. Gary's company is only an empty shell so Zhi Cong suffers a loss. He has to pay the other colleagues for their damages. Gary gets mad when Ming Hui asks for a breakup at this time.
Yong Tai checks on a case on a Category 3 movie actress being bashed up. He meets Ming Hui who cries over her breakup. He tells her to leave the vacant place to him if she can't find anyone. Zheng kills Stephen and Jin Yu witnesses this. She gets a terrible shock and is unable to give her statement when the police uncovers his body.

Gui waits for Jing Yu on his birthday but she isn't there as Zheng engages her as his defence lawyer. Kang Gui thinks that Ben is the third party and beats him up. He has a big quarrel with Ming Hui after that. Ming Hui gets drunk and has one-night-stand with Yong Tai. She doesn't regret it but hopes that Yong Tai will give her an answer when she is back from Shanghai. Yong Tai is apologetic over this.

Gary moves out and Zhi Cong comes to look for her to discover Yong Tai. Zhi Cong is enraged with him for being a third party. He chides himself for being so stupid – why hasn't he been vary of this despicable fellow. (Gary has done miracles to make Zhi Cong and Kang Gui like him so much.) OG team is mad with Jing Yu for helping Zheng. They complain that she doesn't give Gui the respect he needs.

Gui is troubled but promises that he is an impartial man. He will not be swayed by personal feelings to dampen their morale. Zhen Yang knows that he is sandwiched so he assigns him to check on other cases. Stephen's funeral has few people attending and Zhi Cong consoles Jin Yu. Jin Yu only regards Stephen as her only kin and will testify against Zheng. But she changes her mind upon knowing that he has a illegitimate son. Zheng says that he kills Stephen because of this.

Mei Tou is getting married and all go to a nightclub to celebrate. Wen An recognizes one dance hostess as Stephen's 'mistress'. They realize they are tricked and inform Jin Yu. But they are too late to save the dance hostess as she gets killed. Mei Tou gets killed while Yong Tai is injured while trying to shield Zhi Cong. Zhi Cong gets blamed again so Gui sends him to protect Jin Yu to avoid further conflicts in the team.

Many see him working like a machine and find him cold. Actually, he is controlling himself and is trying his best to get Jin Yu to testify. Jing Yu confronts Zheng on this but he denies everything. She gets troubled and breaks up with Gui over this case. Jin Yu insists to return home on her father's death anniversary. Zhi Cong has to protect her. Mrs Ma wants her to avoid testifying but she refuses. During their quarrel, Mrs Ma dies of a heart attack.

Zheng is furious and sends his men to kill Zhi Cong. Zhi Cong is too late to stop the explosion. She attends the trial with injuries. Jing Yu points that she is out to seek revenge right from the day she is molested by Zheng when young. Thus the judge pronounces Zheng as not guilty. Jin Yu wants to seek for more evidence but Zhi Cong thinks she has done her best. Jin Yu plans to go overseas. Zhi Cong feels happy for her as they meet at a café. Just then, Zheng and Jing Yu walk in.

Jin Yu grabs Zhi Cong's gun to kill Zheng. Zhi Cong almost collapses after this case. From the minute Mei Tou dies, he tells himself not to cry and will have to get Jin Yu to seek revenge for him. But now, he can only watch a helpless woman kill a wicked man. She will have to pay a high price of going to jail. He feels that he can't do what a cop is supposed to do. He considers himself useless and cries in front of Jie Ru finally. Zhi Cong tenders his transfer application.

5. The change in Zhi Cong, Yong Tai and Gui

More triads compete for power after Zheng's death. Killings occur daily so OG members are worn out. Yong Tai feels the pressure with Zhi Cong's absence. Guo Zhao and Gui worry that Zheng's men will seek revenge on them although they try not to show their uneasiness.

Ming Hui is busy over her fashion show but notices that Zhi Cong's regular hours look abnormal to her. He is once a person with vigour. When he stops, this doesn't imply that he wants to rest but his moods have changed. Gui is on holiday and meets Zhen Yang at the market. He confesses his fear and Zhen Yang knows that he is the scholarly type. He can't treat himself as a civil servant but as a cop.

Jing Yu loses her case to an insurance agent, Fu Ting in court. The other cops envy Guo Zhao for having such a beautiful and capable girlfriend. Although Guo Zhao doesn't wish her to get too close to his subordinates, he is unable to stop this. Guo Zhao worries for his own safety so he keeps asking Wen An and Shou Fa for meals. Both see through his attempt and do not want to be made used by him. (This scene is hilarious – we know how these cops love to eat but they can give up this interest to save their own skin.)

Kang Gui is hostile to Yong Tai as he regards him a third party but Jie Ru welcomes him. Yong Tai promises Jie Ru that he will persuade Zhi Cong to accept him. Zhi Cong teams up with Sen but he often can't catch culprits. Sen sees his negative side and talks to him. He knows him well – he will spit fire when he plays soccer. But he becomes so negative now. He can't be like this if he still wants to be a cop.

Zhi Cong asks Coster out. They meet the 'A' team members. Wen An blames Coster for giving the wrong information that causes Mei Tou's death. Even though Zhi Cong talks for Coster, Guo Zao still gets Wen An to search Coster's body. Gui's younger brother is getting married in England. Gui requests Jing Yu to go with him to meet his parents but she refuses, citing that she doesn't plan to marry and work is important to her. Why is he behaving like her husband? Gui is hurt by her remark.

Guo Zhao is tied into a sack to get beaten up. His watch is also stolen to be hospitalized. Gui takes his men to charge into Zheng's hideout. The members do not know how Gui becomes so heroic (we know that he needs to destress as he has bottled up his unpleasantness for too long.) Even Zhen Yang also views him in a different light. The underworld bosses plan to engage Jing Yu as their lawyer.

Gui comes to interrupt their business and accuses them of assaulting a cop. If they touch a policeman, they will be offending a whole group. Jing Yu blames him for embarrassing her but Gui maintains that he is doing what a cop should do. Now even Jing Yu also changes her impression of him. (Sigh – he should have proved to all of them that he can be firm and assertive earlier.)

Coster is the culprit to hurt Guo Zhao. Zhi Cong requests Yong Tai to release him as he is checking on a gold mine robbery case but Yong Tai refuses to let him be put on bail. Zhi Cong gets angrier when Guo Zhao also jeers at him. Ming Hui gets Yong Tai to do modeling when a model is absent. He becomes attractive and she is proud of him.

Sen likes Ming Hui for her lively nature and she wishes to dress Sen to look younger. Mei Ying gets jealous as she is the one to get the clothes for them. (Since then, all his colleagues tease him as he turns up with a tie in addition to his suit to have his hair gelled for work. That is why they make fun of Si Tu again to call him as Yong Tai no. 2 when he does the similar way in 'Criminal Investigators 2')

Kang Gui and Ming Hui are still on bad terms with each other. But he can't help feeling concerned for her and tails her. He is mad to see her eating breakfast with Sen and Yong Tai. More so when Sen mistakens him to be a pervert to capture him. Yong Tai is checking on a case when a cop's gun is stolen. He dresses so nicely under Ming Hui's package and a few women crowd around him, thinking that he is Lau Tak Wah. (you have to watch this scene for yourself as it is very hilarious.)

Yong Tai checks out that the cop actually gives his gun to the loanshark because he owes them too much money. The man has to confess that he is forced to be a gigolo and is cheated of his money. Thus Yong Tai pretends to be John to penetrate into the ring. The person in charge wants him to give 5000 as a member fee to promise him riches within a short period.

Guo Zhao can't sue Coster due to lack of evidence. Coster is suddenly beaten up when meeting Zhi Cong. Zhi Cong knows that it is Guo Zhao's doing but he can't stop it. Yong Tai and two gigolos meet the person in charge in a hotel. This man cheats during the gambling game and keeps on winning, to want the gigolos to owe him money. Unknown to him, the whole OG is watching him and arrests him. After this case, Yong Tai stops his lavish dressing as all jokingly say that he is a convincing gigolo representative.

Zhi Cong meets Song Lian to know that she is separated from Yao Zu. She opens her own insurance company. He harbours hopes, bringing the Christmas present to her home to see her returning with Guo Zhao. He knows that he has little hopes to be with her. Sen and Zhi Cong check on a threatening case at a property firm. Manager Pan is injured in an explosion and Sen is also dragged into it. OG gets the news so Yong Tai takes over the case.

Ting is Song Lian's good friend so she helps her in her work. Seeing Ting engrossed in work, Song Lian advises her to spend time with Guo Zhao but she is indifferent. Guo Zhao now has a new target – Song Lian. He keeps gaining her empathy to ask her out. This gullible Song Lian can allow him to stay over at her home when he pretends to be drunk. (Zhi Cong's supporters will wish to skin him alive.)

Ming Hui stays at the hotel. Yong Tai is enraged to see her so liberal to share towels, cigarettes and even sleep on the same bed with male models. Ri Long complains to Yong Tai about his mother-in-law but Yong Tai sighs that she is still better than his girlfriend for letting different men to sleep on her bed. His words spread out to become Ming Hui becomes a whore to accept different guys daily. Zhi Cong and Jie Ru try their best to hide this rumour from Kang Gui. (Even men can be terrible gossipers in this drama.)

Na Ba checks the land property firm records and finds Hu Shi Jie most suspicious. He is also among the list of gigolos earlier. Na Ba then arrest him after he confesses that he is Pan's 'girlfriend' for 5 years and wants to seek revenge on him for wanting to marry a real woman. Ming Hui learns the rumour from Song Lian anc confronts Yong Tai. Yong Tai reveals that he doesn't dare to put his confidence in another woman after Grace's incident. She can say that he is a little man with low esteem.

He only wants to know if the person he likes also likes him. Ming Hui clears up the misunderstanding with him and stays in his home. Kang Gui creates a scenes at Sen's home. Both men end up fighting and Sen is asked to stop his duties for the moment. Although he doesn't blame the Wang siblings, Mei Ying nags over it and blames Ming Hui for it.

Ting knows that Guo Zhao likes Song Lian. Guo Zhao bears with her insults like a dog as he still needs her to pay off the two apartment loans. Zhi Cong blames himself upon knowing that Mei Tou's finacee becomes a drug addict. She still hates him for causing Mei Tou's death. Guo Zhao warns Zhi Cong to back out. Zhi Cong obeys as he mistakens Song Lian to like him. Zhi Cong loses faith, friendship and kinship so he becomes an undercover cop under Zhang Sir's help.

6. Another goldsmith robbery

Zhi Cong pairs up with another undercover cop, Funky. Zhi Cong lies to his family that he is going to the Mainland to check on a case. In reality, he is with Funky at different nightclubs. Ming Hui can't stand the arrogant way Guo Zhao talks so she leaves Song Lian with Guo Zhao. The two watch a movie to see Zhi Cong, Funky and two dance hostesses. Song Lian is sad to see him becoming like this – in addition to Guo Zhao's insults. (This man never stops to belittle Zhi Cong whenever he has the chance.)

Yong Tai is angry to see how Zhi Cong behaves too when he raids the nightclub. Although Zhi Cong refuses to tell him, he senses something amiss but promises to keep it a secret. Funky brags about Zhi Cong's ability to his boss, Xiao Lu so Zhi Cong has to get Zhang Sir's help to complete the mission of stealing 50 bullets and 5 guns. This gains Xiao Lu's trust to allow the two to join in the goldsmith robbery.

Zhi Cong gives Zhang Sir the information. Sen passes the scene to discover one robber so he is hit. Sen is still in a coma and Yong Tai is worried. Guo Zhao breaks up with Ting and quickly declares his love for Song Lian. Song Lian avoids him. Ming Hui learns from Sen's injury case to cherish her parents. She returns home and visits Sen with Kang Gui and Gary.

At the moment, Kang Gui and Mei Ying are talking about their children's marriage, Sen wakes up, saying that Kang Gui is too loud. Ting gets Guo Zhao to buy 2 more apartments. Guo Zhao thinks that she isn't bothered by his past and agrees. But she later backs out to cause him to be heavily in debt. Zhen Yang tells Guo Zhao and Gui that Zhi Cong is the spy. Keen to impress, Guo Zhao offers to contact Zhi Cong to break the ring. Actually, Xiao Lu gets suspicious of Zhi Cong and Funky now.

Xiao Lu ties Funky to lure OG into an old warehouse to release a bomb. Gui is angry with Guo Zhao for putting their lives in danger. The bombing causes Nai Ba to get injured but Guo Zhao pushes the blame to
Zhi Cong. Yong Tai and Ri Long worry for him now. Guo Zhao steals the public funds to gamble in Macau but he loses all the money. He begs for Gui's help but he rejects him. So he is taken away by ICAC. (All must be happy to drinking champagne as justice has long hands indeed.)

Funky and Zhi Cong are tied up. Yong Tai fears for them so he prepares a public conference to declare that they have caught a suspect and knows all the details. Guo Zhao begs Ting for help but she still rejects him. He then looks for Song Lian and nearly rapes her. He returns to his office at night. Shou Fa and Wen An are also present. He seizes Wen An's gun and is about to blow into his head. Luckily, Yong Tai stops him.

Funky leaves a note to try to inform the police that Xiao Lu is going to rob a jewel shop. The ploy is foiled but Zhi Cong manages to leave the clue with his blood from a bleeding finger. OG confronts the criminals and Gui is shot in the chest. Zhi Cong is wary of Gui's injury and his gun is seized by Xiao Lu. Luckily, Yong Tai is alert to rescue him. Just when Xiao Lu feels that it is helpless struggling, a mysterious car comes to lead him away. It is Guo Zhao who steals Ting's car as he wants money from Xiao Lu.

Zhi Cong returns to OG to check on the case. All are puzzled over the mysterious car and checks on the owner. They also seal off all places. Gui is seriously injured so A team has no superintendent to lead. Zhen Yang wants Zhi Cong to take over as he is the closest to his teammates and they need a leader. Zhi Cong and Yong Tai sacrifice their sleep to forget to call home.

Sen and Ming Hui are about to go to the police station when Yong Tai returns. Ming Hui bursts out crying as she is very worried for him. He hugs her close to him, promising her that he will not forget it again. Song Lian also comes to the police station. She sees Zhi Cong still working despite of his injury and is concerned but he avoids her.

Jing Yu wins Zheng's case and all from the underworld try to seek her help, especially Cao. She has no mood as she is anxiously over Gui's injury to step in and out of hospital. Her assistant, Ken reminds her that she can't offend Cao and she is troubled. She finally defies Cao to cry at Gui's sick bed to reveal how much she misses him. Gui wakes up and fondles her hair gently. (Such a nice guy should not deserve this kind of woman but love is always blind.)

The police check out that it is Ting's car and she reveals that Guo Zhao drives it. OG worries that Guo Zhao knows their every move. Zhi Cong knows that they need to be faster than the robbers. Xiao Lu wants Guo Zhao to get guns for them. Song Lian does well in her job and is sent to Vancover. Zhi Cong avoids her as being an undercover cop in the past makes him ponder when he will die. He is really scared and doesn't wish to implicate anyone – especially her as she treats him so well.

Zhi Cong tells Yong Tai to get Guo Zhao's debtors to paste his photos everywhere. Thus Xiao Lu abandons him to escape alone. Zhi Cong knows that he is like a mouse afraid of light so he has to retreat to Xiao Lu's base. Zhi Cong quickly seals up the whole building. Zhen Yang suddenly informs him that the suspect has fled but someone notifies SDU. Zhi Cong jumps as SDU can't be as fast as them.

Xiao Lu thus gets the house tenants as his hostages so they have to reallocate their men. Song Lian decides to leave for Vancover and Ming Hui rushes to the airport. Xiao Lu keeps killing so Zhi Cong decides to offer himself to release the others for exchange. Just when Xiao Lu wants to kill Zhi Cong with bombs, Yong Tai and the others save him on time as Xiao Lu is killed. Guo Zhao is also arrested.

OG goes for supper as celebration but Zhi Cong prefers to be alone to stay guard at the office. He keeps listening to Song Lian's messages. Zhen Yang mistakens that he is only having a lovers' quarrel and suggesting buying flowers to pacify Song Lian. Zhi Cong smiles bitterly – if only this is so easy. Song Lian is about to go on the plane but later returns to Zhi Cong.

Ming Hui has asked her if she is frightened of not seeing him again as he is after the robbers earlier. She tells Ming Hui that she isn't afraid but in reality, she is very scared. Zhi Cong can't suppress himself and hugs her tightly. The suspect who flees suddenly assaults Zhi Cong at this time. Luckily Song Lian protects him to give him a chance to strike back.

Zhi Cong escapes from death again and is shaken in his promise. He knows that it is unfair to her but he can't give up this job. She assures him that she understands. So is Ming Hui – thus both couples get married. Because of their outstanding performances, Zhi Cong rises to become the inspector to take over Guo Zhao's position while Yong Tai becomes the sergeant.

Introduction on characters

1. Wang Zhi Cong – Wong Yat Wah
He is formerly Sen's colleague who works in the distinct area so both know each other well. He later transfers to become the sergeant of OG 'A' team. Many find his ways unbearable as he is always doing his one-man-show. He is a warm person who helps others silently even if the methods aren't appropriate to get blamed. No one will know what sacrifices he has made as he chooses not to voice it. Even though he suffers, he also keeps to himself.

His colleagues can't get along with him initially but soon they become close colleagues upon knowing how much he suffers. We can't blame him for feeling unsure of himself as he has caused a Mei Tou's death, forced to send a colleague to prison personally, unable to stop an innocent person from killing her own brother and also protect his informers. It is a miracle that he doesn't go mad after this round of events.

Yat Wah is a veteran actor so we don't have to doubt his acting ability as a hot-headed cop. But he comes across as unreasonable at times with his hair looking greasy, unlike the more matured and refreshed Zhi Cong in a shorter hairstyle in part 2.

2. Wu Song Lian – Kok Hor Ying
She marries the wrong man and all envy her to have a wealthy husband. She also has the wrong impression that she is blissful till the day she discovers him cheating on her. She is initially weak to give in to him but later becomes firm to leave him and become independent. Hor Ying is quite fine in her attempt to look mature but her acting skills still have more room for improvement then.

3. Lin Yong Tai – Chan Kum Hung
He joins OG 'A' team about the same time as Zhi Cong. But he gets along with the other colleagues faster than Zhi Cong because he is cheerful. He isn't as dedicated to his job as Zhi Cong and often treats this as a normal job. He is over obliging to his girlfriends to obey what they say. I practically enjoy it when Yong Tai becomes vain and overly conscious over his looks under Ming Hui's influence. Luckily, he finds it a chore to dress up and prefers to be himself in the end.

Zhi Cong instills the fire in him and he seeks to do better as Sen keeps comparing both guys together. See how brilliant he turns in the end? His efforts have paid off. Chan is marvelous – he creates so many laughs for all of us. You will enjoy as much as I do.

4. Si Tu Wen An – Ma Tuck Chung
He is as hot-headed as Zhi Cong. He can be unreasonable as not to listen to others. But he is dedicated to his job and will not let go of any single clue in order to seek out the criminals.

5. Hu Shou Fa – Ng Bo See
He is the no-nonsense man who hardly smiles. When he cracks a joke, all will laugh but he himself will still keep a straight face. And sometimes he can be so sarcastic that no one can take it.

6. Chen Gui – Choi Kok Kuen
He is OG 'A' team's superintendent. Many call him the 'scholar' because he gets this position because of his high paper qualifications. The team doesn't really look up to him as their superior as he is too soft. They also distant themselves from him initially as they don't feel that superiors and subordinates can mingle well.

But soon, he wins them over with his pleasant personality as he gives them treats after they break every case. His family is in England so he understands how they miss their families when they are unable to return home because of work. Unlike the cold-blooded reptile, he will normally give them time-out to let them communicate their families before getting back to work.

They adore this boss and worry for him that he will be manipulated by the dominating Jing Yu. He is accommodating to Jing Yu but when it comes to the correct issues, he becomes firm. That is why that changes every one's mind of him after that. Although Choi is a singer, I find him acting as good as he sings. He makes this role memorable. I like how he projects Gui's change. I am tongue-tied when he suddenly speaks his mind in front of Jing Yu finally.

7. Wu Guo Zhao – Chan Wing Chun
This inspector is a nasty boss to the A team. They are the bridge to his success in bootlicking as cheap or free labour. (Remember how they stand in as free bodyguards or home movers to move Jing Yu's things?) The guys are just too easy-going. They can defy him openly but they choose not to. But luckily they are not so foolish to the extent to lose their own lives for him.

Guo Zhao is usually sly but he is tied down by women. You will be elated to see how Ting controls him with money and he becomes a meek mouse in front of her. When he is in deep trouble, none of them pity him as they think that he deserves it. In fact, they are so thirsty for his blood that they waste no time to arrest him. No one will sympathesize with him when he is captured.

8. Xu Nai Ba – Ng Mun Wai
The guys gives him this nickname as he is a family man. He keeps on mentioning his children at work and all say that he must be working hard to get milk money for them.

9. Mei Tou – Lam Hiu Fung
He is given this nickname as he is very mild-mannered. Unlike others, he has never lost his temper so all say that he is like a woman. They are devastated over his death and take a long time to get over it.

10. Chief Superintendent He Zhen Yang – Wong Wai
He is the chief of the superintendents. He sides the 'A' team and often goes for meals with them. All look up to him as a fatherly figure. They go to him instead of Guo Zhao to pour their woes when Gui isn't around. He is a very nice person whom they feel at ease to talk to. Many will groan when his appearance in Part 2 is slashed because he is retiring.

11. Zhu Ri Long – Lu Tian Wei
The most senior member in 'A' team who is highly respected by all the other members. They go to him for advice at all times. He is the only one who is able to iron out the conflicts within the team. Zhi Cong feels safe confiding all his secrets to him as he doesn't disclose to others.

12. Wang Ming Hui – Chiu Hok Yee
She is a fashion designer who is very liberal. She has a foreign boyfriend but breaks up with him as she finds him too mercenary. But who doesn't have faults? Look at her – she is a smoker and also mixes with the models so openly. No wonder so many gets the wrong idea about her. But yet, she keeps pin-pointing at other people's mistakes instead of doing her own self-reflection. Hok Yee does her job well as this headstrong and career-minded person.

13. Huo Zu Yao – Leung Kin Ping
He is Song Lian's husband who doesn't love Song Lian but marries her. After their marriage, he has many women behind her back. To think his family still wants her to remain silent because of his affair although she is in trouble over her stolen car. He doesn't repent even after bashing her. That is why Zhi Cong detests him so much as he loathes men who hit women.

14. Fan Yan San – Fan Yee Mun
She is Yong Tai's ex-girlfriend. Yong Tai must be blind to like this demanding woman. She pages him non-stop, disturbing him at work. Later, she puts his life in danger to cause him to have inadequate sleep. He is a caring boyfriend to send her for treatment but she ends up getting pregnant by her doctor. To think this woman still has the cheek to invite him to her wedding! Is this to add salt to his wound or she is so eager to get his hongbao money?!

15. Li Jie Ru – Bak Yan
She is Zhi Chong and Ming Hui's mother. She is a very quiet but she is a democratic person. Both are very attached to her and will relate their troubles to her.

16. Yu Jing Yu – Lam Heung Kei
She is a lawyer who has no principles. What matters to her are money, fame and herself. I wonder what Gui sees in her. Whenever she loses a case, she vents her anger on him. She chides him for making her lose face but she also doesn't give him respect by talking back at him in front of his subordinates. She often says that they are stupid so all the cops dislike her so much. However, she truly loves Gui. When he is seriously injured, she then realizes how nice he is to her and cherishes him.

17. Wang Kang Gui – Lau Siu Ming
You will never doubt that Ming Hui is his daughter as both are equally stubborn. He shows no favouritism towards his children. He loves her but refuses to admit it. His deep concern for her causes him to always have conflicts with Sen. Sometimes, they even end up in the police station because of this.

He is a traditional man so he is prejudiced towards Gary from the start. But after staying with him, he finds him a nice guy. Even though he can't become his father-in-law later, he still treats him like a son.

18. Lin Shen – Choi Kok Hing
He is Yong Tai's father who is a dedicated cop. He often risks his life to run after criminals despite his age. He hopes that Yong Tai will learn more from Zhi Cong on how to be a better cop. He is consoled when he finally obeys him.

19. He Mei Ying – So Hing Hsuen
She is Yong Tai's mother who doesn't see eye to eye with Ming Hui. She has a very fiery temper. She is easily jealous but later accepts her as her daughter-in-law upon seeing how concerned she is over Yong Tai.

20. Gary – Lien Kok Wing
He is Ming Hui's boyfriend. He is cute and innocent. His first visit to Hong Kong opens his eyes to the world so he is willing to try out everything. He completely immerses himself into the Chinese culture. Although he has lots of conflicts with Kang Gui, both get along so well that he sides with him over his breakup and still allows him to stay at his home.

Even Zhi Cong treats him like a buddy to help him out to get insurance deals. Seeing him out of a job, Zhi Cong helps him to find a new one. He must be very endearing to them. If not, they will not have given him so much support.

21. Song Ting – Leung Wing Lam
She is Guo Zhao's ex-girlfriend who is very successful in her insurance career. Unlike Guo Zhao, she believes that everyone can be a potential customer. That is why she treats Guo Zhao's subordinates nicely. She knows that it isn't Song Lian's fault to cause Guo Zhao to fall for her. Thus she only warns Guo Zhao and her friendship with Song Lian has never changed.

22. Zhang Sir – Lee Kong
He is Zhi Cong's ex-boss when he and Sen are in the same team. He is a very impartial person. Knowing that Sen is often in a fix with Kang Gui, he settles their case. When Zhi Cong returns to his team, he welcomes him with open arms. Knowing that Zhi Cong is in low spirits over Mei Tou's death, he tries to talk him out of it. When this fails, he gives him all the support he needs.

23. Ben – Wong Tin Yik
He is Ming Hui's sissy boss but kind at heart. He becomes Gary's buddy after they meet and consoles him after their breakup. He is also the cops' close friend.

Favourite character

Zhi Cong for his positive attitude towards work. A close second will be Yong Tai for improving himself.

Most hated character

Guo Zhao. He thinks so highly of himself but treats all his subordinates like dirt. But I can't believe that he can be so easily controlled by Ting. He is under Ting's mercy when it comes to money. He has no backbone at all. He is too nasty so all should not feel sorry over his plight as he brings his own downfall.

It is sung by Cheung Hok Yau. Part 2's themesong is also done by him too.

Interesting facts

Yat Wah's 'leading actor' position was consolidated because of this drama. All thought he played the role of Zhi Cong well on how a manly cop should be. Kum Hung was formerly struggling for success but later also became a new ladies' killer because of this role.

Hok Yee was asked how she worked with Kum Hung. She found him very shy but hardworking. But he did not suit her as a boyfriend as he is too conservative and boring. Kum Hung admits this fact – when others go pubbing after work, he will prefer to rest at home or watch dvds to improve his acting.

Because of this success, the sequel was immediately filmed in the following year. The cast had expressed their wish that they wished to work again. Never did they expect it to come true within a year. In fact, I think part 2 was better than part 1.


This is the first time Yat Wah works with Kum Hung. What a sharp contrast. Zhi Cong is a daredevil who doesn't stick to rules to give all stutters when he gets into trouble. Yong Tai will be the honest type who follows instructions faithfully. Yet the two men are an unbeatable combination in solving cases. When one is away from the other, he will feel lost!

It was realistic to see how Zhi Cong and Yong Tai go undercover. Yong Tai's mission seems easier and more comfortable just to keep clients company but he has to ward off lots of vices as those around him are impulsive gamblers. As for Zhi Cong, his life is hanging on a wire. Usually, he will be fearless but this time round, he worries for his dear life. We have never seen Zhi Cong so timid before.

I like the chemistry between the cops in the A team. There is a lot of coordination involved. They work as a cohesive group that can make you feel for them. Unlike other serials that make cops to look cool, this version shows their humane nature.

They joke with each other, love food and are sometimes as nosey as women. They also show their emotions openly, unlike Zhi Cong who bottles up their feelings. When Mei Tou dies, they show their grief. When they despair or in trouble, they give each other support. This chemistry is maintained throughout and we see more of this in Part 2.

Chek Kei Yee normally does a cop drama well. But as expected, he will not pen so much on romance. Thus we feel very little passion from the two couples. Maybe he thinks that this is a cop drama so time should not be wasted on lovey-dovey scenes.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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