The Dance of Passion

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

September 23, 2006

Rating: three

Bowie Lam
Ada Choi
Gigi Lai
Moses Chan
Charmaine Sheh
Maggie Sui
Kenny Wong

Deep in the desert, there is a town called Yim Fortress. The people here only care about power and the purity of their wives. The fortress is spilt into two ruling clans, Sung Clan and Yim Clan.

Yim Clan leader Bowie runs a firecracker company that does trades with foreign countries and territories. One day his father arranges for him to marry a new wife since his first wife had been killed by bandits. Instead of getting a stupid woman to do whatever he orders, he was forced to marry Gigi. She hates him from the beginning for taking away everything that was hers including her virginity and swore to get revenge on him. In order for her revenge to work, she had to gain Bowie's trust. However, during the process of gaining his trust she started to fall in love with him and vice versa.

Ada is the temporary leader of the Sung Clan who later let Kenny take over. All she wanted is to be a good mother but rumors about her and Bowie ruined all that. When Bowie accidentally killed her son, she swore to get revenge on him by pretending to love him. However, just like Gigi, she started to really fell in love with him.

Charmaine is Kenny's second wife. She wants to be loyal to her husband but secretly she is in love with his cousin, Moses. The two have a forbidden love but that is hated by everyone in town.


Gigi and Bowie
They are my favorite couple in this series! Gigi is Bowie's ears (he's deaf) so she's always helping him. He seems like a mean guy that argues with her a lot but deep down he really loves her too. The last scene when he announced that he cannot marry Ada because he loves Gigi was so sweet that it made me cry. Bowie's acting is really good; I mean he convinced me as the cruel/nice leader that wants peace between the two clans. Whenever he acted like he was deaf, it was so convincing. Gigi did an excellent job too, even though I think she looks kind of weird when she cries. She plays the girl that wants to break the stereotypes for girls and that's why I love her! She proved to everyone that she can be as strong as any man.

Ada Choi
I wouldn't call her the villain of this series like some people do, she was kind of evilish when she wanted revenge on Bowie but he killed her son! If you were a mom and someone killed your son then goes and says he likes you, what would you do? Her crying is so good in here; really convincing tears.


Charmaine and Moses
Don't get me wrong in this section, I like both of them as actors but I just didn't like their characters. Charmaine's character was like an extra on the show. She didn't do anything important or interesting. Yeah, she had a bad life but so what? The series would have been fine without her. Moses is just stupid. All he wants is to kill Bowie; he even ignored Charmaine when he keeps saying he loves her. He seems like one of those extras on the show too.

Kenny Wong
First of all, button up your shirt! This is a place to show your acting skills not how many abs you have! His character was so useless, he couldn't even get one person to listen to him and he was supposed to be the leader. Even his wife (Maggie Sui) was more useful than him.

This series was kind of boring and too draggy. If you are a Gigi, Ada, or Bowie fanatic then I recomend this to you but if you are a Moses or Charmaine Fanatic: Do not watch this becuase it could harm your love for those two.

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