The Demi Gods and Semi Devils


Section:TVB Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Number of Episodes:56


Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 天龍八部

Average Rating:       (out of 6 ratings)


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The Demi Gods and Semi Devils

Reviewed by: B 06 EL April 05, 2008

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils: All Good Deeds End Well Cast: Felix Wong - Qiao Feng/Xiao Feng Benny Chan - Duan Yu Fan Shao Huang - Xu Zhu Carmen Lee - Wong Yu Yan Liu Yu Cui -Ah Zhi Liu Jin Ling - Ah Zhu Pan Zhi Wen - Duan Zhen Jing Bondy Chiu - Mu Wan Qing Zhang Guo Qiong - Mu Rong Fu Suet Lei - Ma Fu Ren Mai Zhang Qing - You Tai Zhi My Opinion about the Series: The thing that made me watch...

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The Demi Gods and Semi Devils

Reviewed by: tlbb_forever February 03, 2008

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Starring: * Felix Wong as Kiu/Siu Fung (Pin Yin is in Cantonese) * Benny Chan as Din Yee * Fan Siu Wong as Hoi Chuk * Cheung Kwok Keung as Mo Yun Fok * Lau Kam Ling as Ah Chu * Carmen Lee as Wong Yee Yan Plot: The story focuses on three main characters (who become sworn brothers at different times in the story): Din Yee, the mild mannered prince of Da Li who...

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Heavenly Dragons

Reviewed by: Siew Lee December 31, 2007

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Dragons. They are creatures of mythology, fantasy and imagination. The Chinese believe that dragons are the most powerful beasts of all and they represent 'yang'. In ancient times, Chinese emperors wore nine embroidered dragons on their robes as they believe that they were sons of the heaven and naturally, only the dragon is fit enough to represent them. In fact, it was a crime in olden days to draw a dragon without eyes as this...

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The Demi Gods and Semi Devils

Reviewed by: Floo.. April 04, 2007

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

After being buried with wuxia-adaptations-turned-dramas, it is a breeze for me to watch Demi Gods and Semi Devils (DGSD), one true wuxia serial. Not too many tear-jerking scenes (except ones generated from the novel), not too much plot-expansion (but still, with THREE main characters, there really isn't room for any), everything happens (almost) exactly according to the book. For those who are not familiar with this famous story, Demi Gods and Semi Devils, contains...

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Member Ratings

Apop Harris

10-23-2011 08:32 PM


I hate to give only 3 stars, maybe 3 and a half actually. Story/plot is actually better than 1982 and 2003, not too draggy, using effective flash back and they care about important detail like relationship between our 3 heroes. But I couldn't help watching the bad casting and bad make up/wardrobe! :( Duan Yan King /Villain number 1 supposed to be creepy cripple but authoritative, yet they make him look funny with the orange hair?? The actress who played Ah Zhu is pretty, but in this movie they put too much make up on her that she doesn't look attractive, too manly instead! Carmen Lee and Felix Wong doing pretty great job, but other casts just dissapointed me! Murong Fu looks too old, brown, and not charming at all. He supposed to be fine, pale but manly. Duan Yu's father supposed to be a handsome charming man because he has many women everywhere, but why they cast Phan Ce Wen? Fighting scenes are quite good, I just hope TVB would have made more improvement since 1982.


08-14-2010 01:00 AM


Best wuxia series I've ever seen! Felix did an extraordinary job. If there was more fighting this movie would have been the closest thing to perfection. It doesn't matter if you've never watched old dramas, I'm telling you, watch this one. THIS IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL WUXIA FANS!!!!!!!!!!

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