The Enforcer's Experience

Reviewed by: sukting

December 25, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

How long
20 episodes


It is the competition between two senior inspectors to become the chief inspector. Both belong to the same police station but there are repetitions in their cases. Their teams get into lots of conflicts. Who will emerge to be the winner? I am sorry that the ending seems abrupt as my cousin provides it as my television broke down and she did not remember it that well.


Man Piew and Hon Chuen are classmates in the police academy. Their results are close so Hon Chuen often views Man Piew as his rival. Now both are senior inspectors in the same station. Man Piew is responsible and righteous. His subordinates, Man Yin and Yan Ming are close to him. His team works well with him.

Hon Chuen thinks highly of himself and looks down on his old colleagues. Thus he hardly gets along well with them. The two guys are selected for the chief inspector exam 6 months later. Thus Hon Chuen sees this as a challenge again. Man Piew doesn’t view it that important as he is newly wed. His wife, Hoi Kar gets to know Man Piew when both attend the same university in the U.S.

She returns to become a counselor at the police station and keeps her identity from the rest. Hon Chuen is eager for promotion. Besides doing his homework, he forces his team to work hard so all grumble. Siu Cheung is promoted to sergeant due to his guts and wits to follow Hon Chuen. He is used to Hon Chuen to keep a distance from him as he knows his style since cadet school and he admires Man Piew’s talents.

Hon Chuen’s father, Chong Tien is a retired chief inspector so he ropes in his ex-colleagues to help him out. Chi Chiu is sick of acting as a gigolo as undercover so he needs psychiatric help. He is fascinated by Hoi San and intends to woo her. He retreats upon knowing her married status. Siu Cheung is very impetuous and vents his anger at a racing ground. He leaves a deep impression on Yuen San as they do well in car racing to become friends.

Yuen San is back to look after her sick father and gives up her university studies. He regards Chong Tien as his benefactor and brings her to Chong Tien. Chong Tien praises her for being smart. Hoi Kar presses Man Piew to study upon knowing that he is selected for the exam. She even imagines how the testers will react and teaches him how to deal with it. Man Piew starts to find her overbearing. Mun Hin accidentally kisses a robber and has fear in him. He falls for her but is shy to admit it.

Siu Cheung gets along well with Yuen San and both are having supper together when her father is hospitalized. Hon Chuen and Chong Tien rush to the hospital together. Hon Cheun likes her and tries to get lose to her. Man Piew is already troubled at work to nap a drug-trafficker that is later connected to a forgery case. He loses his temper at Hoi Kar for the first time when she forces him to study. But she soon understands him and bears with him.

Man Hin sends Hoi Kar flowers but she is unmoved. Siu Cheung doesn’t get along with his colleagues so his performance is less than desired. Hon Chuen reprimands him and he vows to work hard. (the pot calling the kettle black.) He checks on a car theft case. Hon Chuen uses visiting as an excuse to woo Yuen San. Chong Tien disapproves it as he feels that he should not do this close to his exams. Both have conflicts.

Mun Hin lies that his friend has love problems and she encourages him to woo the person. He gains his confidence. Hon Chuen’s men break the car theft case and this becomes the news headline. Yuen San’s brother, Chiu Fan knows that the two guys are wooing Yuen San. He encourages her to accept Hon Chuen as his qualities are betrer. Yuen San doesn’t know what both guys think and dismiss it. Hon Chuen regards Siu Cheung as capable and uses him. He works harder for him now.

Man Piew discovers tht Mun Yin is wooing his wife and is jealous. He intends to disclose the truth but she forbids him. Kok Dong is angry that Siu Cheung hopes a high post despite his young age. He is respectful of him in front but doesn’t listen to him behind his back. Siu Cheung then invites his colleagues to celebrate his birthday with him to foster better relationships.

Hon Chuen is struck upon knowing that Yuen San is in love with his subordinate. He has always thought that she is his and has never been beaten like this before. Chong Tien sees his restless and thinks that he has problems with his work so he is strict with him. Hon Chuen wakes up and plans carefully on how to woo her to have success in both his career and love lives.

Hon Chuen deliberately asks how close the two are to compete with him. Man Piew finally breaks the identity card forgery case and wishes to celebrate his wedding anniversary with Hoi Kar. Hoi Kar is enraged when he discloses their relationship to his colleagues. Mun Hin notices that both are distant despite being married so he still persists to woo her.

Hon Chuen introduces Yuen San to become a television station reporter. Her performance is good to get a promotion. Siu Cheung finally realizes that he is entangled in a love triangle. He is in a dilemma but he believes that love is fair so there is no way to tell him to give up. Siu Cheung discovers that Kok Dong’s son is involved in an extortion case and breaks the ring. Kok Dong is grateful to him for guiding his son and respects him from then on.

Hoi Kar is angry with Man Piew to be loyal to his work and mixing with his colleagues to neglect his homework. Both quarrel rashly. Man Piew gets wind that a counterfeit note ring is here and breaks it but the culprit gets away. He is a businessman and frames Man Piew’s subordinate, Yan Ming for killing his men. Man Piew believes in his innocence and tries to look for evidence. Yan Ming goes to Hoi Kar for assistance too. The couple views the case differently and have another heated argument again.

Hoi San wants to shoot a programme on police with the citizens. She intends to use Chong Tien’s authority to ask for permission. Hon Chuen persuades his unwilling father to agree to please her. Man Piew neglects his homework so Hon Chuen lets down his guard and both become better friends. Hoi Kar has cold war with Man Piew and strolls on the street. She befriends Yuen San. Chong San realises that the programme is edited badly and has a bad impression of Yuen San.

Although Man Piew is successful to get Yan Ming off the hook, he can only become a clerical staff after this. Yan Ming knows that this is unsuitable for him and quits. Hoi Kar finds their relationship freezing due to Man Piew’s indecisiveness and wants a divorce. Man Piew intends to coax her to change her mind when he realizes that Man Hin is still wooing her. He mistakens that he is the third party and beats him up. (He loses his cool for the first time.) This alerts his superior and he wishes her to pacify Man Piew as this will affect his promotion exam. Hoi Kar expresses her thought that she is helpless over it.

Man Hin mistakens that he stands a chance but is dejected when he also gets rejected. Kok Dong sneers at him and he points his gun at him. He is fired over this. Siu Cheung’s neighbour is raped by the businessman’s son so he is busy over the case. Hon Chuen seizes this chance to get close to Yuen San but Yuen San only treats him as a casual friend. Man Hin gets drunk daily so Yan Ming goes to Hoi Kar for help. The two teams are asked to track the robbers down upon knowing they are going to rob a jewel shop.

Siu Cheung gets wind of the latest news and arrests the robbers. Man Piew is down when his efforts are wasted. Man Piew and Hoi Kar find that they are too much and arranges to meet together. But it ends up having disputes again. Siu Cheung has a heated quarrel with Hon Chuen and feels controlled by him. Moreover, Yuen San also agrees with Hon Chuen that he is too reckless. He mistakenly asssumes that she is under Hon Chuen’s influence and storms away.

Hon Chuen seizes this chance to propose to Yuen San. She realizes that both of them are manipulated by him. She then patches with Siu Cheung. Hon Chuen is dejected so Chong Tien has to slap him to get back to his senses. Siu Cheung’s neighbour is badly affected upon knowing that the businessman’s son is let off and intends to kill him. She is badly beaten up and gets raped again. She intends to jump off a building.

Siu Cheung defies Hon Chuen’s command to go to her instead of trapping the businessman. He gets his colleagues’ support to leave. Hon Chuen is finally aware that he has lost ground with his subordinates. His superior reprimands him and he finally knows the importance to have better rapport with them to get his promotion. He then gives in to him and wins their approval.

The businessman’s son will be on trial and is on bail. His father decides to let him leave the country. Hon Chuen can find nothing in his accounts while Man Piew gets a disc but the owner is scared of his boss to refuse them the password. He only gives in when his boss sends men to kill him. Man Piew gets news to discover the illegal drugs to arrest the businessman.

He is praised by his superior. This gives him a lot of confidence to prepare for his exam, wanting to win Hoi Kar back. Hon Chuen is sore that Man Piew gets the credit this time. He blames Siu Cheung for concentrating on his neighbour’s case. Siu Cheung gets frustrated and intends to resign. His superior manages to get him to change his mind so both guys patch up after knowing their faults.

Hoi Kar doesn’t give in to Man Piew and decides to migrate overseas. The businessman’s son uses her as a hostage at the airport. Man Piew subdues him, risking his life and Hoi Kar returns to him. Yan Ming and Mun Hin open a private investigator agency so their business prospers as they are ex-cops.

The two guys are promoted together to chief inspectors and so the two teams hold a celebration for them. Their chopsticks freeze in the air when Hon Chuen comes with his new girlfriend (SIu Mei Kei) whom he knows from the anti-drug unit through the businessman case. Hon Chuen has shaved his moustache so that he will not look that fierce to them. All of them welcome this change.

Introduction on characters

1. Ko Mun Piew – Siu Chung Hang
He dons leather jackets and is very manly. He works hard to solve cases and not really yearning to be the chief inspector. He is authoritative by approachable. His closeness towards his subordinates annoys his wife and they are on the edge of heading for divorce. Luckily, they iron out their differences. Chung Hang shines as the cop dedicated to work. How I wish to have a boss like him – he is so nice to everyone!

2. Kam Hon Chuen – Cheung Siu Fai
He wears suits to work. He is eager to reach all the way to the top – to the extent of overworking his subordinates. Thus he is known to be very anti-social. He has never known what failure is till Siu Cheung’s existence. But this man teaches him how to be a better cop. Siu Fai shines as this overly ambitious man who hurts others to benefit himself. He looks threatening with his moustache indeed.

3. Lau Man Hin – Ng Kok King
He kills a robber by mistake and is unable to face the pressure as he is shy and timid. Hoi Kar teaches him to be brave for the first time but sadly, also for wrong reasons. Kok King is competent in the role – the way he points his gun at his colleague – that must be the final straw Man Hin can take and he presents it well.

4. Lam Siu Cheung – Lam Mun Long
He is daring but often doesn’t think of the consequences. His heated temper can win no recognition from no one so he curbs his temper to be a better person. Normally Mun Long only handles cool roles but he really shows the outburst of Siu Cheung well.

5. Tsang Yuen San – Yeung Mei Yee
She is a filial daughter but is also wild to go for car racing. But she settles down fast to find a job. No one will like her attitude to be so close to Hon Chuen. We can’t blame Siu Cheung for thinking this way.

6. Cheng Hoi Kar – Tang Shui Mun
She works as a psychiatrist. No one knows what she is up to conceal her marital status. To encourage men to woo her? She is successful if this is her intention to make two other men fall for her and keeps on misleading them. I simply dislike her for forcing Man Piew to study hard despite him feeling so exhausted after work. She simply doesn’t cherish her husband at all.

7. Kam Chong Tien – Bao Fong
He is an ex-chief inspector so he pins all his hopes on his only son. Unlike other fathers who are eager to see their sons getting married, he puts career as the first priority. That is why they often have conflicts.

8. Kok Yan Ming – Cheng Pak Lun
His father died before he is born. So his timid nature is similar to Man Hin to become his close friend.

9. Wong Kok Dong – Kwan Jing
He is bitter over Siu Cheung to be holding a higher position than him bur his attitude towards him change upon he saving his son.

10. Luk Chi Chiu – Cheng Kwan Chi
He is fair so he is often asked to do those tasks which are undesirable. He falls for Hoi Kar but luckily he discovers early to stop his emotions.


The theme song is ‘The Heaven And Earth Knows’ by Ng Kok King. We know that he is a good songwriter and he is also a good singer. It is quite enjoyable to listen to.


The cases are intriguing – and so are the love developments. The two senior inspectors go all out to solve cases – one to seek redress for the victims while the other for his promotion. What a contrast over their different personalities. Siu Cheung should be in Man Piew’s team but the story will not be as enjoyable.

I am amused how the two senior inspectors feel so intimidated by their subordinates as their love rivals. Man Piew blurts to all that Hoi Kar is his wife while Hon Chuen resorts to cheating chances to be with Yuen San. The cast is well selected and they act like cops – but can be so different from how they look in other dramas. All should not miss it if it is out on VCDs.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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