The Fallen Family

Reviewed by: sukting

February 25, 2005

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes/12 vcds

This is the late Cheung Kok Wing's only period drama with TVB. Do you wish to see how he looks in here with Cheng Mun Yoke? This is also Mun Yoke's debut serial. How did Kwan Lai Kit and Ou Yeung Chun Wah look when younger? The 80s serials mesmerize me so much with the nice wardrobe, fabulous acting and the cast's periodic outlook. There is no exception to this one. Unfortunately, we can't find such nice serials anymore. Thanks to SC for allowing me to purchase it from Yesasia.

Story - sorry for the long synopsis below but I wish to share with fans who can't get it

Trouble makers from Tong family try to grab the powerful spears that the Fongs have produced in vain. The next day is Sheung Mun's wedding day. Sheung Mou is still weakly and is alarmed that Suk Wan has no jewelry on her. He is worried that his aunts will ridicule her again as she often helps her gambler brother. He leaves her in the lurch to their sarcasm but Mrs Fong comes to her rescue.

Fong Ching doesn't understand why her younger sister, Fong Yu should get married to a cripple but she swallows in silence. In his eager to receive the bride, Sheung Mun nearly trips at the doorway. The villagers laugh at him and he is angry with them. The furnace explodes and the workers demand for compensation as Chun Chi and Sheung Chun forces them to work so they sustain serious injury or deaths. They are not easily appeased and vow for revenge. Sheung Mun is also angry with his bride when she later looks at his feet unknowingly. She cries the whole night.

Chun Yan happens to see Hou Tien and his men beat him up. Upon seeing the pearls that he drops, he recalls Siu Sin. Hou Tien picks the pearls and places them in Siu Sin's sachet. Hou Tien returns to his master, Monk Wai Sum who advises him not to hate Chun Yan. But he refuses as Siu Sin might not die young if not pinning for him. But the monk points out - if he is not missing him, he will not hate him. Hou Tien's friend, Wai doesn?t understand why he doesn't acknowledge a rich father.

Chun Yan visits Hou Tien and explains that he did tried to get Siu Sin but was delayed a year later due to illness. When he arrived, the whole fishing village was destroyed by a flood and he thought she was dead. Thus, he doesn't know Hou Tien's existence. He wants to bring him home to help in his business but Hou Tien declines. It is good enough to know that he doesn't forsake her.

Chun Yan is attacked by the workers and Hou Tien comes to his rescue. They fall off a cliff and he breaks his leg. Wai boasts of Hou Tien?s talents - he is skilled in martial arts, reads well and is also a good physician. Chun Yan recalls the past of Siu Sin feeding him with porridge. He tells his servants to return as he already has a good physician. He is worried for his 2 sons - Sheung Mou is sickly where Sheung Mun behaves oddly for being a cripple. His illness is bothering him so he might not see Hou Tien for long.

He seeks Mrs Fong's opinion and she thinks Hou Tien should stay with them but Chun Yan will need to explain to the rest. Almost all of them disapprove except Sheung Wah and Hou Tien's sister-in-laws. Sheung Chun sneers at Sheung Mun being the 2nd young master instead of the 1st now. But they feign that they will welcome him. Hou Tien is uneasy to meet them and can feel their hostility. The flirtatious Keng Sin gets attracted to him and throws glances at him.

Sheung Mun keeps telling Fong Yu to marry another man, making her upset. 3rd aunt senses that Hou Tien isn't easy to deal with but Chun Chi thinks he knows nothing since he is so young at 23 years old. Once Chun Yan dies, they will gain control. The next morning, the rest complain of Hou Tien waking up late. His maid, Wai Lan comes in and is impressed after reading his poetry. Hou Tien jumps out from bed to hear their nasty remarks.

Sheung Lai says that he is a bastard and he gets furious. However, Chun Shun apologises to him as he doesn?t have time to discipline him after his wife's death. Chun Yan buries Siu Sin at their home graveyard so that he can join her after his death. Hou Tien can still retain his name and need not follow the ancestors' namelist since Siu Sin gives him the name. Chun Yan knows that Hou Tien hears unpleasant remarks and decides to help him out. Chun Chi is unhappy when Chun Yan wants Ho Tien to go on Sheung Chun's behalf to watch how the workers produce the weapons. Sheung Mun is jealous as he isn?t the eldest son now. Sheung Mou tries to dissuade him in vain to confront Hou Tien - he is afraid that he might kill Hou Tien. Hou Tien is unhappy when Chun Chi wants him to be in charge of the workers? meals.

2nd granduncle notices that Hou Tien is suitable for learning martial arts. Sheung Mun proves that he isn?t Hou Tien?s match. This scene is truly interesting when Hou Tien avoids coming to blows with him using an inferior sword but still wins him. He also saves his grace by leading him to sit with him on a bench when they finish sparring but the elders around know who loses. Sheung Mun almost bursts when 2nd granduncle exclaims that Hou Tien has mastered about 6th or 7th level of his skills.

Chun Yan is unhappy over the incident and reprimands Sheung Mun for bullying Hou Tien. Hou Tien doesn't take it to heart as he isn?t ambitious and only wants peace in the family. Wai comes arrogantly, claiming to know the eldest young master but Sheung Mun sneers at him, saying that they are two of a kind. Wai wonders why Hou Tien is scared of him since he is having a good life now. Hou Tien knows that Wai is lazy so he doesn't want to help him if he wants to work for the Fong family.

Wai is annoyed but is attracted by Sheung Wah. She ignores him but he likes her to be icy and cold. Sheung Chun is angry that Keng Sin looks for other men so he rapes a maid. Hou Tien gets to know about it and is about to confront him when the maid begs him not to as she wants to stay on the job. Still, Keng Sin manages to find out after seeing the maid?s shoe. Sheung Chun denies and accuses the maid for seducing him. Hou Tien stands up for her and points at the signboard in the hall that signifies 'righteous'. How are they going to face this in future after what has happened?

Chun Chi is furious that Hou Tien blows up the matter just because of a maid. He bursts when Sheung Wah also sides with Hou Tien. Sheung Wah is in charge of the servants' affairs so she decides to keep the maid with her. Chun Shun disagrees with Chun Yan in wanting the siblings to apologise to Chun Chi but since Hou Tien offends Chun Chi, he can't work with him in the factory anymore so he can follow him in the networking of finding clients for the family business.

Chun Shun visits his lover, Suet and wants her to support him to be against Chun Chi. Hou Tien's relationship with Sheung Lai improves when he teaches him how to blow music from a leaf. Chun Shun smiles mysteriously upon seeing this. The Lau Sing princess is coming to the Central Plains to purchase weapons and she is Suet's friend. Chun Shun wants Hou Tien to establish ties with her.

Wai follows Hou Tien but he is adamant not to help him. He even tells Wai not to make his life difficult by coming to his home too often! Wai is caught by bandits and lies to them that he knows Lau Sing language. The bandits have captured two women and want him to translate on where they keep the gold. They release the princess, Lau Yee by mistake and take her cousin, Mut Yee away. Actually the women know the Chinese language. Wai helps them to escape and Mut Yee is puzzled on why Wai keeps mistakening her as the princess but decides to continue the act to see what motives he might harbour.

Laugh at the following scenes - Lau Yee is annoyed when Wai only gets Mut Yee water. He even wants her to walk right in front to protect them from any danger! Wai doesn't have the money to foot the meal?s expenses but Lau Yee doesn't want to let others know that she carries so much money. Hou Tien happens to be in the inn and she is attracted to him. You will laugh when Wai keeps sucking up to Mut Yee while he pushes Lau Yee to Hou Tien - they should talk because both know martial arts.

Hou Tien sees that her baggage is heavy but she refuses to let him to carry for her. They meet the same bandits again and both pairs are separated. Hou Tien assures Lau Yee that the two should be fine since Wai is street smart. He knows that she is tired and relates that Chinese women are supposed to stay indoors. But she says that Lau Sing's tradition is women are no different from men. She is also too stubborn to admit that she is tired from all the walking. Hou Tien is amused and feigns that he is the one exhausted to sit down. I am so amused when Lau Yee is secretly relieved but still comments that he is weak!

Lau Yee refuses the fruit that he gets for her. She gets a rotten fruit and throws it away upon biting on it to find a worm in it when she doesn't believe him. She nearly slips from a stone near a river and he helps her to get her baggage. She sprains her leg and he applies medicine on it. She complains of the pungent smell but later finds it useful. She stubbornly says that she only knows that someone is happy that she slips.

They are out the next day and Hou Tien catches two pigeons for their meal. She declines as the meat is too tough. She wants to catch quails on her own but trips again. Hou Tien asks - does she wish to break another leg? He roasts them and pretends to sleep after eating one. Lau Yee comes to eat it and he jokes that she is an eagle eating secretly. He knows that he cooks terribly and she offers to do it next time. And sure enough, Hou Tien catches two fish and they enjoy the meal later.

Both are stunned to learn from Wai that the bandits abducted Mut Yee. In her anxiety, she reveals her own identity and Wai is relieved. They trace their whereabouts and Hou Tien tries to enlist Chiang's help. Lau Yee declines Wai's offer to protect her as she is used to take care of herself and is frustrated with him for still mentioning to her to give her a treat at this critical moment. (I also find him a nuisance too.) They wait for 3 days and seeing that Mut Yee is going to be taken away soon, Lau Yee blows their cover.

Luckily Chiang comes to save them and lets the bandits off as they have worked under him and are fired from the Fong household for thefts. Wai offends him by saying that he should kill them instead. Hou Tien starts to find this friend unreasonable too. Chun Chi blames Hou Tien for putting their lives in danger and doesn't believe that he does it for the family business. Chun Shun settles the dispute.

Chun Shun is attracted by Lau Yee's beauty. He comments her to be different from Chinese women. But he still claims to love Suet. The other merchants want to see Lau Yee but Hou Tien gets the first priority. She asks him if Chun Chi makes his life difficult and he lies 'no' to her. She recalls - they quarrel in the past but she is happy that he teaches her many things. If Hou Tien knows that she is the princess, he will tell her all the weapons they have made. He mentions the newly made gun by 2nd granduncle.

Lau Yee is unhappy that he only talks about business. He promises to teach her to look at stars the next time. She wants him to address her by her name as she will do it likewise. He agrees hesitantly. Wai boasts of his achievements on how he saves Mut Yee in front of other merchants. Suet rejects his invitations on Lau Yee's behalf. This man is so thick skinned to keep saying that he has affinity with her so Hou Tien jokes that it isn?t dusk and he is daydreaming!

2nd granduncle invents a protection vest and also helmet that impresses all. But he is most proud of the gun, saying that it is better than any other secret weapons. Wai is angry for being unable to ask Lau Yee out as she is always busy so he bribes Suet's men to bring her sedan in a garden. He mentions the different places of interest but she isn't keen. Suet helps her to drive him away. Wai sees Hou Tien going in and prepares to wait for him getting the same fate as him.

Hou Tien wants to show Lau Yee the weapons after 7 days but she wants him to bring her to the places that Wai mentions to her. Wai accuses him for snatching his 'lover'. Both men fight and quarrel. Lau Yee dolls up specially in a Chinese costume to see Hou Tien but he is not in the mood. She should not have deceived Wai to reject him and to come out with him. Now, his best friend misunderstands him. Both quarrel as Lau Yee finds him unreasonable - can't she go out with someone she likes?

Chun Yan assures Hou Tien that Lau Yee will still come. He knows that they like each other because Hou Tien mentions her name and not addressing her as 'princess'. Chun Shun gets Suet to make Lau Yee change her mind of not wanting to order weapons from them. Suet says it is good that Hou Tien is direct and isn't a flatterer. Lau Yee starts to reconsider again.

Some people come to tie 2nd granduncle up after toying with the gun. The meeting starts and Lau Yee arrives but she ignores Hou Tien. They do not see the old man so Sheung Chun gets the gun. The old man arrives in vain to stop the tragedy as their servant shooter is killed when it backfires. 2nd granduncle suspects that it is the Tong family's doing as he recognises their skills but they have no concrete evidence.

Sheung Chun quarrels with Tong family's 1st young master over the incident and kills him accidentally. Chun Shun knows the Tong family will not dare to report the death to the court because they try to steal the gun before this. Chun Chi deliberately hits Sheung Chun in front of others to make Chun Yan help him. He vows to make both families fight. Old Tong wants Sheung Chun dead when the elders come to pay their last respects. He gets his men to surround them. 2nd granduncle recognizes one of the attackers as he left his palm print on his back the other day.

Suet manages to come with the magistrate and they tell him about it. Old Tong is so scared that he even rejects Chun Yan's offer to pay for the funeral expenses. All notice that Hou Tien seems afraid to approach Lau Yee for the business deal again so Chun Shun goes on his behalf. He brews tea for her on the raft and pours the whole teapot away when she finds the tea bitter. Nice things are supposed to share with someone who can appreciate it. He isn't as hardworking as the rest as he wants a free life. Lau Yee then decides to let the Fong family make the weapons for her country.

Chun Shun brings her home so that they can discuss serious matters over the deal when necessary. Lau Yee meets 2nd granduncle and gets along well with him. Hou Tien is busy with the accounts and is hesitant to meet her although her room is right opposite his. They greet each other coldly. Lau Yee practices swordsplay in the garden but 2nd granduncle deems it useless. A sword can only hurt someone within 10 steps. A bow with arrows can?t shoot as far as a gun. The following scene is memorable.

Hou Tien can?t concentrate on his reading and wonders why Lau Yee goes out at night. He follows her and she knows it so she smiles. She still doesn?t believe the gun power so she offers to stand 100 steps away to let 2nd granduncle shoot her. Hou Tien gets nervous and dashes out to save her. The old man jokingly tells them to cut out the act and he walks away. Hou Tien chides her - doesn't she know it is a stupid thing to do? He knows that the old man will not shoot her but is wary whether it will backfire again. They apologise to each other as Hou Tien knows feelings can't be compelled. They hope Wai will understand one day.

Wai knows what Lau Yee is going to say to him and he blames it on everyone who doesn-t treat him well. Wai gets drunk so Hou Tien agrees to let him work for the Fong factory. Wai is overjoyed. At first, he disallows Hou Tien to pour from his wine bottle but now he excitedly pours for him. Hou Tien takes a sip and suddenly smashes the cup on the table - because it is only water! But he isn't angry with him.

Foreman Chan only gives Wai trivial duties, showing that he isn't giving Hou Tien any respect. Some workers overwork and one faint so Hou Tien is disturbed over it. Chun Yan and Hou Tien go fishing. The old man knows Hou Tien is getting along well with Lau Yee and she is a devoted woman. Chun Yan suddenly becomes sick and needs a long time to recuperate. He relies on Hou Tien to do everything.

Chun Chi controls 49 metal furnace places by force. Hou Tien and Chun Shun try to keep the news from Chun Yan but to no avail. Hou Tien promises to follow Chun Yan's tradition and Lau Yee supports him. She misses her home so he will hurry the workers. But she is reluctant to leave him too. He misses his old home but the Fong family is becoming his new home now. She mentions about the autumn celebration at home where this is a ceremony for lovers to meet.

The man will place a red cloth on the woman?s door. If she places it back on the man's door within 3 days, they will be together. Hou Tien is amused that they can be so direct and she must feel sorry to miss the event. She doubts so and when Hou Tien returns, he sees the red cloth. Lau Yee is unhappy that he doesn't return it to her on her door.

Wai is angry to work hard. He jokes that Hou Tien is richer so he should give him a treat. He is surprised that Hou Tien wants to rush the production so that Lau Yee will leave sooner. The time and environment is just not right. He will accept her 3 years ago. Wai chides him for being indecisive and avoiding Lau Yee. Wai is now attracted to Sheung Wah so he tries to be mature now.

Lau Yee wants to ask Hou Tien out but he avoids her. He even chides her for hindering him from working and doesn?t send her off when she leaves for home. He later regrets and runs to the jetty but the boat has left. He wants to place the red cloth in the river, hoping that it will float to her. Lau Yee suddenly appears and catches it - why doesn't he tell her about his difficulties? Both hug together and he is glad that she hasn't left. It seems that she must force him to face her.

Hou Tien's whole life is being arranged. Lots of people force him. He is forced to come into the family, forced to manage the household, he forces himself to be cold to her and now he forces himself to look for her. He now decides to rule the home and treat her well wholeheartedly. Chun Yan once told him that letting a woman down will feel painful and he knows the feeling now.

Sheung Lai is kidnapped and all go to pay the ransom. Hou Tien comes on board and gets tied. The kidnapper hates Chun Chi for forcing him to work for him so he does this. He doubts Hou Tien's identity as he has not seen him before but Sheung Lai affirms his identity by calling him big brother. The man exchanges the boy with the gold. But Chun Chi breaks Hou Tien's promise to let them off and kills all on board. Hou Tien is disappointed and leaves the family to return to the fishing village.

Chun Yan lets him go and Hou Tien brings Lau Yee to see his master. The old monk is impressed with Lau Yee?s wisdom. Chun Yan advises others not to talk Hou Tien over as he will not listen to them. Sheung Wah envies others being born into a normal family but Wai envies her for being pretty and wise. She starts to like him now. She can't help Chun Yan because she is a woman so she can only take care of Chun Yan.

Lau Yee cooks for Hou Tien willingly and she doesn't feel bored staying in the fishing village. However, she senses that Hou Tien is still troubled by his family. He has feelings so it is natural that he feels upset with his family. Some Japanese pirates kill the villages so Lau Yee and Hou Tien defeat them. Hou Tien is shocked to see that they use Fong family's sabers. He gets Dai Fu to check the case.

Chun Yan decides that Sheung Wah should be with Wai and sends Sheung Mun to represent him to work with Chun Chi at the sword factory. Fong Yu visits her sick father and Fong Ching is shocked to see her younger sister being ill-treated by Sheung Mun. Old Chow is sick so he leaves Fong Ching to manage their weapon factory. His son dies young so he has no other successor.

Sheung Mun makes a blunder in accepting a wrong deal because they can't produce the weapons on time because there is lack of bronze and sand. He vents his frustrations on Fong Yu and she runs to Sheung Wah for aid. Sheung Wah is angry with Sheung Mun as Fong Yu is already pregnant with their child. Sheung Mun and Sheung Chun fight with each other over prostitutes to get reprimanded at home.

Dai Fu discovers that Chun Chi is the culprit and escapes injured to tell Hou Tien about the news. Hou Tien informs Chun Yan about it so both brothers quarrel. Hou Tien chops wood while Lau Yee knits the net. Both get news from Dai Fu that Chun Yan is critically ill and rush home. Chun Yan and Chun Shun make Hou Tien stay as he is the only one who can deal with Chun Chi. Chun Yan is better and has a meal with the family. All are alarmed when he can't see clearly. Chun Yan knows that Hou Tien will not let him down. Hou Tien is at first hesitant to return home but all workers are delighted to see him back. He jokes that he is spying to see if they are working properly.

The friends drink and Wai confesses that he doesn?t know how Sheung Wah thinks of him. He asks her out and she deliberately turns up late. She is later surprised that she is not told that he is going to get engaged in his hometown due to his aunt's insistence. She plays the pipa unhappily on a boat and he appears. Wai meets her after seeing his ugly wife-to-be so he decides to break off the engagement. He can only use this tactic to test if she loves her. But she refuses to listen to him.

See how clumsy he is - he falls into the river and nearly drowns. Wai is overjoyed when she saves him. Hou Tien tries to be their matchmaker when playing chess with Chun Yan. The old couple gives their consent but others oppose as Wai is a servant. Although Chun Shun and Hou Tien speak up for them, Wai can't handle the humiliation and walks out. Hou Tien scolds him for being insensitive to Sheung Wah's feelings. She only wants to be with him and will disregard rumours.

Lau Yee's elder brother, Kuan visits Lau Yee. Their rival state, To Fan also purchases weapons from the Fong family so he hopes that she can dissuade them from selling to them. Hou Tien agrees to help Lau Yee but he fails to dissuade Chun Chi. Lau Yee's brother is unhappy over it. Hou Tien is torn between his father and Lau Yee. The Fong family never breaches any deal and this will tarnish their reputation. He chooses to preserve his family name and Lau Yee blames him for caring only about money.

She falls out with him and destroys the embroidery made for him. Suet feels Lau Yee should try to understand Hou Tien. 2nd granduncle drags Hou Tien along to meet a monk who is capable of producing guns. Fong Ching happens to know that Lau Yee breaks the deal with Fong family so she approaches her to get the deal. Suet brings Lau Yee to roam Jiang Nan to bring her to meet Chun Shun later. Chun Shun promises not to talk about business and arranges to bring her on tour.

Chiang brings Lau Yee to see a sick Sheung Lai on the meeting day. She helps to coax him to eat his medicine. Chun Shun explains to Lau Yee that Fong family is most experienced in producing the best weapons so they should not buy inferior products from others. The deal with To Fan is sealed by Chun Chi so they can't change it but Chun Shun promises to give her the best goods. Suet informs Fong Ching that her deal with Lau Yee is cancelled since Lau Yee has not signed any agreement with her.

Fong Ching is annoyed and wants revenge. Chun Shun introduces the spears to Lau Yee. Lau Yee feels that he is able to reason things out well and thanks him. If not, she will be bringing inferior weapons home. 2nd granduncle and Hou Tien are disappointed that the Indian monk is back in India so both make a long trip back home again. Chun Shun wants to show Lau Yee the weapon plans and is disappointed that she is out.

Chun Shun is unhappy that Suet finds deals for him without asking him. Suet suspects that he likes Lau Yee. Lau Yee praises Chung Shun for writing poetry well. Chung Yan faints after playing with Sheung Lai. He dreams of Hou Tien getting killed and gets drenched in the rain. Sheung Mun is unhappy to hear him mumbling Hou Tien's name in his sleep. Hou Tien hurries to see Chung Yan the last time. Before his death, Chung Yan entrusts Hou Tien to make the family business prosper and puts him in charge.

Chun Chi starts to seize control of the family business. Lau Yee comes to pay her last respects at the wake. Sheung Chun is drunk and indicates that Hou Tien wastes the family's rice because he is illegible. Hou Tien is angered with him for making a din near Chung Yan's coffin and slaps him. Hou Tien runs out in the rain to see Lau Yee smiling and returning with Chun Shun. He puts up a forced front and thanks Chun Shun for getting the deal back from Lau Yee.

Chun Shun mentions that Sheung Lai is close to Lau Yee to make Hou Tien uneasy. Sheung Mun and Chun Chi quarrel on whether to divide the family fortune. 2nd granduncle is past caring over what is happening because he is only interested in making weapons. Hou Tien decides not to divide it as he doesn't want to defy Chung Yan's wish. Wai thinks that Chun Chi ignores Hou Tien?s authority and he must plan for the family although he can return to the wilds anytime. They must try to weaken Chun Chi's position. Hou Tien wants to be fair and refuses to stir up trouble. Wai quarrels with him for being too weak. Chun Chi overhears them and gives a crooked smile.

Wai is hurt and confesses to Sheung Wah that he marries in because of her. He harps on his poor parentage again. Chung Chi tries to buy him over. Chung Shun sees that Wai is still on Hou Tien?s side and urges him to gain Chung Chi's trust. They must do this secretly. Keng Sin wants Sheung Chun to drive away his mistress otherwise she will tell Chun Chi. He insists of marrying her. Sheung Mun gets drunk and Keng Sin complains about Sheung Chun's philandering ways to seduce him.

Hou Tien happens to see this and they stop. Hou Tien can't believe his eyes when they still admit their adultery openly to him! Hou Tien is disturbed that Lau Yee visits Sheung Lai often. She shoots arrows well and is good on horseback. Sheung Lai?s maid even comments that she is a good mother. Hou Tien sees Chun Shun wiping Lau Yee's sweat in the wilds but he chooses to avoid them. I have no answer how Lau Yee can allow this since she still likes Hou Tien, though.

Chun Shun is angry that Sheung Chun sends his goods to elsewhere instead on being on board a ship to his client but he controls his anger. Hou Tien visits his master and he advises him to look for Lau Yee. Hou Tien doesn't blame Lau Yee for being hostile to him. He has straightened his thoughts and wishes them well because he is unfair in the first place. They must think of ways to subdue Chun Chi instead.

Chung Shun arranges Lau Yee to stay at a room with flowers - Lau Heung lodge where Chun Yan stayed for recuperation. Shuet finds that Lau Yee is angry with Hou Tien for too long so they might as well break off with each other. Lau Yee doesn't understand why Hou Tien changes so much for fame to forget the past and is unwilling to see her. Chun Shun speaks ill of Hou Tien and she laments why Hou Tien doesn?t learn from Chun Shun instead? (I feel disgusted whenever I see this 'mismatched' couple together.)

The maids gossip about Keng Sin and Sheung Mun so Sheung Chun slaps her. Sheung Wah finds it fishy as Chun Chi doesn't kick up a fuss. She worries that he might make use of Sheung Mun to give Hou Tien trouble. Hou Tien wants to know where the metal goes to and why the number of weapons does not increase when he checks the accounts. Sheung Mun can?t answer as he has provided Chun Chi the metal. Both brothers quarrel and Mrs Fong is furious with Sheung Mun.

She gives up on him and wants Hou Tien to manage the metal store instead of Sheung Mun but he doesn?t wish to complicate matters. He gets Da Fu to check on Sheung Mun so Dai Fu wants Sheung Mun to show the authority letter before getting the metal. Both men fight and Chun Chi uses his authority to give him a hard time. Da Fu and Chiang are angry over the incident but insist on staying. They worry for Hou Tien as the family will be ruined if this goes on.

Da Fu is shocked to see the metal being used to manufacture coins and weapons to give to the Japanese. He is about to give the accounts to Hou Tien when Wai stops him. Wai wants him to hand over the evidence and wants to save him by letting him off. Wai stops Chun Chi from sending people to kill Da Fu. If Da Fu dies, Hou Tien will investigate. Wai burns the accounts in front of Chun Chi and gets his trust.

Chun Chi is impressed and arranges him to take over Da Fu's position. Hou Tien is puzzled over Da Fu's disappearance and is shocked that he absconds with money. He is angry that no one informs him of such a big matter. Chun Shun wants Wai to continue the act. Sheung Wah knows that Da Fu is upright and will not do this. She demands to know if Wai has harmed him. Both quarrel and she is upset that he is in cahoots with Chun Chi. He tries hard not to tell her the truth.

Hou Tien argues with Wai too - Wai says that he will not get special treatment with him around. Hou Tien demands to know what happens to Dai Fu but he will not reveal a word. Chun Chi's motive is to chase everyone away, especially Hou Tien. If he is that trustable, Chun Yan will not let Hou Tien be the person in charge. Sheung Wah refuses to return to their room and Wai tries in vain to appease her anger. Chun Chi sabotages Chun Shun's deal when he chides Sheung Chun for idling around at home. Chun Shun is worried when his customer is threatened and doesn?t turn up for their deal.

5th aunt thinks it is best to divide the family fortune. Cui Lien refers Sheung Wah to a living widow for refusing to be with him but she wants Wai to be upright. She is now pregnant and doesn't want an evil husband. Chun Chi wants to transfer Chun Shun to Fok Chow. Hou Tien objects but the bandits have mentioned Chun Shun's name openly so none will dare to do business with him. Hou Tien feels remorseful for being unable to help but Chun Shun teaches Wai to deal with Chun Chi.

Wai introduces a pirate deal to Chun Chi. Sheung Chun worries as the deal is too large to handle but Chun Chi is blinded by the money. Suet offers to keep Chun Chi's contract. She is unhappy that Chun Shun visits Lau Yee. Sheung Chun moves the goods and is nearly caught by the court officials. The penalty will be death or jailed. Chun Chi wants to hand over the factory to Hou Tien. He lies that Chun Yan wants him to do that in his dream. Chun Shun urges Hou Tien to agree to it and accept the family seal.

When the officials come, Chun Chi frames Hou Tien for it since he is the head of the household. Chun Shun asks for a day to check on the matter. He doesn?t show the contract so that Hou Tien is recognized as the head in front of the officials. He is alarmed when Suet threatens to dump the keys into the river to lose contract which she has locked to force Chun Shun to admit that he loves Lau Yee.

She will not mind in the past but now, she will never allow another woman to snatch him away. Chun Shun finally coaxes her to hand it over and the officials are pacified to see that the deal is sealed by another official. The weapons stated depicts the number they discover at the scene. Chun Chi realizes that Wai is the traitor so he hits him and Hou Tien. Hou Tien faints after being injured when trying to stop him and his family from leaving. Lau Yee prays at the temple - why can't she forget Hou Tien?

After knowing that he is injured, she will rather the knife to be cut on herself. Upon walking out, she is drenched in the rain. Hou Tien comes to see his master too so Wai Sum brings them in. Hou Tien is here to ask questions on his uncle and the Fong family. Lau Yee wonders why he is only concerned over his family. If he can forget, why doesn't he dare to look into her eyes? He replies that she has Chun Shun now.

Chun Yan, Chun Shun and Sheung Lai are his loved ones. Lau Yee says that because of them, he is so magnanimous. He has not considered for her and is very selfish. He knows that he isn't worthy of her but she hugs him. No one can separate them. They return to tell Chun Shun about it but he doesn't blame them. He jokes that he isn't as good as he seems as he might harm them one day. She is brave and should be with Hou Tien. Chun Shun promises Suet that he will not see Lau Yee again.

Chun Chi's wife complains of being driven away by the family. Fong Ching approaches Chun Chi to help her to demolish the Fong family. The servant wants to change another cup of tea for Hou Tien but he still uses it because the cup belongs to Chun Yan. The study reminds him of how his father works too. Now he realises that Chun Yan works very hard so he wishes Chun Shun to take charge of the factory since Da Fu and Chun Chi are not around. He agrees and Sheung Mun is unhappy that he needs an official letter to prove the use of bronze and he can't make illegal earnings now.

He is actually in cahoots with Chun Chi in producing coins. Fong Ching decides to smuggle bronze to frame the Fong family. Chun Chi secretly sends a complaint to the capital so that Tien Wai can no longer protect the Fongs. Chun Shun sends Wai to see Tien Wai and gets Suet to help to defer the deadline so that the family can check into the matter. Wai arrives too late to find Tien Wai in prison.

Soldiers surround the Fong family and give them 3 days t o clear their name. If not, they will be beheaded. They are only given a gold pedal for a person to walk freely out of the home. Cui Lien and others get frantic. Sheung Mau faints upon knowing the news. 2nd granduncle scolds the soldiers so Hou Tien and Wai have to drag him into the house. The men suspect that Sheung Mun might be connected and confront him. He confesses doing it but doesn?t expect Chun Chi to push all the blame onto him.

Fong Ching keeps the contract of Sheung Mun's evidence so that the emperor will not suspect anything amiss. She plans to bring Fong Yu home before the Fong family is killed. This shows that blood isn't thicker than water in this family. 5th aunt and Cui Lien try to escape. They claim to have the surname 'Ngan' and have no relations with the Fong family. But the soldiers forbade them from leaving.

Sheung Mun tries to kill Chun Chi but gets killed instead. His son is born but he never gets to see him. Hou Tien vows to check into the matter. Lau Yee claims to be Hou Tien's wife and gets into the Fong home. The guards are puzzled as it is stated that Hou Tien isn't married in their list. Lau Yee is witty - since anyone who walks in can't get out, she should stay unless the guards wish to be beheaded for defying orders. Hou Tien treats her coldly. She turns and is about to walk away but walks back to him instead.

Fong Ching knows Fong family will suspect her sooner or later so she gets men to kill Chun Chi. Hou Tien saves him but wants to kill him. Chun Chi is badly burned by Fong Ching's men so before dying, he wants Hou Tien to take care of Sheung Chun. He can get evidence from Sheung Chun to prove that Chow family is guilty. He begs Hou Tien to give Sheung Chun a post at home as he is incompetent. He realizes that Chun Yan doesn't see the wrong person after all as Hou Tien is indeed capable.

Hou Tien tells Sheung Mun the bad news. See how timid Sheung Chun becomes - he calls Hou Tien 'elder brother' now and begs him to save them. Hou Tien pities them and allows them to return after the matter is over. Fong Yu is disturbed to know that Fong Ching is involved. Hou Tien never expects Chun Chi to be concerned over his son. Fong Yu begs Hou Tien and Chun Shun to let off her family in vain. Hou Tien sympathesizes with her but if he saves Chow family, Fong family will be finished.

He is in a dilemma as he has both families' blood in his hands. Lau Yee feels that the Chow family asks for it. The officials decide that Fong family has nothing to do with the coin production case and will let the matter rest since Sheung Mun and Chun Chi are dead. They set off to seal Chow family. Fong Yu runs home to tell the news. Fong Ching is stunned but insists of staying to face the music. Fong Yu wants to stay but gets slapped as she is now a Fong family member.

Fong Ching tells her and the servants to leave. Fong Yu should take care of Sheung Mun's son now and Fong Ching asks a servant to leave with her 10 year old nephew. Fong Ching is dead so Fong Yu kills herself. Hou Tien goes horse riding with Lau Yee and feels tired managing the family. Maybe one day it might be demolished like Chow family. Lau Yee thinks probably the power struggles will stop but Hou Tien doubts so. He longs to have a simple life as before. Hou Tien and Lau Yee return home to know of the sad news. Hou Tien is devastated but promises to bring up Fong Yu?s son.

Sheung Chun arrives at the door and Chun Shun refuses to take them in. Hou Tien remembers his promise and Sheung Chun vows to be a better man. Wai and Chun Shun decide to pretend not to read a letter sent by the Chow servant. The servant has no money to smuggle his little master to another province and has sent a letter to ask Fong Yu for help. Chun Shun wants Wai to kill the little child. Sheung Wah discovers a knife on Wai and tries in vain to stop him from leaving.

She happens to read the letter and informs Hou Tien. Wai is about to kill them when Hou Tien helps them to leave. Hou Tien's blood runs cold - how can Wai bring himself to kill? He knows Wai for so long but now he finds himself unable to understand him more and more. Even though he is a Chow, he is only a child. Wai finds Hou Tien not ruthless enough - what happens if the child grows up to seek revenge? Hou Tien confronts Chun Shun - if Fong family is killed and Sheung Lai is the sole survivor, what will happen?

Chun Yan wants all to be righteous. Chun Chi's death is caused by his own greed. Does Chun Shun think by being ruthless can make their business prosper? Chun Shun then pushes all the blame to Wai. Hou Tien wants Wai to tell him everything he is doing in future. Sheung Wah refuses to see Wai as she doesn't want to be with a heartless man. Chun Shun finds women often bothering men to do great achievements. Wai knows his close ones will never forgive him and doesn?t want the same to happen to Chun Shun. (This man will soon regret eating the dead cats for him more often in future.)

Chun Shun thanks him for taking the rap and wants to teach Hou Tien a lesson. He arranges Tong family and Fong family to have a dispute at an inn. He just gets a man to say one sentence - on how incompetent the late young Tong master loses to Sheung Chun because of a prostitute. An hour later, some Fong family men are killed while escorting goods. The weapons used include bee flying needles, sabers and swords. Hou Tien prevents his men from confronting Tong family as he wants to investigate the matter calmly.

Wai never expects to see so many people dead - is Chun Shun only lecturing Hou Tien or want to do something great for himself? Chun Shun promises to give him advantages. Chun Shun instigates the men to cause havoc in Tong family. Hou Tien looks at the map - Ching Fung village and Wan Loi Inn are far away. It is impossible for Tong's men to reach there so soon. Hou Tien hurries to Tong clan upon hearing the news and is so angry that his men defies his orders that he slaps one of them.

Hou Tien apologises to Old Tong and mentions the case to them. Old Tong denies doing it and Hou Tien trusts him. However, the young Tong master isn't happy with the accusation and fights with Hou Tien. This is the most hilarious exchange that I have come across so far. When he can't defeat Hou Tien, he throws needles at Hou Tien. To everyone's surprise, Hou Tien doesn't avoid and one lands on his chest. He asks the young master how many years he has mastered the skill. His reply is 8 years.

He then asks why he doesn't aim at his throat but his right arm. The young master gets angry and replies that he is tactful in dealing with enemies and that is good enough. Does Hou Tien want to ridicule him? The reality is - he can never aim properly when he hits the needles! Hou Tien's deduction is - if the young master can't aim properly, others should not be able to do it. Those killed have the needles in their throats.

Old Tong checks the corpses and uses magnets to extract the needles. He knows that someone wants to frame them. Good grief - his answer is also another hilarious one - he himself is unable to do it at one shot!

The men are killed before pressing the needles into their throats. Chun Shun is uneasy when Hou Tien is narrowing his investigation to give him pressure so he wants Wai to kill the culprit so as to prove that Hou Tien is incompetent. Hou Tien is puzzled that both families reach the inn at the same time. Someone must have arranged the confrontation. King Lau Sing wants Lau Yee home since To Fan and Lau Sing stop war.

Lau Yee doesn't wish to join the autumn festival to find a husband. Chiang brings Hou Tien to the place where the culprits are found and he is surprised to see Wai there. He finds out from Chiang that the goods are sent by Wai hurriedly on that fateful day. Chiang promises to find out the buyer. Wai tries in vain to persuade Chun Shun to let the matter rest as he doesn?t wish to kill again. But he reminds Wai that they have killed so many and Hou Tien will not forgive him.

Hou Tien is no mood to go sightseeing with Lau Yee and is touched to see her buying gifts for him to her family on his behalf. He is unable to go to Lau Sing with her now as he is waiting for Chiang's news. Hou Tien tells Chun Shun that he isn't suspecting his own family members as he doesn't think that own family will do harm and Chun Shun is relieved.

Lau Yee doesn't see Hou Tien and thinks that he is waiting for her at the harbour. Chiang returns home to tell Hou Tien that the buyer's place is burned. Hou Tien runs to the harbour on time but he is not leaving with Lau Yee. He promises to meet her after checking things out. She is disappointed but thanks him for giving her hope. She will wait for him at home. Hou Tien gets Chiang's hint to start checking from home. He drinks with Wai but he lies to him that his deal is sealed months ago.

Despite so many deaths, Hou Tien still wants to check to put an ending to it. Lau Yee returns home and King Lau Sing worries that she might get cheated if Hou Tien isn't coming. To Fan's prince refuses to leave after signing the treaty as he wants to marry their no. 1 beauty, Lau Yee. But if they don't agree to it, they will go to war. King Lau Sing refuses to find a person to impersonate as Lau Yee's fiancé as he never lies. He decides the suitor will be the winner if he wins a duel.

There are 3 days to the festival but Hou Tien isn't there on the 2nd day. Lau Yee sobs in despair after sitting on the grass for 2 days to wait for him in vain. She blows tunes from a leaf and tells Mut Yee to pass the leaf to Hou Tien when she sees him. Kuan promises not to let his beloved sister marry the hooligan. The prince (cameo appearance by Doi Chi Wai) keeps on looking at Lau Yee and she is troubled upon seeing many being defeated by him. Even Kuan isn't his match. Hou Tien comes on time to spar with him on the ropes in midair and wins.

Although King Lau Sing hopes that they can hold their marriage in Lau Sing, Hou Tien requests to inform the elders before returning. Chun Shun pretends to be agreeable to the marriage and promises to be the elder to officiate the wedding. Lau Yee tells Suet the good news and wishes her to teach her how to sew the mandarin ducks on the pillow. Hou Tien teases her for sewing crows instead and she forbids him to continue saying it because they signify bad luck. He is amused that she knows their customs now.

Suet deliberately mentions the marriage to Chun Shun and is angry that he still thinks of Lau Yee. She has helped in finding the men to cause friction between the two families and now she is getting nothing in return. She wants to marry Chun Shun. Lau Yee visits a sick Sheung Lai and Chun Shun looks at her. Suet then tells Lau Yee to warm Hou Tien a family member wants to harm him. Chun Shun hurries in and declares he is marrying Suet. See how fast he tries to save his own skin to stop her from spilling the beans!

Suet apologises for misunderstanding Lau Yee and Chun Shun. Lau Yee has only Hou Tien in her heart. Hou Tien and Chun Shun congratulate each other for getting married. Later, Chun Shun pretends to get a flower for Suet and pushes her down the cliff. He pretends to be sad upon reaching home. He burns paper money for her at the spot with Hou Tien and Lau Yee. The two pity Suet for not leaving a corpse and since she treats them well and they are not in the mood for celebration, they decide to postpone their wedding. Chun Shun is delighted in secret. Disgusting, right?

Hou Tien is puzzled why they produce more spears than sabres and swords but Chun Shun says they are in more popular demand now. Hou Tien feels that something is amiss when killers kill their workers and dump their goods in the sea. Chun Shun gets Wai to check on the matter. Hou Tien wonders who the culprits are and find all swords being ruined. Does it concern the pirates whom they have stopped working with after Chun Chi's death? Hou Tien leaves home to check things out.

Lau Yee thinks likewise as pirates usually keep the stocks and tells him to be careful. The factory is set fire and they lose 10,000 spears. If the news spread, the family reputation will be ruined if they can't meet the demand for the goods. The culprit for the damage is Suet. She is rescued by a Japanese warlord and she doesn't mind her being disfigured. She doesn't recognize such a ruthless man - because she helps him too much? Chun Shun holds her hostage to stop her men from killing him.

Suet now has a scar on her face. Soon it is dawn and many will get to see how the no.1 capital beauty has become. Suet vows to see how Fong family is ruined after he escapes. Kuan meets Lau Yee and wants her to get 5000 spears for war as To Fan is against them now. Chun Shun agrees to it but asks for 2 days to get new ones. Wai is alarmed that he is going to give the damaged goods to her - he is only going to produce some good ones to place on top of the inferior weapons.

Isn't this doing harm to her and she is marrying Hou Tien? Chun Shun is angry and tells him to shut up and stops mentioning about the word 'marriage' to him as he wants to break the two up. Hou Tien returns with no news and rushes home after learning about the fire. Chun Shun lies to him that the spears are fine and gets Wai to pack the damaged spears into new trucks from the old rusty ones. Hou Tien only examines the upper lot and Wai hesitates telling him.

The couple attends the flower lantern festival and Chun Shun is jealous to see them together. He decides to frame Hou Tien for the transportation of the rusty and useless spears to Lau Sing. Wai realizes that he is being deceived when Chun Shun wants him to kill Hou Tien. If not, Hou Tien will not let him off. Sheung Wah senses that Wai is troubled and shows him the clothes that Hou Tien gets for their unborn baby. Wai stops the urge of telling Lau Yee about it upon seeing Hou Tien with her.

He only tells her that the spears are ready. Hou Tien doesn't understand why there are wars but Lau Yee knows that only the fittest can survive. She hopes to reunite with him on mooncake festival. They part unwillingly and Wai is remorseful when Lau Yee requests him to take care of Sheung Wah. Chun Shun is happy counting money. Both countries are at war and Lau Yee teaches the soldiers how to use the spears.

Kuan discovers that the spears are faulty and fire oozes out quickly. Many men are killed in the process. Lau Yee realizes that Chun Shun deceives her and they have been wet by the water in putting out the fire. She is upset when her father is dying from the war. She forces herself to smile when he mentions that Princess Lau Sing's smile is the most beautiful. Kuan and Lau Yee are being ambushed and almost all their people are wiped out. They vow to seek revenge.

Chun Shun approaches bandits to rob Hou Tien's goods so that Hou Tien will not be allowed to see Lau Yee. He wants Wai to kill him. Wai recalls the past on how Hou Tien takes care of him and gets hesitant. Hou Tien misses Lau Yee but promises Mrs Fong that he will be back on time after delivering the goods for mooncake festival. Mrs Fong is contented to see him doing well. Wai has no courage to tell Hou Tien the truth before he sets out.

The buyer tries out the bombs and finds those underneath not working. (same tactic used by Chun Shun again after deceiving Lau Yee.) Hou Tien is stunned but promises to check into it. He then realizes that he is being ambushed and the buyer has evil motives all along. He flees with injures but returns to the spot to find all his men killed. Wai points his sword at him. He knows him too well that he will return. Wai bandages his wound to repay his kindness but still vents to kill him as they have different ideals.

Hou Tien asks - does he think by killing him, he will get the power? Wai says no and Hou Tien realizes that Chun Shun is the person in charge. Wai finds Hou Tien too trusting to others. So after he dies, he must remember not to trust even his close ones. Hou Tien refuses to believe it. Hou Tien should not have returned to the Fong family in the first place. Hou Tien closes his eyes and is prepared to accept his fate. Actually Chun Shun shouldn't have done this. Hou Tien is willing to give up everything to him.

But he is the eldest son. If he doesn't die, he will not get the power. Hou Tien waits for Wai to kill him but Wai lets him go. Wai wants him to leave as far as possible as Chun Shun will not let them off easily. Wai brings Hou Tien's 'body' and sword home. Mrs Fong refuses to believe that Hou Tien sells inferior goods to others and gets killed in the explosion when the buyer discovers the truth. Sheung Mou refuses to believe too but Sheung Chun and others think Hou Tien will do anything to preserve the family name.

Sheung Wah also trusts Hou Tien and recalls how they are prejudiced against Hou Tien when he first came but he still treats them well. Wai Sum helps to heal Hou Tien. Hou Tien recalls him persuading him to return home but now he is back. Hou Tien doesn't regret leaving the village. He freezes at the thought that even close ones kill each other. Hou Tien decides never to return home but misses Lau Yee.

As expected, Chun Shun gets the power from Mrs Fong. Lau Yee fails in her attempt to kill Chun Shun. He denies causing her men to die and frames Hou Tien. He then pretends to let her kill him. She throws the knife and leaves. Chun Shun gets Wai to tail her to see how many men she brings for revenge. Chun Shun wants all to submit to him. Kuan regards all Fong members as enemies and chides Lau Yee for letting Chun Shun go. Chun Shun pretends to be kind and offers to help them to get pugilists and weapons. Kuan refuses to believe him so Lau Yee decides to work with Chun Shun to seek help.

She is back at the fishing village and recalls how she cooks the fish after Hou Tien catches them upon seeing the fishing net when they first meet. Hou Tien decides to look for Lau Yee and comes to the hut too. They meet each other and he is overjoyed. She hits him on the chest and gets her dagger. She learns the truth from him and both vow to seek revenge. Hou Tien has thought that Chun Shun only harms him because of power. But now he is also harming the innocent, he is not letting him off now.

Lau Yee reminds him to be careful as all don't know that he is the scapegoat. Hou Tien wants Chiang to act that nothing has happened since Chun Shun is in power and collect evidence for him. Chiang is the only person who can help him now. Lau Yee returns to the hut to find Kuan missing. She manages to save Kuan from an unsuccessful assassinate attempt. She tells him the truth and her plan to work hand in hand with Hou Tien. She will get into Fong family to get close to Chun Shun to gain his trust.

Wai sees her and mentions that Hou Tien will realize his mistake and help her country to restore her country's glory. She finds him sensible and caring now. Lau Yee lies that she quarrels with Kuan and Chun Shun invites her to stay at Lau Heung lodge. This disperses Kuan?s hatred towards him then. Wai worries upon seeing Lau Yee with the 'wolf'. Sheung Wah gets jealous upon seeing Wai so concerned. Lau Yee frowns when Chun Shun attempts to touch her hand.

Earlier, she is combing her hair and is about to place a hairpin on her hair. Chun Shun says that he is glad that she cares for him. She nearly wants to strike at him with the hairpin in her hand. But Chun Shun takes it and places it in her hair. She confesses to Hou Tien that she finds it unbearable to keep a straight face in front of Chun Shun. Hou Tien wants Lau Yee to make Mrs Fong's birthday a big affair to make all court officials arrive. He can then humiliate him, chase him out and kill him.

She promises Hou Tien that she will not arouse Chun Shun's suspicion. But these two are not match for a wily fox. Chun Shun starts getting wary now. Lau Yee teaches Sheung Lai how to shoot. Sheung Lai dreams of Chun Shun getting killed and becomes frightened. Chun Shun hints that Sheung Lai will be fortunate to have a caring mother like Lau Yee. She avoids his glances and mentions that Mrs Fong wants a celebration.

She is surprised that he doesn't get officials to the occasion to increase business deals and suggests inviting them to the celebration. Another line to make you throw up - she does this for his sake! He holds her elbow and claims to be genuine to her. She says that she is unlucky and will not have such luck. He suspects that she hasn't forgotten Hou Tien. She claims to hate Hou Tien but she agrees to marry Chun Shun! He hugs her and Wai is unhappy. This is the most disgusting scene that I have seen so far.

Wai runs out to get wine. Lau Yee tells Hou Tien everything and he is enraged. She worries that Sheung Lai has no father. Hou Tien feels it is better not have a father like him and he will bring Sheung Lai up as his own brother. Lau Yee feels that Wai will not agree to help them although he lets Hou Tien off the last time and might not agree with Chun Shun's deeds. Hou Tien wants her to look for Chiang to contact him during this critical period as he can't sneak into the family this often now.

He gives Lau Yee the sachet and pearl that his parents give him. He has wanted to give them to her on their wedding day but passes them to her now. His parents will bless them to succeed. Before he goes away, a maid sees him and informs Chun Shun that she sees Hou Tien's 'ghost'. Chun Shun also confirms with Mrs Fong that she has not mentioned anything about telling Lau Yee about her birthday and she has actually wanted it to be a quiet affair after so many deaths.

On that fateful day, Lau Yee is captured. Hou Tien returns and Mrs Fong is overjoyed to see him. Sheung Chun chides him for causing trouble. Sheung Mou stands up for Hou Tien and Hou Tien is angry to see the sachet with Chun Shun. Now Lau Yee means nothing to Chun Shun and he wants to control the whole family. Hou Tien is forced to let him off. Sheung Wah overhears their conversation and asks Wai why he helps Chun Shun. Chun Shun wants Hou Tien to take the rap. If not, he will not let Lau Yee off.

Hou Tien is silent when all point accusations at him in the hall. He says that Chun Shun is the best person to explain all. Chun Shun pretends to be kind to him to give him money to start a small business after expelling him from the clan. Hou Tien leaves without taking a single cent and vows that he has done nothing wrong to tarnish the family name.

Lau Yee is furious when Chun Shun touches her face. She points her hairpin at her throat when she is cornered. He is angry - why doesn't she smile for him? He tries to rape her without success and wants Hou Tien to see her dead. What he can't get, Hou Tien will never get too. What a disappointment - he gets so close to her but to give up and walk out of the room suddenly ! What is wrong with this man??

Wai comes to kill Hou Tien. How can Hou Tien trust that Chun Shun will let Lau Yee go after taking the rap? He wants him to save Lau Yee now as he is not trustworthy. Chun Shun wants to force Lau Yee to drink the poisonous wine. She pushes it aside. When Hou Tien jumps in from the window to rescue her, she uses her hairpin to hurt him at his throat. Hou Tien manages to bring her out but is seriously injured. Kuan leads them to his secret hideout. It is useless to assassinate Chun Shun now.

Wai has no explanation to Chun Shun why Hou Tien is still alive. Wai keeps all evidence of deals that Chun Shun continues from what Chun Chi has done. Chun Shun has gone from bad to worse. Wai uses them to threaten Chun Shun to save his own life. He stresses that he also has his own believers. Sheung Wah is disappointed in Wai but Wai stresses that there are too many ugly things in Fong family to hide. She slaps him and tells Mrs Fong about it.

Mrs Fong is happy that Hou Tien doesn't betray their family. If not, they will not be after his life but how to help him now? Chun Shun admits to all the wrong doings but stresses that he is dishonest to sell damaged goods to preserve the family name since Hou Tien is young and ignorant. Sheung Chun and others support Chun Shun. Wai keeps mum although Sheung Mou tries to speak up for Hou Tien. Sheung Chi scolds Sheung Mou - is Hou Tien really his eldest brother? He isn't recognized in the first place.

Chun Shun kills Chiang and all workers are frightened so they choose to work quietly. Sheung Wah decides to leave home so as not to hinder Wai?s success. Mrs Fong becomes critically ill so she has to stay to take care of her. Lau Yee takes care of Hou Tien and is worried when he doesn?t recover easily.

Kuan wants Lau Yee to get close to Wai. She refuses - he is Sheung Wah's husband and Houo Tien will never agree to it. Kuan points out that is why they must keep it from him. Since Wai was once in love with her, this is even better. I am startled by the change in these people! Lau Yee chides Kuan but he points out that she nearly loses her life the last time. There is no way out and they should not wait to get killed.

Chun Shun gets his follower to help Wai as he no longer trusts him. Lau Yee lures Wai out and describes being a human is like a dream. Wai tells Lau Yee not to give him a chance to dream. He holds her hand but she avoids him. He doesn't wish to risk his life although he has evidence. He doesn't wish to be her friend but her lover. Well, please don?t worry. The scenes between them aren't as disgusting as with Chun Shun.

Now he doesn?t owe Hou Tien anything and Sheung Wah hates him. Both can't be together again. He can leave Fong family and kill Chun Shun if she wants to be with him. She wants him to give her a day to think over. She tells Hou Tien not to leave her and hugs him. He is puzzled by the change in her. He is adamant to protect his family and not to affect it because of revenge. She is upset - who causes her country to be ruined then? He is silent by her remark.

Kuan finds no need to keep their promise to seek revenge. He can even marry Wai if he were Lau Yee. (See how low he becomes!) She can?t let Hou Tien down or deceive Wai so she decides to kill herself when everything is done. Mrs Fong wants Sheung Wah to reaccept Wai. How can her child be born without a father? If she isn't angry, she will not be so angry with him. Sheung Wah happens to see Lau Yee?s letter arranging to meet Wai by the cliff and see the two there.

Lau Yee agrees to be with Wai and he hugs her. He promises to find the Lo Sat deal contract to prove Chun Shun's crime so as not to implicate the whole family. They see Sheung Wah and run after her. Sheung Wah trips and falls. Lau Yee delivers her son before her death. Sheung Wah is at first angry with Lau Yee but now she wishes her to bring her child away from Fong family. She knows Wai loves Lau Yee all along. Lau Yee promises her that Wai is Sheung Wah's husband all along.

Seeing that Lau Yee isn't back for a long time, Kuan and Hou Tien come to search for her to discover the tragedy. Hou Tien is angry to find out what they have done to his sister. Because of revenge, they don't let a kind person live and ruin a family. He scolds them for being despicable. Wai brings Sheung Wah home and lies that she loses the baby. Mrs Fong dies after this but she is calm as she is joining Sheung Wah. Fong family produces weapons to kill others so ill fate befalls on them.

She tells Sheung Mou to leave the family after her funeral. He decides to move out with Suk Wan and both will not want any blood stained money from the family. He will support himself. Hou Tien walks outside his home and is upset being unable to attend their funerals. Wai gets drunk daily and Chun Shun despises him. Kuan brings followers to meet Lau Yee. They plan to kill Chun Shun but are ambushed instead. These people are such a bunch of reckless fools. Chun Shun is right to say that they are brave but tactless. Kuan is dying and Hou Tien promises to take good care of Lau Yee.

Sheung Mou takes care of Sheung Mun's son and Suk Wan notices that his health is better. Both use another small family plot to rear fish. Lau Yee leaves Sheung Wah's son with them. She gets drunk with Hou Tien. If Hou Tien knows that she is a princess, will he treat her like this? If she doesn't come to the Central Plains, they will not have known each other and he will not join Fong family. So many things may not happen. Hou Tien wants Lau Yee not to act rashly on her own.

Upon seeing Hou Tien drunk, Lau Yee plans to perish with Chun Shun by planting explosives on herself. She goes to Fong family. Wai points at her and blames her for Sheung Wah's death. He also blames himself for being inhuman. He then slips a paper into her hand. Lau Yee opens the note upon walking out. He tells her not to so something stupid as Chun Shun isn't even at home. She should go to a mountain god temple nearby to search for notes under the joss stick stove to carry out a more detailed plan. (I also think that Lau Yee is becoming a brainless person like her brother. If not for Wai, she could have died in vain without the main culprit present. )

Chun Shun knows that Lau Yee has something to do with Sheung Wah?s death through Wai's mumbling. Wai sneaks into Chun Shun's room at night to look for the evidence. He gets a fake letter instead but he isn't afraid. He only wants to lead Chun Shun out so that he can join forces with Lau Yee and Hou Tien. Chun Shun is partly responsible for Sheung Wah's death. If not for him, Wai will not have fallen out with her. Chun Shun laments that he should have discovered that Wai should not have gone mad so easily since he is so coldblooded. Chun Shun has his men around so he just sits to watch.

Wai tries to fend off flying daggers for Lau Yee and gets killed. He doesn't regret dying for her. Chun Shun is about to kill them when a masked man rescues them. He is sent by Suet. She is now a Japanese warlord's concubine. She is glad that Hou Tien is smarter now to realize that she is responsible for the factory burning. But she doesn't expect to implicate Lau Sing into it so she promises to help them. A Japanese official wants to buy many weapons to deal with pirates.

Chun Shun's subordinates worry that they are unable to meet demand as money is lacking. The bronze is thrown down the hill and the furnace at the factory explodes. It takes 2 months to fix it back and the spears are ruined. The other weapon makers laugh when Chun Shun offers to share the profits with them. They do not want to work with him and joke sarcastically that he should be able to handle it. He then realizes that Suet is the culprit and tries to lie to her that he is still in love with her to save his own life.

He knows that she loves him all along and later he holds her hostage to get away from the Japanese warlord, Lau Yee and Hou Tien. When they are on board a boat, Chun Shun's followers realize that Suet leaves with Chun Shun willingly. She hands out the treaty and gets killed since he promises to take her to a place faraway. He has not forgotten the promise. Before dying, she says the real treaty is with the warlord and Chun Shun is too anxious. The warlord wants Chun Shun to pay double the damages within 3 days.

The court officials can't help Chun Shun this time as they don't wish to offend the warlord. He sells the family property but preserves the factory, thinking of making a comeback. He is alarmed when his men choose to work for a rival family instead. They even attack his men for causing Chiang's death. There is no point mentioning loyalty now and they want to survive. Chun Shun then realizes that they are all Wai's followers and he discovers this too late.

Sheung Lai is frightened as everyone leaves the big house. 2nd granduncle sends a letter, informing him that he has invented a new fire gun that can kill many. Chun Shun is eager to make a comeback. Lau Yee asks if Hou Tien regrets that Fong family turns out to be like this. He replies they cause the downfall of her country in the first place. He doesn't manage the family well. Lau Yee wants to get married because they might not live after confronting Chun Shun. They have a simple wedding ceremony and he drugs her.

He doesn't wish her to risk her life since she is his wife now. Hou Tien doesn't wish to kill Chun Shun at home or let Sheung Lai know that he has such a father. So he seals all exits in the factory. Chun Shun tries to dissuade him by mentioning the new invention but he is unmoved. Hou Tien claims that both of them are unfilial offspring of the Fong family so they must die together.

Lau Yee sees Hou Tien's letter and is alarmed that he feels that he should revenge for her sake. Hou Tien is defeated and loses his sword. The factory is set on fire and Chun Shun uses the spear to stab him to death. 2nd granduncle sees the fire and shoots Chun Shun with his gun without looking at his face. He discovers too late to ask who ruins his factory. Chun Shun says that he is the culprit.

Lau Yee comes to look for Hou Tien and is devastated to know that he is dead. Chun Shun doesn't mind dying in her hands. Why must heaven punish him? 2nd granduncle stops her from killing him. Anyway, Chun Shun dies after saying that he is real to her all along. Lau Yee brings Sheung Lai away. She doesn't regret coming to the Central Plains to meet Hou Tien. She will belong to him forever.

Introduction on characters - a long list because the Fong family is extended and living together. But they deserve the credit that attributes to the serial's success

The males

1. Fong Hou Tien - Cheung Kok Wing
He is kind, responsible, loyal to friends, witty and also wise. He puts up all the humiliation that he has to face with his new family because of his father. However, he trusts the wrong people that cause his family's downfall. He tries too hard to give in to others. It is not easy to be the first young master of the household. Being tolerant doesn?t help to make things work. He has to face opposition from Chun Chi and all. Later more backstabbing from Chun Shun for something he hasn?t done. Being betrayed by Wai is also another big disappointment so he loses interest to stay with his family.

But he will stand up for justice and is calm to analyse situations although he may be at a disadvantage. So he doesn't deserve such a sad ending. Although he may lack a tall build, the elegance is there so all are convinced that he is the master. The slapping scene is simply fascinating to show his authority.

He is loving to Lau Yee. It may seem that he only cares for his family and might not be able to make it for the autumn celebration. But it concerns his own happiness and he manages to put everything aside and fight for it. What a man! He finally learns that love is not giving.

I find Kok Wing marvelous in the scenes where he hates his father. Is it due to the fact that it is close to his real life experience? That doesn't seem acting to me - it comes so natural that I feel for him. Kok Wing is intense in expressing regret, anxiety, pain, anger and reluctance. Moreover, he looks stunningly attractive in the period gowns. I doubt many can match him in looks. Manly, handsome and also walking traditionally. No wonder he was most sought after for period drama roles when he was with the television stations.

2. Fong Sheung Mun - Ou Yeung Chun Wah
He is Hou Tien's half-brother and is a cripple who has low self-esteem and yet arrogant of himself. Unwilling to settle for a lower position because of Hou Tien, he is often against him. Chun Wah is a little raw then but he is still okay in his acting.

3. Fong Sheung Mou - Poon Hung Bun
He is Hou Tien's and Sheung Mun?s younger brother. His name doesn't fit the image as he is often sickly and timid by nature. He doesn't manage the family business like the rest and stays at home to recuperate from his illness. Hung Bun has too few scenes to present himself and I can't accept the change that he suddenly becomes brave to stand up for Hou Tien. The change is unexplainable.

4. Fong Sheung Chun - Kwan Lai Kit
A luster who is a good-for-nothing having the brawns but no brains although he is as ambitious as his father, Chun Chi. Anyone can buy him over with money to change his stand easily. He gives all his wife's ornaments away to his lovers! All men can learn from him to save money. Lai Kit is a bit girlish looking to me then but he does his womanizer role well.

5. Fong Sheung Lai
The youngest of all as a boy being Chun Shun's son. He is cute and adorable. Initially he is hostile to Hou Tien but later addresses him affectionately as his big brother.

6. Fong Chun Yan - Yeung Chak Lam
The eldest in the family who controls the reins. His second younger brother died young so he shares the duties with the other two brothers. He believes strongly on trust and reliably so he takes a long time to establish the reputation of the household in making arms. The veteran actor is good as always.

7. Fong Chun Chi - Lau Kong
He is the third son who is often eager and ambitious to take over Chun Yan's position. He is in charge of the factory. He is ruthless and often wants to get rid of Hou Tien as he is the promising successor. Lau Kong seldom disappoints me as the villain but I think he uses too much force to talk in the dying scene. It is a bit exaggerating there as he talks with a strong voice which is unlikely to happen in real life.

8. Fong Chun Shun - Tse Yin
He is the youngest son who handles the deals with his eloquent speech. As harmless as he may seem, he is equally eager to take over the family business. He has a wide network and has a way with women. It seems to me that Tse Yin isn't acting - he is just being himself here, especially in scenes when wooing women. No surprises - just a reprise from Duan Zheng Chun in '82 Demi Gods Semi Devils' but he is being disliked here. My blood boils whenever I see him as he is so detestable here.

9. Cheung Wai - Lee Kok Lam
Lazy and changes his target for success easily - wanting to use women as his stepping stone for success. Being unable to get Lau Yee, he transfers his target to Sheung Wah. He is also scheming and petty. But being simple-minded, he helps Chun Shun in all his crimes, believing that this helps Hou Tien. He isn't exactly an evil man. He doesn't expect to bring harm to him instead. Actually I don't hate him so much because this man takes the rap for Chun Shun for so many times.

Kok Lam's acting isn't very impressive. I don't think he is good in loving scenes but he is definitely good when he is with the actors.

10. 2nd granduncle - Cheung Lui
It is surprising that he is more advanced and open minded than the rest of them to come up with new inventions despite of his old age. He also has a longer life than all his nephews. That is why when the physician deduces that Chun Yan is beyond cure due to old age, I can't stop laughing because this granduncle is so much more energetic. He is also jovial and likes to make fun of others too.

11. Housekeeper Chiang - Chu Kong
He is loyal to the family and is soft-hearted to give others a second chance when necessary. Initially, he is disillusioned with his family but later Hou Tien gives him the confidence to return. It may prove to be a wrong choice as his loyalty doesn't pay.

12. Chun Dai Fu - Chu Tiet Wo
He is also a loyal servant to the family. But poor him to take the rap for no reason for being an upright man and have a sorry ending.

13. Monk Wai Sum - Ho Pek Kin
He is Hou Tien's master and gives him or Lau Yee advice when the need arises.

14. Ngai Tien Wai - Lam Tien
The siblings' uncle who holds a high post in court. He handles the amount of flow of bronze freely in the market. Unfortunately, they take advantage of it for evil deeds.

15. Lord Fan - Lau Kok Sing
A Japanese warlord who is very obsessed with Suet so he is willing to seek revenge for her. Even though Chun Shun offers to get him another woman to replace Suet, this is unable to change him.

16. Duen Kuan - Ng Man Tat
The Lau Sing prince and also Lau Yee's elder brother. He fights for his sister's happiness but cares more for his country's restoration. He is known as the first warrior but his skills are sure lousy. He has brawns and courage but also no brains. The only time he uses his wits is to think up of a sickening idea to ask his beloved sister to seduce Wai - how low can he go to seek revenge!

Man Tat is younger then without a tummy. However, he is just reprising his role as Hu Tit Far as in 'Chor Lau Heung' as a boorish man. Actually a prince should have more elegance but he has none of it.

17. King Lau Sing - Chan Yau Hau
He treats his children equally well and cares for Lau Yee's happiness. Known as the desert eagle, he is experienced in war. But he doesn't expect to fail just in a war.

The females

18. Duen Lau Yee - Cheung Mun Yoke
She is Lau Sing's princess. She is a capable assistant in helping her father in wars. Being proud and stubborn, she picks on Hou Tien. But later, she learns to appreciate him and like him. She is open to speak her mind and stand by him when he is in trouble. All will be startled on how she places the red cloth in Hou Tien's room to declare her love for him. Her weakness is the same as Hou Tien - to trust the wrong people but heave a sigh of relief when she doesn't marry Chun Shun.

I was so worried when the vcd cover seems to hint it! And also she can be reckless and inexperienced to blow her cover. No wonder Chun Shun never falls into the trap that she sets with Hou Tien. She should have planned the conspiracy with Mrs Fong to make things work.

As reputed to be the no.1 beauty, she does deserve it. She can be gentle to weave and cook. She also tries to learn more about Chinese traditions to marry into Fong family. But when tragedy befalls onto her country, she isn't in despair and is determined to restore its glory. That is why Hou Tien, Chun Shun and Wai are attracted to her as she is also demure after all.

Some complain that she looks very westernized. But I don't think so. In fact, I find her adorable still having her bug teeth at that time. Her periodic outlook in different costumes is quite fascinating in a way. The way she handles the sword or dagger impresses me. Moreover, she is also powerful on horseback. Her acting is a bit raw but it is so much better than many newcomers. Moreover, she matches well with Kok Wing. Too bad this is the only period serial that both act together.

19. Fong Sheung Wah - Wong Chiu See
She is the Chun Yan's youngest daughter but he trusts her most to manage the household affairs. She is Hou Tien's only half-sister who accepts him as the eldest brother. She is wise but she can't talk much because she isn't a man. She is submissive to Wai after marriage and is silent upon knowing that he still loves Lau Yee but she doesn't condone his evil deeds. Chiu See acts well in the tragic role.

20. Ngan Cui Lien - Ng Sin Mei
Her mother is the 5th aunt and she is also a big gossiper like her. She does more harm than good.

21. Keng Sin - See Ma Yin
She is Sheung Chun's wife but she likes to seduce men. She set eyes on Hou Tien but he never likes her. So she shifts her target to Sheung Mun instead.

22. Chow Fong Ching - Hui Yik Wah
You can call her an iron lady. Her brother dies young so she manages the household. However, she is too keen on success and can stop at nothing to harm the Fongs to cause her own downfall. But she is not a totally heartless person as she cares for her sister and nephew.

23. Lee Suk Wan - Leung Kit Wah
She is Sheung Mou's wife and she often helps her good-for-nothing gambler brother. Sheung Mou often scolds her but they are still a loving couple.

24. Chow Fong Yu - Ma Chor Ling
She is Sheung Mun's pitiful wife to have to put up with his weird behaviour just because she does something wrong on her marriage day. She tries to be a good wife but he never appreciates it. It is sad that she kills herself for her own family. This actress resembles Kit Wah in looks and acts quite well. Strange that she gets a meater role than Kit Wah but she deserves the recognition.

25. 5th aunt - Sheung Gun Yoke
She knows no martial arts but her tongue is enough to poison all. Chun Yan should have thrown her out of the house with her daughter. She wastes the home's resources and flees when the family runs into trouble.

26. 3rd aunt - Fok Kit Chan
She is Chun Chi's wife who spoils her son rotten. This son has no hope under her 'guidance'.

27. Mrs Fong - Ha Ping
She is unhappy over Chun Yan's affair but she welcomes Hou Tien with open arms because her sons are incompetent. Moreover, Hou Tien is Chun Yan's own flesh and blood. Hou Tien respects her as she has complete trust in him. She also dotes on Sheung Wah and is a traditional woman.

28. Lam Siu Sin - Chan Kar Yee
She has a sad life being Chun Yan's mistress and waits in vain for his return. Still, she doesn't hate him.

29. Shu Mut Yee - Fu Yuk Lan
She is Lau Yee's cute younger cousin but is very wary of dangers around her. Thus she doesn't reveal her actual identity to Wai. Knowing that Lau Yee is troubled, she tries her best to console her.

30. Ngai Suet - Lau Yau Wai
She is Chun Shun's capable helper in managing Fong family's crisis. Her beauty helps to bring Chun Shun a lot of deals and she knows many officials. But Chun Shun isn't happy to have her planning everything for him. Her biggest regret is not agreeing to marry Chun Shun as he later sets eyes on the younger Lau Yee. She is too soft to him so she has no one to blame for her own tragedy of getting disfigured or killed.

Favourite character
Hou Tien, he is self-sacrificing to place his family before him. He is also a devoted lover and caring son or elder brother. But sometimes, this act can be stupid because he nearly pays his own happiness for it. How can he give Lau Yee to Chun Shun? This is unbelievable!

Most hated character
Top of the list is definitely Chun Shun. Already so old and still going after young women? He should be contented with Suet as Lau Yee never loves him. On top of it, he likes to put all the blame on Hou Tien as his love rival. To manipulate Wai in every move is another despicable act. Another person is Wai. He keeps blaming on his low parentage but he himself doesn't work hard to crave his own route.

The sad theme song 'living like a dream' is by Kok Wing. The death scene reminds me of his tragic life - unfortunately it isn't a dream to all of us. The subtheme 'only you in the heart' is by him and Kwan Guk Ying. I have never heard of Guk Ying singing with him besides Lui Fung and Roman Tam but surprisingly, they complement each other well. Both songs are considered classics. A pity I only have these 2 songs on tape and not cds. Can anyone please tell me where I can get the cd?

Interesting scenes

You will be curious to see how Lau Ching Wan appears as an extra here to be a righteous spear maker to stand up for the rest. Others include Doi Chi Wai and Luk Ying Kuan as villains. Interesting! Another interesting discovery while by how TVB recycles the clothes. I can see Lai Kit wearing Kiu Wai's clothes seen in 'The Foundation' (probably he is the only one who can match Kiu Wai's height at 6 feet tall??) and Hung Bun wearing Chun Yip's costumes from '82 Demi Gods Semi Devils'.

Interesting facts

Mun Yoke spent a long time memorizing the script. She just returned from England to Hong Kong and had problems recognizing the Chinese characters. But in some scenes, Kok Wing suddenly changed the dialogues and she didn't know how to respond. It was said that she was unhappy over it and thought he liked to bully newcomers. Both quarreled so she tried not to act in the same movie as him if possible in future. I wonder how true this is?

No wonder Tse Yin and Kok Wing were so close off screen since they act as relatives here. Kok Wing also took care of Tse Yin's son, Ting Feng when he first entered showbuzz but he didn't want him to address him as 'uncle' because that made him sounded old!


As the English title suggests, it does depict a fallen family. I am prepared to accept a sad ending. But I never expect it to be so sad. Too many tragedies happen and it reflects the saying - a large tree has many rotten branches. Worms or parasites destroy the tree as time goes by. It also shows the greed of man for power. But Chun Shun is more formidable in hiding his true self from others.

I nearly puke at 'loving' scenes that has Mun Yoke and Tse Yin together. Probably I am biased but the thought of him already in his 50s when shooting this serial but still acting as a lover definitely sickens me. He doesn't convince me as her lover but as her father. He is older than my own parents so I think he is too old for her. Strange but why can I accept Shek Sau and Siu Fun as a couple in 'On the track on or off'?

The love between the other characters is shallow. I don't know whether it has something to do with the deletion of important parts from the serial. Although I grumble about the ending, it isn't too bad. At least, they let Hou Tien and Lau Yee marry in the last episode. I hate computer effects that are overused these days. The fighting scenes here are basic but good, though. It is rare to see Mun Yoke and all actors fighting on their own. Thumbs up for their efforts.

This serial gives a star lit cast that offers good acting. The right people are selected for the correct roles. The pace can be a bit slow at times but it serves to explain incidents well. It is amusing that all inventions don?t come from the young but from a very old man. This is sure an eye-opening arrangement. But I crave more fighting scenes - otherwise how to reflect that this is a Mou Lam family???

This serial also shows how 20 over years have changed the fate of the cast. The actors are still sought after today but most actresses (except the veterans!) have retired from showbuzz. Is it because their popularity is at stake once they are no longer young?

I vote Kok Wing and Man Yoke as one of my favourite screen couples - young and full of vigour. They are compatible in looks and act quite well. You may complain that TVB is unfair to give both a new and full wardrobe of clothes but they deserve it because they simply look good in them.

I have mixed feelings when watching it. Kok Wing is forever young and attractive. So does Mun Yoke - how different she is from the movie 'Hero'. Their fans must watch this serial. It is a true classic and only period drama that they did for TVB. It is memorable and worth keeping so I don?t regret getting it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)

On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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