The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain

Reviewed by: Minnie

January 26, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Vietnamese title: Tuyet Son Phi Ho


First generation:
Ray Leung as Ho Nhat Dao
Jamie Chic as Tuyet
Patrick Tse as Mieu Nhan Phung
Rebecca Chan as Lan
Kenneth Tong as Dien Huy Nong

Second generation:
Ray Leung as Ho Phi
Margie Tsang as Mieu Nhat Lan
Chow Sau Lan as Duong Tu Y
Mirta King as Trinh Linh To
Gigi Chiu Ngar Chi as Ma Xuan Hoa

I had to write this review for one of my favorite series of all time. I always felt that this series was never as popular in terms for those hard core 80's Jin Yong's (Kim Dung) fans. I think that the Condor Trilogy dominated this story's popularity. Well, who knows so let's see.

Those who watched the 1999's version, you should give this series a chance because it's so much better. The most unique thing about his series is that it has many subplots. Some were about the government vs. the Red Flower Society, Ho Nhat Dao and his rival Mieu Nhan Phung, Ho phi and Tu Y, Ho phi and Trinh Linh To, Ho Phi and Mieu Nhat Lan, Mieu and his wife, Ma Xuan Hoa and Phuc An Khan's affair, and many others. However, the main plot is the hidden treasure from the last Han dynasty.

Here is the basis of the treasure's story:

The last king of the Han dynasty and his four loyal guards bearing the name, Ho, Pham, Dien, and Mieu, were escaping from the invading Manchurians. The Pham, Mieu, and Dien went to fight while they assigned Ho to guard the king. The king then revealed that there was a hidden treasure in the snowy mountain. With this treasure, the Han dynasty had hopes to be restored again if they should fail this siege. He gave Ho a dagger and a map that revealed the location of the treasure. Ho took out his dagger and said, "I'm sorry my king, but this is the only way to save our lives." (Black Out)

After this, Ho gave the Manchurians the head of the king. He earned himself a high official rank. Years later, the three guards came back to seek revenge on the murder of their beloved king. They killed Ho. With his last breath, Ho told to them to visit an isolated temple and find a monk. He gave them the map and the sword.

When they arrived, a monk appeared to greet them. It was the king! The king explained that Ho devised a plan to kill someone else as a replacement for him. This was the only way to ensure the king's safety. The king, himself, admitted that becoming a monk had brought him peace so he did not want to fight anymore. After hearing this, the three guards felt terrible at what they had done; killing their sworn brother. Regretful and ashamed, they killed themselves. Since this news never reached their families of the Pham, Mieu and Dien, they always believed that the Ho's were the enemies. Thus, the three families always fought with the Ho's. The Pham later had no male successors so the three families left were the Ho's, Mieu's, and the Dien's. The three (generations after) that are introduced to this story are Ho Nhat Dao, Mieu Nhan Phung, and Dien Huy Nong.

The first part of the story focused on Ho Nhat Dao traveling to the mountains only to fall into the hole the treasure was buried. From there, he made a vow for his ancestors to protect the treasure with all cause. Later on, he met a woman name Tuyet who tried to steal the treasure. They fell in love and had a son named Ho Phi. However, this loving couple died before seeing their son grow up. Mieu Nhan Phung killed Ho Nhat Dao during a duel. Tuyet killed herself because she couldn't bare living without her husband. After their deaths, Dien Huy Nong planned to kill Ho Phi and to steal the treasure map. A servant of the Ho's rescued the baby and ran away. From there, Ho Phi grew up with the help of the servant. He learned his kung fu from the manual the father wrote behind. Searching and searching, Ho Phi never understood why his parents died because the servant refused to tell him.

Thus begins the second part of the story...

To make a long story short, Ho phi became affiliated with many love triangles (or even rectangles), the red flower society, and other people in the Giang Ho world. These series of events transferred him into the Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain (Tuyet Son Phi Ho).


Plot: What can I say? It doesn't drag much and goes to another matter quickly. The most interesting thing is that it has many subplots as I have said earlier.


Ray Leung - He was really good in this series. I think that this series gave him fame. He looks so much better in this series than in The Bund. His portrayal of the mischievous Ho Phi to the mature Ho Phi was very well done. I hated his drunken scenes because he looked so messy. Again, he left his beard at the last part.

Margie Tsang - Her character did not do much except be cute and loving. She was one of my favorite characters. Her chemistry with Ray seemed fair. However, I felt that their love was too rushed at the end. They only began to love each other within five minutes. I guess I have to believe in love at first sight...

Mirta King - This girl is one of my favorite actresses in the golden 80's. She was always stuck with the tragic roles. She was my favorite character in the series. She was very smart and resourceful, making a great asset to Ho Phi. It was a shame how she died.

Chow Sau Lan - I didn't like her character or her acting that much. When she acted mischievous, it was not convincing at all. For your knowledge, Chow Sau Lan was the actress who played as Kim Lin Chi in "The New adventures of Chor Lau Heung 84".

The rest of the cast was very good.

Scenery: There's not much to say about this since it is fake snow. I learned from the directors' interview that they filmed this in a warm area. They had to add fake snow to the area. The problem they had was the costumes. Since this was filmed in a warm area, the actors and actresses had to wear thick fur coats!

Overall: This is a must see for all of Jin Yong's Fans!

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