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The Foundation

Reviewed by: zchen April 16, 2008

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Starring Cast Felix Wong as Kong Fung Miu Kiu Wai as Lee Sai Mun Yung Mei Ling as Chun Sik Sik Tong Chun Yip as Lee Wai Gut Short Summary: Without spoiling too much of the series. This series is a political story on who would gain control of the Tang throne. Felix Wong plays Kong Fung, a man who is obsessed with learning...

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The Foundation

Reviewed by: sukting September 03, 2003

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

How long 20 episodes/12 vcds Foreword This is the second Yung Mei Ling drama that I have watched after ’82 Legend of the Condor Heroes’. This is a MUST-watch serial if you're a fan of ‘The Five Tigers’. No offence to their fans but I am actually glad that Lau Tak Wah and Leung Chiu Wai are not in here because somehow, I feel that they are more suitable to act in modern dramas. This is...

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09-21-2011 11:03 PM


I only watch it for the fighting parts, the princess girl - i like this cutie pie. And the parts with the appearance of Kong Yik. I wonder if he is same guy in the following titles. The legend of the condor heroes (blind kung fu master). Young Heroes of Shaolin with Miu Kiu Wai & Yeung Female Warriors -1981 as a monk who is also the 5th son of the yeung family & later teaches 8 diagram pole fighting to Mok Gui Ying son.
Is he also the same guy as the wing chun master in the opera in Kung Fu Master of Fut Shan????? Or Young heroes of shaolin starring Miu Kiu Wai - he portrays a monk at the shaolin temple teaching hung hei gun & fong sai yuk kung fu???? Or is it Liu Kai Chi this whole time? Are they related cus both Kong Yik & Liu Kai Chi look like the same person, they must be brothers arent they?????


03-23-2009 01:04 AM


I watched this one too when I was little and I still love it. Some of the political scenes kind of drag on, but for the most part it's a good series. Michael Miu's good looks make him perfect as the prince, even though I don't appreciate what he does in the end. Good kung fu scenes in this one too!

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