The Gentle Crackdown II


Section:TVB Series

Number of Episodes:20


Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

Chinese Title: 秀才愛上兵

Average Rating:       (out of 3 ratings)


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The Gentle Crackdown II

Reviewed by: koolkat July 05, 2009

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Plot Tse Wong Seung (Steven Ma) is a rich man's son who dreams of being an honourable official. His father, Ha Yu, buys him a small post as an agricultural officer and hires an adviser, Tai Tsung Man (Wayne Lai), to help him. Both of them share the ideal of eliminating injustice and they try to help the villagers against corrupt officials. Tse's father also hires a bunch of loser guards to help the son. They are named after...

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06-07-2010 09:30 PM


Yumiko was disgusting. The haircut could not even make me concentrate on her mediocre acting.

Steven and Wayne had to carry this series. And they did a mighty fine job. If only yumiko wasn't there


05-09-2010 12:19 PM


The show is very Hilarious especialy episode 3. Laughed till tummy ached. Good Show worth watching and is better than the first one


04-13-2009 12:47 AM


I like this better than the first one too. Steven and Wayne rocked, their chemistry was excellent!


03-15-2009 12:46 AM


Every episode is hilarious. Especially episode 3


11-23-2008 01:24 AM


hahha...this drama is so funny...i can't stop laughing....

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