The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber

Reviewed by: SwordMaster

February 03, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

Length: 33 episodes of 1 hour each.

The Cast:
Lawrence Ng (Ngo Khai Hoa) as Cheung Mor Gei (Truong Vo Ky)
Gigi Lai Che (Le Tu) as Chiu Man (Trieu Minh)
Charmain Sheh (Xa Thi Man) as Chu Chi Nhuoc

Characters and Plot: (Spoilers!)
Lawrence Ng (Ngo Khai Hoa) as Truong Vo Ky (the main guy Chueng Mo Kei) did a very outstanding job in this series. Vo Ky is an honest and smart and charming guy who four girls in the series falls for. He didn't know a lot of martial arts at first but later, he learned Cuu Duong Than Cong (9 Yang Sun Gong) in the cave and when he met Tieu Sieu and she showed him how to reveal the Can Khon Dai Na Di martial arts of the Ming organization. In every bad thing that befell on him, there's always luck in it. When he fell down the mountain, he got lucky and learned the Cuu Duong Than Cong. Five years later, he fell down another time into the hut of Chu Nhi (Spider Girl). When he was trapped in the Ming organization's secret passage, and learned the Can Khon Dai Na Di.

Gigi Lai Che (Le Tu) plays the outstanding role of the Mongolian princess, Chiu Man (Trieu Minh). Chiu Man is a very smart girl who at first tried to capture and control the Six Large Sects. Later, she fell in love with Truong Vo Ky. Truong Vo Ky also loves her but there are obstacles in the way before they can be together. In the end, Chiu Man quit being the Mongolian Princess, and Truong Vo Ky quit being the leader of the Ming Organization and they lived together.

Charmaine Sheh (Xa Thi Man) did a very good job in here as Chu Chi Nhuoc. She was Truong Vo Ky's friend when they were still young. Later, she became the disciple of the stubborn and bossy Duyet Tuyet Su Thai who hated Vo Ky. She was the one that stole the sabre and sword and she tried to kill Chu Nhi and made it look like Chiu Man did it all. She learned the secret of the Sabre and the Sword when she was still trapped at Dan An Tu, the place where the Six Large Sects were imprisoned. The secret was that if you hit the sword and the sabre together, the famous Vo Moc Di Thu, the manual that teaches you how to control armies, and the Cuu Am Chan Kinh that Yang Guo learned a long time ago will fall out. Chi Nhuoc then learned one of the martial arts in Cuu Am Chan Kinh, Cuu Am Bach Cuc Trao, and tried to kill Chiu Man several times. In the end, she lost all her memory and lived with Tong Thanh Thu (The son of the first brother in the Seven Wudan).

Chu Nhi (Spider Girl) is another girl that falls for Vo Ky. She did a good job in here. She nearly died twice but is still alive in the end and got reunited with her father. She's the disciple of Kim Hoa Ba Ba (Tu Y Long Duong Dai Nhi Thi). She had a very sad past because she hated her father, Han Da Vuong, and it was partly her fault that her mother died. How her mother died is when Han Da Vuong was chasing Han Ly (that's her real name. Spider Girl is the name she made up) and her mother because she killed another wife of his, he pushed her into Spider Girl when she was holding a knife and the knife went into the mother.

Tieu Sieu is the daughter of Kim Hoa Ba Ba, the Thanh Nu from the Ming Organization in Ba Tu. The actress playing Tieu Sieu can really bring out the character of the loveable and smart girl in here. When they were on Linh Xa Dao (Snake Island of Kim Hoa Ba Ba), she revealed her identity. She pretended to be an ugly girl at the beginning to go into the Ming Organization to get the martial arts of Can Khon Dai Na Di for her mother. On the island, people of the organization in Ba Tu came with the Lenh Thanh Hoa (Holy Fire Staffs -- I don't think it's the exact meaning) lost from the Ming Organization a long time ago. When they came, Kim Hoa Ba Ba and Vo Ky's foster father Kim Mao Su Vuong Ta Ton (Golden Haired Lion King) fought them. At the end, Vo Ky's side was defeated because they got the explosives all around the hut. So Tieu Sieu has to go to Ba Tu to become the leader of the Ming Organization there so she can rescue her mother and the other people.

Truong Thuyet Son and Han To To was Vo Ky's parent. Truong Thuyet Son is the fifth disciple of Truong Chan Nhan. Han To To is the daughter of Bach Mi An Vuong, sister to Han Da Vuong. The two of them fell in love with each other and Vo Ky was born on Bang Hoa Dao (Ice Fire Island). Thuyet Son later committed suicide and Han To To saw that and committed suicide herself giving Vo Ky one last advice: "Beautiful women can be very dangerous". And the advice came true.

The series has a beautiful cast, everyone fits the role and Charmaine Sheh can act better as an evil person than a good person. She did a really bad job in the Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain '99 with Sunny Chan (Tran Cam Hong).

The martial arts in here look really fake because they use too much graphics in here. TVB can't just use colors and smokes to make the fighting scenes look good. TVB did a better job with fighting scenes in the Crimson Sabre. Truong Vo Ky tended to use a lot of his martial art skills in here to solve the problems instead of using more of his smarts.

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