The Intangible Truth

Reviewed by: sukting

November 09, 2008

Rating: one-point-five

How long
20 episodes


This is about the feud of siblings within the same family as they share different mothers. How are they going to resolve this issue?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Ma Kum Chiu – Lo Lok Lum
Kum Chiu marries Yuk Hing but feels that she doesn’t give him luck. He marries Yee Mei and she makes him rich. Thus he treats the other family better. He intends to make use of Yuk Hing to smuggle drugs but later feels a bit remorseful. So he asks a fortune teller. When finding out that all will be fine, he goes ahead with his plans. He doesn’t dare to speak up for Yuk Hing when Hoi requests him as Yee Mei is around.

He lies to Yuk Hing that Kit is released and coaxes her to admit killing Yee Mei’s younger brother. Yuk Hing loves her daughter and agrees to it. It is only when Hoi reveals the truth to upset her. Kum Chiu is terrified when his plot fails. She then resubmits her statement about Kum Chiu being the murderer but the mainland police refuses to believe her.

After knowing that Yuk Hing is sentenced to jail, he doesn’t repent but still offer a roasted pig to the gods to celebrate the occasion. This sends a chill down everyone’s spine. This man should be whipped to death on the street.

2. Lam Yee Mei – Chan Man Na
She is Kum Chiu’s second wife who gets Kum Chiu’s attention. She encourages Yeung to get Wai to win over Hoi. She is angry when Kum Chiu suddenly gives Yuk Hing a lot of money to go to China but her anger is appeased upon knowing that he is making use of her to smuggle drugs.

Kum Chiu kills his Yee Mei’s brother in a struggle when he wants to report it to the police. He shifts the blame to Yuk Hing so Yee Mei is after her blood. She provides the wrong upbringing to her sons so they grow up like scums.

3. Ma Hoi – Kwok Chun On
He lacks fatherly love so he becomes a problematic person. He is very hostile to him to become a sailor. He is kind to Ying Ying who is alone. This causes Wai to get angry. He finds Ying Ying old fashioned initially but later loves her as she is very innocent. He gives her a teddy bear but Wai burns it out of jealousy and drives her away from home. He comes to console her.

Kit buys two roasted ducks. She doesn’t know that both contain drugs. She passes Hoi one to give to Chi Hung while she will return later than him as she only manages to get one boat ticket. Hoi doesn’t know why Kong grabs the duck from him. Hoi learns about the case when he returns to China. He tries hard to seek redress for Kit and Yuk Hing. Finally, he is successful and the right people are put behind bars.

4. Ma Yeung – Fong Chung Shun
He is Hoi’s elder stepbrother. Wai is angry that Hoi’s stepbrothers treat him harshly. She brings a knife to confront Yeung. Yeung wins over her but has a deep impression of her. He wants to keep her by his side. He is sincere towards her but she chooses to end her life before their wedding.

5. Ma Kong – Ng Kai Ming
He is Hoi’s younger stepbrother. He is in cahoots with Kum Chiu to frame Yuk Hing to smuggle drugs when she is returning to the mainland to celebrate Chinese New Year. He is as vicious as Kum Chiu.

6. Ma Kit – Tang Shui Mun
She is Hoi’s elder sister and is very submissive. Even though her father uses her vegetable stall to collect debts to land her in trouble, she still keeps to herself. She also pretends to be blissful although her boyfriend doesn’t treat her well. Seeing how overbearing his boyfriend becomes, Kit decides to accept Chi Hung.

Kit and Yong accompany Yuk Hing to China. Kit is arrested when the drugs are found in the roasted duck. Kum Chiu is also around to know the news. He quickly brings Yong and Yuk Hing to stay in another hotel. She knows that her winning chance is slim so she can’t give facts calmly. She is sentenced to death and Chi Hung breaks down upon seeing her ashes when Hoi brings her home.

7. Ma Yong – Choi Wan Ha
She is Hoi’s youngest sister. Thinking that Hoi is neglecting them, she kicks up a fuss. This causes Hoi to refrain being a sailor. She doesn’t know what happens to her mother and sister. She falls ill as Hoi keeps it from her. After she knows it, her condition worsens. When knowing that one is dead and another is jailed, she dies as the shock is too much for her to bear.

8. Chan Yuk Hing – So Hing Hsuen
As the first wife, she only gets a miserable monthly allowance as Yee Mei gets more. Her children, Hoi, Kit and Yeung are unhappy over it. She is silly to cover up for Kum Chiu to get arrested over the murder of Yee Mei’s brother. She is sentenced to life imprisonment. Hoi refuses to give up and she is acquitted.

9. Yip Ying Ying – Cheung Ying
She is Wai’s stepsister who comes from China to Hong Kong. Her father ditches Wai’s mother for her mother. She is kind and doesn’t blame Wai for being hostile to her. Hoi is upset over what happens to his family and gets drunk. He has one night stand with her. She helps him to alert the China news agency to look out for the news. She also encourages him to continue with the vegetable stall business while waiting for the verdict. She has a happy ending with Hoi when they are finally together.

10. Kong Chi Hung – Liu Wai Hung
He is secretly in love with Kit for long but doesn’t dare to tell her as she has a boyfriend. There is once Hoi dates Kit for him. But she goes to her boyfriend’s home to get treated like a maid instead. Worried for her safety as she hasn’t arrived, he comes to ask to learn about it. He feels disappointed and leaves after putting down a new coat for her. His romance with her is short-lived as she is hanged to death.

11. Kwok Sin Fung – Kwok Chan Hung
He is Kum Chiu’s business partner. Seeing that their business flops and they are going bankrupt, he suggests smuggling drugs. Kum Chiu is tempted. Sin Fung will meet Yuk Hing to pass the drugs to her. He also helps to dispose Yee Mei’s brother’s body when Kum Chiu kills him accidentally.

12. Yip Wai – Kwan Wing Ho
She is the Ma’s neighbour who gets along well with Hoi. She is tomboyish but likes him secretly. She knows that Yeung is interested in her and gets close to him to make Hoi angry. But Hoi feels nothing. She suspects that both are the masterminds over the tragedy but Yeung manages to deceive her. Still, her love for Hoi hasn’t changed and Hoi doesn’t know how to reject her as she is very weak in nature.

She thinks that he is finally interested in her and Ying Ying isn’t happy to know that. Because of love, she later goes on the life of destruction. She ends her life after knowing what Yeung has done to his family.

Interesting facts

Was the topic over sensitive? The director explained that he was practical. Hongkongers should be interested to see how the mainland policy worked. It also covered about the kinship that Chinese would regard important. Yeung was too stupid to be filial to Kum Chiu to kill witnesses who saw him killing his uncle. He hopes to make it realistic and thus the artistes are dressed like commoners.

This was the first drama that Wing Ho did for TVB after switching from ATV. She loved trying out different roles. She did not hesitate to take on this tragic role as it was very different from her usual personality. She would never die for love as there were so many better men around. Women should be able to extend to other areas if they had money.

The drama was shot on Christmas Day. Wing Ho said she was used to it. She also had to work on her birthday. But she hoped not to work on Chinese New Year as she loved this festival. But too bad, she had to in the end and she had no chance to cook at all.

Cheung Ying came to Hong Kong after completing her Hua Nam institute diploma. Many admired her for her bravery as she showed her acting ability during her school days. Although she was unfamiliar in a new environment without parents and friends, it was a big test to him. She acted in this drama and ‘Instinct’. All praised her for showing improvement each time.

Wing Ho did not reveal that Kar Fai was her boyfriend at that time. Many guessed that Chun On was him as they worked in 3 dramas that year, including this one. Chun On yelled that he was innocent. Others thought so but both acted differently in this drama so they had arguments. How could this be?

This drama garnered the lowest ratings in history but it received good comments. Although Chun On placed in a lot of hard work and he did not get the expected return, many thought that he had tried hard.


I had to stop watching a few episodes for this drama. I simply can’t take it. No wonder even the dramatic Hong Kongers also can’t accept it. The story is totally insane and bloody. Can someone be so cold-blooded to behave like beasts? Although step-siblings can be hostile to each other, it is baffling to see how they want to cut each other’s throat. Not just the brothers but also the sisters.

Kum Chiu shows no pang of guilt to Kit and Yuk Hing. I nearly threw my remote at the television upon seeing how he celebrates over this. Celebrate?! What kind of father and husband is this? Is he born through a rock? Doesn’t he feel something for them – they are his family who do sacrifices for him but he treats them like dirt. I always believe bad people should have a soft spot for their family at times. But this man – he is completely drained of humanity and only wants to save his own skin.

There are 2 love triangles. One is on the Yip sisters and Hoi. The other is on the Ma brothers and Wai. But I must say that neither really attracted me. The four people’s relationship is confusing indeed. Hoi is tied between the two women. Yeung loves and hates Wai at the same time. Sad to say, they lack communication as we can detect that they are working together for the first time.

Chun On is too exaggerating at times – also his character is very stubborn and defiant. His character, Hoi takes Ying Ying for granted. I wonder what makes him so attractive to the sisters. Many root for Yeung instead although he is a baddie because he genuinely shows his likeness towards Wai. Chung Shun is cool but other than that, he has difficulty dealing with emotional scenes.

Wing Ho tries her best to look spunky and is successful. As for Ying, she is a bit raw as a newcomer. What she needs to do is only showing endurance. So we can’t see any disagreements between them at all, unlike the conflicts that the three brothers face.

I prefer Chi Hung’s never dying love for Kit. It is a long 6 years wait and he has no complaints. We don’t need flowers or music. It isn’t a play or a musical. He doesn’t need to make vows. His eyes exchange glances with the woman he loves. He often watches her from far. Although Kit only talks to him for a while, we can see tenderness in his eyes. As I have said, Wai Hung is a remarkable actor. He is the only outstanding one among all. Shui Mun also gives an astounding

He makes love not to be announced to all. It is through little thoughts and gestures to show affections. Doesn’t the coat explain everything? His love seems ordinary but he shines like a star. Seeing how hesitant he is to reveal his feelings can make you beat your chest but he does it so well. Yes, I am not afraid to admit that I am a die-hard Liu Wai Hung supporter. But if you watch him in here, you will agree that his interpretation differs from the shallow presentations that the others show.

The court scenes are long and also predictable. Who will believe a suspect if she keeps giving contradictory statements? Yuk Hing’s foolishness ends up ruining her own life and gives Hoi so much trouble. Kit is the poor victim, though. Not knowing why she has to die and who kills her. Pitiful but more realistic than her mother’s case.

This drama is too unbearable. But if you are looking for weepies, this is suitable for you. Otherwise, please stay away from it. You will not be able to handle seeing too many villains in a drama.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

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