The Key Man


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Number of Episodes:30


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The Keyman

Reviewed by: sukting October 01, 2008

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

How long : 30 episodes Foreword We always see Man Tse Leung acting with Cheng Yuk Ling. This is the first time he works with an entire new cast. Are you interested in watching it? Story/Introduction on characters 1. Lok Yin – Man Tse Leung Yin values kinship and friendship so he is very positive towards life. He is very knowledgeable in doing business so he is able to make a comeback soon despite facing lots...

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10-15-2008 09:56 AM


"This must be Tse Leung’s best drama besides ‘Blood of good and evil’. "

I don't think that Alex Man was in Blood of Good and Evil...

Anyway, this is a great series.

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